Covenant of Liars
by tenshinrtaiga
Disclaimer: I don't own the Covenant or Pretty Little Liars
Primary Characters: Alison DiLaurentis, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, Chase Collins, Caleb Danvers, Pogue Parry, Reid Garwin, Tyler Simms.
Secondary Characters: Ezra Fitz, Wren Kingston, Samara Cook, Sarah Wenham, Kate Tunney, Caleb Rivers and more.
Pairings: canon pairings plus some Caleb D./Spencer, Aria/Reid, Alison/Chase

A/N - Special thanks to my artist dhfreak

Summary: No one really knows how the Power came to be. Not even the Book of Damnation recorded its beginning. But those who mastered it have always been hunted. In the middle of the 17th Century, many escaped the brutal Witch-hunting in England and France by coming to America. As the brutal persecution of those with the Power spread throughout Massachusetts, the ten families of Ipswich (Danvers, Hastings, DiLaurentis, Putnam, Parry, Fields, Montgomery, Garwin, Simms and Marin) formed a Covenant of silence. And for 300 years it has kept them safe. Until now.

Alison, Caleb, Spencer, Pogue, Reid, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Tyler have to deal not only with their own high school drama, but the strange supernatural ones that keep popping up. And it doesn't help that the Covenant of silence is splitting at the seams as Spencer deals with her family, Caleb finds himself in love with someone else and Aria falls for her new teacher. And of course, further splitting the group, there's Alison and the girls as they try and secretly deal with That Jenna Thing.

"What's up, guys?" Hanna greeted with a grin as she and Reid snuck up behind the others.

"Where were you?" Tyler asked the two blondes with a scowl. "Stopped by to give you both a lift."

"Had things to do," Reid answered as he peered over the rock cliff, looking down on the raging party occurring below them. "How's the party?" he asked curiously.

"Dunno," Pogue muttered. "Just got here."

Reid smirked, "Well, hell, boys-" Spencer gave a loud, meaningful cough. "and girls," Reid saved. "Let's drop in," he grinned as he kicked some rocks over the edge, his eyes flaring with power as he summoned his magic and nonchalantly stepped over the edge of the cliff.

"Oh, hell yeah!" Hanna cheered with a grin, following him over.

"Hanna!" Caleb yelled loudly down at her disappearing form.

Alison sauntered over with a smug grin. "Oh, let them do what they want, Caleb. It's not like it's gonna kill us… yet." And with those words, she too descended from the cliff face.

With an apologetic look on her face, Aria followed and then Pogue and Emily, leaving only Spencer and Caleb alone at the top. With a sigh and a shared look of annoyance, the two locked hands, intertwining their fingers, and jumped over the edge.

Once they landed, they looked up to realize that the Covenant had already paired off. Reid had an arm slung over Aria's shoulders as the two gazed around at all of the party goers, their head already beginning to bob to the intense beat of the music. Pogue and Hanna were next to them searching the crowds, presumably for Kate: Pogue's girlfriend and one of Hanna's best friends. Behind them loitered Emily and Tyler who were quietly talking and not paying an ounce of attention to the party going on in front of them. Lastly, stood Alison: alone and slightly away from the others, just the way she liked it. She always acted like she was better than everyone else; even her own siblings.

"I'll catch up to you later," Alison spoke, already heading towards the party without a second glance back.

Well used to this, the others barely blinked as the blonde abandoned them in search of her own brand of fun. "Let's go," Caleb spoke as he wrapped an arm around Spencer's waist and led the group into the heart of the festivities.

The eight of them drew stares as they got closer to the party-goers. Pogue spotted Kate and got Caleb's attention, nodding his head towards her. Caleb automatically shifted slightly so that they could head towards the mocha skinned girl, his eyes trailing the form of her blonde friend before determinately looking away. He had a girlfriend. A very hot, very smart, very athletic girlfriend named Spencer Hastings. He should not be looking at the new girl.

"The Children of Ipswich," they heard Kate say to her friend.

"Hey, Kate," Caleb greeted as he came upon the two.

Kate looked up at him with a slightly flirtatious grin, "Caleb," before running up to her boyfriend and giving him a quick kiss. "Mmm. You're late," she pouted up at Pogue before giving Hanna a quick hug in hello.

"I had a thing with the family," Pogue explained as he slipped his arms around her waist. "Who's this?" he asked looking at her friend.

"My new roommate," Kate turned to face the blonde as she began giving introductions. "Sarah, this is Pogue Parry, Hanna Marin, Tyler Simms, Emily Fields, Aria Montgomery, Reid-"

"Garwin," the blond interrupted to shake Sarah's hand. "Good evening," he flirted, ignoring Aria who was still tucked into his side.

Aria rolled her eyes but gave the boy a fond grin, clearly used to her boyfriend's flirtatious ways. "Ignore him," she said. "He's an idiot." Reid protested this loudly but it was drowned out by his friends' laughter.

