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Chapter 1

Ally's POV

How did I end up here? Sitting alone at a bar in a club in a skin tight, little black dress. Oh yeah, my best friend, Trish.

"Ally! You need to get over him!" Trish exclaimed pulling my arm.

"Give me some time for my broken heart to heal," I mumble back hugging my pillow tighter.

"Ally, it happened over a week ago. Get over it!" She exclaimed. "All you've done is get up, go to work, go home, then watch chick flick while eating a whole tub of ice cream!"

"I can't just get 'over it'," I say in my defence. "It takes time for a heart to heal over a relation ship that was that long,"

"That's no excuse!" She shot back.

"I went out with Dallas since I was 16 Trish, doesn't that count for anything?"

"Yes, you went out with Dallas for 5 years. He finally asks you to move in with him. Five days later you find him in bed with another girl. Yes, I get it."

I reach over for my ice cream pot again, tear threatening to fall again after hear the sad story that is my life. Me and Dallas met at high school. After crushing on him for years, he finally asked me out. When it was graduation, he asked me to move to a collage in New York so we could be close, me studying literature and him wanting to fulfil his dream to become a professional basketball player. Even though the collage wasn't the first on my list, I agreed. He didn't become a professional basketball player, but he got a job at a Starbucks shop. After graduating collage, I got a job at a Magazine, which I love, although I don't like gossip. I still hope to work as a journalist at one point though. That was always my big dream. Apart from music, although I gave that dream up long ago.

"I know exactly what you need!" Trish exclaimed excitedly, bringing me back to earth. I shot her a questionable look.

"You need a one night stand!" She said, making me choke on the ice cream that was currently in mouth.

"What!" It was my turn to exclaim.

"Yeah, just a meaningless fling. Use somebody, then forget it even happened!"

There is just two problems with that. One, I'm not that kind of girl, sex means something to me. Two, I'm a virgin. I'll never tell Trish though. She thinks I lost it ages ago to Dallas on prom night. But I chickened out at last minute. Now that I think about it,that is probably the reason Dallas cheated on me. Quickly I scoop another spoon of fruity mint swirl into my mouth, letting it melt on my tongue. Now I fell depressed again. Well even more depressed, I should say.

"I don't know Trish, I don't know if I have it in me to do that,"

"C'mon! Don't be such a goody two shoes!"

"I am not a goody two shoes!" I shoot back.

"Um, yes you are,"

"Oh really? I only left a dollar as a tip to the employee at Starbucks yesterday!"

"That' because you didn't have anymore change. Then you apologised like 10 times afterwards!"

"Okay I am," I say caving in. "But that's just who I am,"

"And that the reason you are cooped up in your apartment crying over a break up! You need a change of character,"

A change of character? Maybe that's exactly what I need. I mean I have been good Ally for far too long.

"Fine!" I yell.

"Good!" Trish shot back.

"I'll go!" I shot back just as enthusiastically.

"Come on then!"

"I need to get changed!"

"I'll pick your outfit!"

"Thank you!"

And that is how I ended up here. Trish ditched me about 5 minutes ago to dance with some guy, who in my opinion looked totally gay. And I couldn't go dance by myself, because one, I'll look like a loner, and two, I have the most awkward dancing ever.

"And why is such a pretty girl sitting alone at the bar?" A voice said behind my back. I turn around to look at the owner. He had light, almost bleached blond hair that was swooned to the side. He had he biggest chocolate brown eyes that you could just melt in, that looked so kind.

"Well that is because my friend ditched me, and I cannot dance to save my life," I say, making him smile. His smile is so innocent and childlike, that you couldn't help but smile too. He looked about my age, and is actually the first good looking guy I've seen in this bar tonight.

"Well surely all you need is the right dance partner," He said putting on his charm. And it worked, because before I knew it I was grabbing the hand that he offered to me.

He led me to the dance floor, where many people were practically grinding on each other. We fought our way through the crowd, although I could help but notice all the girls looking at us and whispering.

