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Khemet's P.O.V

"I'll kill him! I swear to the gods I'll kill Taro!" Do you all want to know why I want to kill my own brother? Well, maybe this flashback will help.


I was halfway between awake and sleep when I heard a baritone voice trying to wake me up.

"Khemet, Khemet, wake up. We're almost to Egypt."

I didn't want to wake up and since I didn't have the energy to say so, let alone moan, I just flicked off my own boy.

I heard him scoff.

"Hang on. I can get her up."

Wait, that was Taro's voice. Before I could even think, let alone wake up, I heard Atem scream. Words he shouldn't even know.

"Son of a bitch!"

I fell out of bed onto the floor, got up, and tackled Taro to the floor, who was squeezing Atem's...

You already know that Taro's bisexual. You don't need me to finish that sentence.

End of Flashback

Yeah. Anyway, after I told everyone that there's an ancient Stone of Thoth still left in the world, Atem instantly understood what I had in mind. If we can find the stone, we can use it to go back to when the seal first started weakening again, and heal it. Of course he pointed out that only Mana is able to heal the seal.

But boy do I have a surprise for him.

Oh, wait, don't tell me I actually just told you that. Ugh! No point in taking it back now. Anyway let me explain a bit about the Stone of Thoth.

The Stones of Thoth were used by Timeline Guardians who used the Stones to go forward and/or back in time to fix any and all events that went wrong and disturbed the Timeline. But these Guardians had worn out along with the stones. Although one Guardian was able to hide and preserve his Stone of Thoth, in case it was to be needed by anyone else.

Okay that's it. Now if you don't mind I have to go torture my brother.

Yeah, I know, I know. That was lame but I'm starting to get a writers block and I wanted to get one chapter done before it started to take full effect. Anyway, who can guess what Khemet's surprise is?