"Caleb Danvers." Caleb stuck out his hand, continuing Kate's introductions. His brown eyes locked on Sarah's blue ones and for a moment, he could think of nothing but how beautiful they were. Thankfully, that moment passed too quickly for anyone to notice. "And my girlfriend Spencer Hastings." He motioned to the tall brunette at his side.

"Hey, Caleb," a high pitched voice interrupted.

"Mona," Caleb replied with a hint of a sigh in his words. Around him, the others all gave rolls of their eyes, already seeing how this conversation was going to end.

"How was your summer?" she asked flirtatiously, totally ignoring the scoff Spencer gave.

Caleb looked behind Mona at Sarah, self-conscious of what he should do. "Uhm."

Mona took his distraction as an opportunity and whirled around to face the new girl. "I'm Mona."

"Sarah," she replied with a guarded smile.

"Oh, right. From the Boston public. Tell me, how does one go about getting into Spencer from a public?" Mona asked cruelly.

"Mona!" Hanna yelled, walking up to the girl who also happened to be one of her best friends. "Knock it off," she growled before smiling awkwardly at Sarah.

"Problems?" Noel asked as he came up to the group under the guise of rescuing his girlfriend.

Caleb gave the boy a caustic smile already knowing where this was heading. "I don't want any trouble, Noel."

"I'm sure you don't," Noel responded, but instead of looking at Caleb, he was leering at Aria. Feeling his girlfriend shift uncomfortably under his arm, Reid snarled at the boy causing her discomfort.

"Posers make me wanna puke," Aaron sneered next to his best friend.

"Is that right?" Reid jumped in, happy to get in the guy's face.

Caleb shoved an arm out just in time to stop Reid from starting a fight. "Hey, hey. Let it go."

"I think you owe Mona an apology," Noel spoke.

"Actually, I think Mona owes Sarah the apology," Caleb responded firmly, not backing down. Noel lashed out, shoving Caleb a few steps back, but before any of the boys could start throwing punches, the new boy showed up.

"You were being kinda bitchy," he addressed Mona as he got in between the two fighting boys.

While the others were distracted, Reid allowed his eyes to flash and a moment later, Aaron was throwing up on Noel. The girls were all making disgusted sounds, but Caleb immediately glared at Reid, stopping the boy's snickers.

"Guys! Gil just called. He said he saw three cop cars heading this way on old Dell Road!" a boy announced from the music area causing the crowd to quickly disperse. Not having enough time to make it up to the Mustang and BMW on the cliff, the Covenant made their way to the nearby woods.

"Need a ride?" Caleb tossed over his shoulder as he quickly walked through the dense trees.

"No, Sarah drove us out here," Kate replied as she snuggled up to Pogue's buff body in the chilly weather.

"See you back at the dorms?" the boy asked flicking a long piece of hair out of his face.

"It's getting late. I'm just gonna crash," she replied regretfully as she leaned up for a quick kiss. "Call me in the morning?"

"I could use a lift," the new boy interrupted from where he was hanging back slightly.

"No problem!" Kate smiled over her shoulder at him.

"Hey, nice going back there," Caleb smiled. "Caleb."

"Chase," he introduced. "I thought that guy and I were about to go at it. His friend's puking sure came at an opportune time."

"Didn't it though?" Reid asked, smirking down at Aria who rolled her eyes but grinned at the prank.

The group began splitting up. Sarah, Kate and Chase headed toward Sarah's beat up car, Reid, Aria, Tyler and Caleb headed toward Tyler's Hummer and lastly Hanna, Pogue, Emily and Spencer headed toward Emily's Corolla. "Wait a second," Spencer cried out drawing everyone's attention. "Where's Ali?"

This caused the other children of Ispwich to look around as if the blonde girl was just going to pop out of the woodwork. "Maybe she already left," Emily suggested. The others warily agreed, but slowly got into their cars; a complete turn about to the speed they were going earlier.

"My car won't start!" Sarah yelled as the other two cars were about to pull out.

"I can fix it for you," Reid offered with a smirk, getting out of the Hummer.

"Reid," Caleb muttered in annoyance, but said nothing more. Aria and Reid's relationship puzzled the rest of the school since they were obviously together and yet the two continued to flirt and hook up with other people. It seemed to make no sense. Only their siblings knew that while the two cared a lot about each other, they were casual.

"We can't all be the It-Couple," Reid muttered as he passed by Caleb's window, jerking his head toward Spencer who was sitting in the other car. And it was true. The school seemed to worship the ground Caleb and Spencer walked on. The two had been dating for two years and never so much as had a real fight. They were both top of their class. He was captain of the swim team and her the field hockey team. They both came from the richest families in town and their families (along with the other eight) founded the town they lived in. They seemed like the perfect pair.

Reid popped the hood and used his magic. He waited a beat before calling out "Try it again" to the blonde behind the wheel.

Sarah did as told and squealed when the engine purred. "Thank you!" she yelled out the window as Reid made his way back to the Hummer. Sarah pealed out, but Emily waited for the others.

Hearing the sirens, Reid opened the front door. "Gotta bolt. Move over."

