Do you know what? I'm laughing like mad. And the best part about it is...I don't know why.

Still no names. I like.

Fine Dining with Idiots

"Listen...the only food within this area...that is...hygenic...appears to be this hotel's restaurant. Now, can any of you tell me what that means?

"We...get to eat?"

"No! It means I expect only the best of behaviour from my team! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

"Don't be so vague...we're always on best behaviour anyway..."

"I mean, NO drooling, NO hyena laughter, NO shouting, NO fighting, and NO GOLDFISH."

"They weren't goldfish. And they only died 'cause *you* stepped on 'em."

"...all I'm asking is that you all SHUT UP and simply eat, and that goes especially for the three of you."

"Why isn't Rukawa included?"

"'Cause he never says anything anyway."

"Oh phooey."

"Everybody assemble in the restaurant in an hours time. Got that?"




"Hurry up! We're all waiting."

"Oh wait a bit. I can't decide which fan to bring."

"Ayako. Aren't they all the same?"

"No-o...not exactly."

"Well, they look the same to me!"

"Well, this one's called Cindy, and this one's Sally, and this one's Haruko, and this one's..."

"That one! Bring the Haruko one!"

"Whatever floats your boat, Sakuragi..."


"Where th' heck *are* they."

"Here! The lift got stuck."

"Yeh, Miyagi was wondering what the little red button..."

"With the words 'alarm'..."

"And he pressed it to see what it did..."

"So this loud thing began wailing..."

"And we all panicked..."

"And we ran around the lift..."

"And it stopped."

"Ok. I've stopped caring. So long as you're all here."

"Come to think of it, where's Mitsui?"

"He came down the last of all 'cause the lift was full."

"He couldn't have possibly lost his way, could he? It *is* a rather large hotel."

"Nah...I gave him a map of the place."

"So? The last time we gave him map to the zoo, he ended up in a cemetery!"

"Not this time. I wrote 'left' and 'right' on his hands."

"Oh...that was smart."

"Of course Ayako's always smart!"

"Miyagi and Aya-ko sit-ting in a tr-ee K-I-S-S-...wait...what comes next?"

"You really wanna know? S-H-U-T U-P."

"No, that's not right, Miyagi, *that* spells shut up. it's supposed to be...oh."

"Kogure, sometimes...just're too smart for your own good..."

Somewhere very far off...

"WAAHHH!!! THIS MAP SUCKS!!! I knew I shouldn't have washed my hands!"


"The food's fantastic! Mitsui doesn't know what he's missing!"


"I see Sakuragi's ordered his third bowl of ramen..."

"The greedy pig..."


"Oh yeah? Well MSFWGJFSDO!!! to you too!"

"SGE*phw*How DARE you!"

"How dare YOU"


"I'm confused. What just happened?"

"Oh, easy. Sakuragi's accidently spit out his food on Akagi's head."


"Oh, I think he was trying to kill Miyagi when his food slipped out of his mouth."

"Its a perfectly normal mistake that could happen to anyone! Really, Gori! I swear! Ask Ayako!"

"Err...actually I'm not too sure of that..."

"Where's Mitsui when we need him!"


"Mitsui what happened to you!"

"Yeah! We waited for so long! Did you get lost?"

"Of course not! Okay...maybe a little. Fine! I got lost!"

"As long as you're here that's fine."

"Right, now we can order dessert... ... ... ...or not. Doesn't anyone want dessert?"

"Sorry guys, I'm on a diet."

" besides Ayako you guys are on a diet too?"

"I wanna Triple fudgie with ice cream 'an fudge an' ice cream an' fudge and chocolate sauce."

"Do they even *have* that?"

"Right, so one Triple fudgie with ice cream 'an fudge an' ice cream an' fudge and chocolate sauce. Anything else?"

"No-o...the waiter's giving us the evil eye..."

"Fine. Sakuragi? Gori? Can you hear me down there? Want any dessert?"

"Yes! Tensai would like an...OW triple IT WAS AN ACCIDENT I SWEAR fudgie..."

"Lemme guess. A triple fudgie with ice cream 'an fudge an' ice cream an' fudge and chocolate sauce?"




"Oo! I'm stuffed."

"I'm not! Gori ate my triple fudgie with ice cream 'an fudge an' ice cream an' fudge and chocolate sauce!"

"And it served you right too!"

"Aww....widdle Sakuragi's sulking..."


"You know, Rukawa, the poking-me-and-Mitsui-in-the-back-and-freaking-us-out thing is NOT a good thing."



"The manager recognises you."

"O-kay. Well I'm off."

"Me too."

"Miyagi wait...oh bother, he forgot to wipe his mouth after his triple fudgie with ice cream 'an fudge an' ice cream an' fudge and chocolate sauce"