When we finally reach our destination, he turns to face me and grabbed my arms and yanked me to his chest and then twirling me under his arm. This caught me off guard. I just look up at him and smile.

"So what is your name?" He asks lowering his head to level with mine (Which was a lot considering I am a whole head shorter than him) suddenly making the whole situation a lot more intermit.

"And why would you like to know that?" I reply thinking back to the whole 'one night stand thing'.

"Because I am a gentleman, and gentlemen don't just dance without knowing their name," he says pulling me closer and swaying to the music.

"Well you didn't seem to have a problem with it when you asked me to dance," I said in a teasing way.

"Well I didn't want to risk waiting, because I would have missed my chance and someone would have whisked you away, being as pretty as you are," He replied making me smile and blush slightly.

"Ashley," I say thinking back to what Trish said, not wanting to give him my real name.

"No offence, but Ashley doesn't suit you," He comments. I give him a questioning look. "You look like you should have a name like Allison, because it's bright, just like your smile," He says charmingly. He just guessed my name, and said I have a bright smile. How can not smile at that?

"There it is," He says kissing my hand. Now I feel bad about this whole 'one night stand' thing.

Okay, no feeling involved, just lust. A way to feel better about Dallas. At least that is what I am trying to tell myself. But he is really making it hard to believe it myself right now.

"What about your name? Isn't it unfair for you to know to know mine?" Even though it's not mine. "And I don't know yours,"

He gives me a look of surprise, as if he expected me to know who he was. "Austin," He says. "Austin Moon," The name rings a bell, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

"Well it's nice to meet you Mr Moon," I say twirling myself again.

"So Ashley, what job do you do?" He asks trying to make conversation, which I would really like to avoid.

"I don't see what business of it yours what I do," I say putting my arms around his neck.

"I guess this means I can cut the small talk," I answer him with a kiss.

The kiss got heated pretty quickly. Soon I feel him suck my bottom lip asking for permission, which I gladly grant. Finally he breaks the kiss, letting me breath, and trails the kiss down my neck, making me moan. I feel so dangerous. I would never kiss Dallas in public like this. And when I did, I would stop it before it got too far.

But this is different. My blood is boiling like fire through my veins. I feel adenine taking over my body. His touch is becoming addicting.

"My place or yours?" I feel him mumble on my neck.

"Which ever is closest," I reply with a ragged voice, finding it hard to talk with the lack of Oxygen.

"My place it is then," He says after breaking contact with my neck, which I am sure has a massive hicky now. He grabs my hand and leads me through the crowd. I cant help but look out for Trish, but before I know it I'm at the door before I can see.

Suddenly I feel a warm wave of wind brush against my exposed back, sending a chill down my spine, indicating we made it outside. He start guiding my toward his car, which was park right opposite the club, which was weird because me and Trish had to park like a block way.

We finally stop, meaning we made it to his car. Because it was so dark, it was hard to make out. But I am sure it was a red Porche. Which is impressive for a man who was in his 20's and living in New York.

He goes over to the over side of the car and opens the door. "After you," He says gesturing to inside the car like a gentleman.

"Why thank you," I say getting in. "You really are the gentleman you claimed to be," I say after he got in.

"I try," He replies starting the car.

We drive for about five minutes until we stop at some fancy apartments. He parks the car then pull me inside. I look around in awe at the building, but I only have a second to admire it before Austin pulls inside.

"Hey Jenny," He points and winks at the receptionist while pulling me toward the elevator. I only get a glance at the lobby, but from what I see, it is really beautiful. And I thought I saw a fountain!

Once we get inside the elevator, he presses the pent house button, making stare in shock.

I am bought back to earth when I am suddenly pressed up against the elevator wall by Austin, his hands on either side of my head.

"So, where were we?" He asks, then start kissing my neck. Suddenly it dawns on me.

I am going to have a one night stand.

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