"It's my car!" Tyler protested.

Caleb spoke up from the back seat, "Move over, Baby Boy. Now!"

Tyler sighed, but did as told, unwilling to argue with their leader. Reid stuck his head out of the window. "We'll take care of the cops. You guys meet us at the cliffs." Emily nodded and raced out of the forest, Reid not far behind.

Reid, driving extremely recklessly, immediately caught the cops' attention. Caleb peered behind him and groaned when he saw how close the cops were getting to them. "Ah. Gotta pull over."

"Oh, you wanna stop? That'll impress Harvard," Reid smirked from the driver's seat.

Once more, Caleb peered behind him to take a good look at the cops. "Alright, what the hell. Let's lose 'em." He leaned forward to see where they were. He and the others grew up in these woods since these were the very woods that surrounded the old Putnam barn and the original Ipswich colony. Immediately recognizing his surroundings, he gestured to the left. "Hey, cut across Marblehead. Might as well have some fun while we're at it."

A particularly jarring jump earned a scream from Aria and a whoop from Tyler. In the fog, they could just barely make out the Marblehead cliffs in the distance. "Alright, guys. You ready?" Reid asked as he continued driving straight ahead.

"So ready," Aria agreed with a smile as her eyes went black with Power. It had been a while since she last Used and she was looking forward to the little prank.

"Harry Potter can kiss my ASS!" Reid shouted as he drove the car over the edge of the cliffs, eyes black the entire time. This wasn't the first time they'd pulled something like this and it was unlikely to be the last. They free fell through the air for several seconds, plunging toward the Atlantic before Caleb finally shaped their power and began controlling the car. He lifted the vehicle high into the sky, thankful for the foggy night as he positioned the Hummer behind the cop car and let it drop.

Once again, the high of free falling, this time in addition to the looks on the police officers' faces caused all four to laugh hysterically as Reid shifted into reverse and drove out of the area before the cops could collect themselves enough to chase after them.

This time, with no worries about who was chasing them, they made their way back to the Ole Dell cliffs. At the top, Emily's Corolla was parked next to Caleb's Mustang and Hanna's BMW. Reid, Caleb, Tyler and Aria got out of the car to meet up with the other four.

"Hey, everything go okay?" Pogue asked.

Reid smirked. "It went great. We cut across Marblehead. Gave the cops a real scare," he laughed.

Pogue raised an eyebrow at Caleb, surprised that the man would go along with that since Caleb was usually the one saying not to Use their magic. Caleb opted not to disclose that it had been his idea. Even he needed to let loose and have some fun once and a while. "Still no sign of Ali?" Caleb asked, changing the subject.

Emily, Pogue, Hanna and Spencer's face all turned solemn. "No." Spencer shook her head. "I hope she didn't get into trouble."

"You hope who didn't get into trouble?" a voice asked behind them causing all of them to whirl around. Ali sauntered up to them, a wide smirk on her face.

"Where have you been?" Caleb growled out angrily, his frustration and worry getting the better of him.

Ali sneered at the older boy. "Don't get your panties in a twist, Dad. I'm fine. Now, let's get out of here," she demanded, sliding into Emily's car with no hesitation.

Caleb shook his head, but turned his back on the blonde and entered his car anyway. Spencer crawled into the back seat and Pogue into the passenger's side. He waved to Tyler, Aria and Reid as they left in the Hummer and to Emily and Hanna in the Corolla as they all left for the dorms, but studiously ignored Alison who was ignoring him right back.

The drive back was silent as Caleb continued to stew in anger at the blatant disrespect Ali continued to show him. He wasn't asking for much, but he was the oldest and the leader of the Covenant. Even Reid respected Caleb's authority more than Alison and that was saying something.

Caleb dropped Pogue off at the boy's apartment and waited for Spencer to climb into the front seat before taking off. Unable to take the silence any longer, Spencer spoke up, "So, are you coming to lunch tomorrow? I could really use you."

"Lunch?" Caleb asked in confusion as he parked in front of Spencer's apartment.

"We're meeting Melissa's fiancé tomorrow, remember?" she asked, turning in her seat to face him seeing that she now had his full attention.

Caleb mentally went through his calendar before wincing. "I can't. I promised my mom I'd pick up dad's medicine."

Spencer nodded in understanding. She couldn't imagine what it must feel like for Caleb, to have to face his decrepit father. Sure, all the witches in the family aged when they Used, but William Danvers was the only one of them to get so addicted that he looked like he was over a hundred when he was only forty. Of the female witches, Hanna's mom looked the oldest, but she was so beautiful that no one really commented on the lines around her eyes and face.

"Okay," she nodded. "I'll tell mom and dad you say hello." Caleb nodded in agreement before leaning in for a goodbye kiss. As their lips met, Spencer automatically sank her hand into Caleb's thick dark hair as Caleb's hand reached up to cup her cheek. As their tongue met in a familiar dance, Spencer couldn't help but think, and not for the first time, that if she had a brother, this would probably be what it felt like to kiss him.