"Come on Dev, we got to go before Mom and Dad catch us!" Kenny said as he pulled his older brother with him in the alleys.

"Why'd you have to talk me into this?! I don't even like Kale!" Devlin complained.

Kale was waiting for them behind a dumpster. Kale had platinum blonde-ish hair with red eyes. He was throwing a ball of mana against the ground and it would bounce back at him. He spotted the two brothers just as he had caught the ball again. Kale smirked evilly. "Why, if it isn't my dear boyfriends!" Kale wrapped his arms around both of the boys.

"I'm not your boyfriend Kale!" Devlin shrugged off the boy's arms.

"Right, because you're 'straight'. Anyway, Ken, I got the stuff you wanted to study, my parents had it in bulk for some reason." Kale took out a vial of blue-ish liquid.

"Whoa! I wonder what it is?!" Ken shouted as he took the vial. He held it up to the light, "Thanks Kale. Do you want to stay the night? You could tell your parents you just got distracted by a butterfly again."

Kale had his dad's ADHD, that usually comes in handy when he needs to lie to his parents. "No, no they see right through that now, how about I followed a puppy?"

"Was it a green eyed, shaggy brown dog?" A voice said ominously.

"Or a black-haired with grey eyes?" Another added.

The three boys turned in fear to see their Fathers, well, Kevin and Albedo anyway.

Ken shoved the vial into his pants pocket as he saw Kevin Levin standing in front of him. Kevin towered over both of his sons and Ben with inches to spare. Unlike his first future, that was changed once he joined Ben and Gwen, his hair was the same as before but the scar on his chin was missing. His lock from when he was 11 was back, and he was dressed almost the same as he was when he was 17. "Ouch, uh... Hi Dad. How's Mom doing?" Kenny stuttered.

"He's fine, you better be glad that I was the one who saw you rewire the security cameras, instead of him." Kevin crossed his arms.

"And Kale, I thought I raised you better then that!" Albedo hissed. He looked different from Ben, his hair was the same length unfortunately, but it was in a small ponytail on top of his head, and was a little bit less muscular due to the fact he had 3 kids (this issue is self explanatory). He had a white dress shirt with the first two buttons unbuttoned and trousers with a slight red tint and a white lab coat with the bottom dyed in red (Cameron thought it would look cool so he got his middle child, Mertel Ana, to help him dye it).

"Sorry Mom..." Kale said apologetically.

Kevin looked at Devlin sadly, "And you, I expect this from your brother unfortunately, but not from you Dev."

"I talked him into it! Both of them! It was my fault, I wanted to try and make up a new game for us to play, please don't blame them uncle Kevin!" Kale shouted.

"That's no excuse Kale, you know better then that!" Albedo growled as he grabbed Kale's ear. "Once I tell Cameron, you be SO dead!" Albedo dragged his son away while he was kicking and screaming.

Kevin looked to the other two boys, "You wanna end up like that?"

The two shook their heads furiously and quickly hugged their father. Kenny smirked secretly to his brother, who just scoffed.

"You two are to stay in here until Ben gets home from Gwen and Alex's." Kevin said as he closed the door to their shared room.

"Why'd I let you talk me into going?!" Devlin growled at his brother.

"Because despite what you say, you love me as your brother!" Kenny said as he pulled out the vial and put it into a slot on a device connected to the large monitor on the wall of their room. "Plus your curiosity is just as high as mine when it comes to this stuff." Ken typed in passwords for what seemed like a half hour until the screen had a file on the blue liquid on it.

"The Knoxram serum?"

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