Covenant of Liars
by tenshinrtaiga
Disclaimer: I don't own the Covenant or Pretty Little Liars
Primary Characters: Alison DiLaurentis, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, Chase Collins, Caleb Danvers, Pogue Parry, Reid Garwin, Tyler Simms.
Secondary Characters: Ezra Fitz, Wren Kingston, Samara Cook, Sarah Wenham, Kate Tunney, Caleb Rivers and more.
Pairings: canon pairings plus some Caleb D./Spencer, Aria/Reid, Alison/Chase

Summary: No one really knows how the Power came to be. Not even the Book of Damnation recorded its beginning. But those who mastered it have always been hunted. In the middle of the 17th Century, many escaped the brutal Witch-hunting in England and France by coming to America. As the brutal persecution of those with the Power spread throughout Massachusetts, the ten families of Ipswich (Danvers, Hastings, DiLaurentis, Putnam, Parry, Fields, Montgomery, Garwin, Simms and Marin) formed a Covenant of silence. And for 300 years it has kept them safe. Until now.

Alison, Caleb, Spencer, Pogue, Reid, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Tyler have to deal not only with their own high school drama, but the strange supernatural ones that keep popping up. And it doesn't help that the Covenant of silence is splitting at the seams as Spencer deals with her family, Caleb finds himself in love with someone else and Aria falls for her new teacher. And of course, further splitting the group, there's Alison and the girls as they try and secretly deal with That Jenna Thing.

Another day is gone
Washed away with sorrows that you dwelled upon
And as the moon is rising, you think to yourself
I could be gone, if I go now

Caleb tried to drag himself up and out from a fallen beam, but Chase just kept throwing powerballs while he was down. "Like taking candy from a baby," he smirked.

Pissed off, Caleb gave a grunt before sending a powerball of his own to knock Chase off his feet. Chase quickly got up and started sending one shot of energy after another, but Caleb just dodged them going back and forth and flying up and down. Chase got in a lucky shot and dragged Caleb across the room before throwing him through the loft floor.

Caleb weakly struggled to stand up, but didn't see the boy any longer. "Easy as pie," Chase taunted from behind him causing Caleb to whirl around. As soon as he had turned, Chase threw another energy ball at him causing him to hit a beam.

"You find her?" Tyler asked as he and Reid met back up in the courtyard.

"No," Reid responded having looked everywhere.

Aria shook her head but kept her grip on Samara's hand firm. "I can't believe you guys lost Sarah while we were working on scouting the gym."

"Look-" Reid replied angrily before cutting himself off. It would be no use getting angry with the girls. It wasn't their fault that he and Tyler dropped the ball. He looked down at his watch and gave the others a worried look. "Twelve minutes past eleven."

"Happy birthday, Caleb," Spencer whispered staring up at the sky in fear.

Caleb gave a scream as lightning struck his body and a huge surge of power came off his body in waves. Chase floated to the ground for a better look. "Are we Ascending?" he laughed. "Finally!" He threw a powerball at the boy's chest knowing that Caleb was in too much pain to fight back. "Scary, huh, Caleb? This new power you get when you Ascend. Frankly, I don't think you're cut out for it, so why don't we just call it a night? Just say the words." Caleb finally ceased screaming as his body liquefied and reformed. He quickly looked up and began sending a barrage of powerballs in Chase's direction. "Okay, I'm a little impressed," Chase laughed, wiping the dirt of his clothes. "Not bad."

"Thanks," Caleb spoke from behind the boy, causing him to whirl around in shock at their reversed positions. Caleb swiftly threw a powerball, knocking Chase through three stables.

Chase got up with a laugh. "Trying to impress your date, huh?" he asked gesturing toward the slumbering Sarah. Angered, Caleb threw another shot of energy, but Chase ducked before sending a large plow in Caleb's direction. Caleb ducked but the move gave him an idea and he looked at a large rack of farming tools and sent a multitude of pitchforks at the other boy. Chase Used to deflect them and when Caleb sent an energy blast, he plucked it out of this air, causing Caleb to pause in shock. Chase then sent the ball back, causing the surprised boy to fall back into a large pile of wood and crates. Caleb could no longer get up, he was in so much pain. Chase gripped his hair tightly and shoved his head up forcing him to look at Sarah. "You ready to say uncle?"

"I'm ready for you to go to hell," he sassed back.

With a flare of his eyes, Chase caused a fire to come to life near Sarah's body. He then levitated Caleb up and flung him out a window into the harsh rain outside.

"Just say the words," Chase spoke, serious for the first time that night as he stalked closer to the injured boy. "Say the words and it's all over." When Caleb remained silent, Chase dropped to his knees to hover over the boy. "Come on. Say it. Say the words. I…" Chase started off.

"I," Caleb mimicked.

"Will you…" Chase continued.

"Will you."

"…" Chase nodded waiting for the rest of the sentence.

"Nothing," Caleb snarled as he kicked a leg out, smashing into Chase's face with both his foot and a powerball.

You can't turn back the hands of time
Just let it go and you'll be fine
What's done is done and it's alright
You can't turn back the hands of time

"He is your son," Evelyn begged her husband with tears in her eyes. "For once in your life think of someone other than yourself."

"I," William Danvers used what was left of his magic to speak despite being physically unable to, "will you my power." His eyes flared with fire one last time before glazing over in death.

Caleb looked down in surprise, unsure of how he caught Chase's powerball. He glanced up in time to see lightning strike him for the second time that night.

Chase too looked at the sky in confusion before realizing someone must have willed the boy their power. He lunged at Caleb while the brunet was still distracted with the new power, but Caleb threw his charged powerball and sent Chase into a fiery inferno.

Caleb quickly made his way into the burning barn, making his way to Sarah. He gently lifted her up out of the stasis spell and carried her outside. He laid her on an old cart and gently stroked her cheek, hoping to see her wake up. He gave a wide grin when her eyes fluttered open, looking around in confusion. Across town, Hanna, Pogue, Emily and Kate also woke up from the spells that Chase put them under.

Life is a carousel
Dancing round the mirrors, we go up and down
So let the music take away the hurt you've come to know so well
Let it go 'cause...

"Caleb!" Spencer screamed as she jumped out of the Hummer to look upon the burning wreckage of the Putnam Barn.

"We're okay, Spence," Caleb called out from behind a fire truck. He was leaning against his car and Sarah sat inside, curled up around a blanket the EMT gave her. When the four got closer, he whispered a quick. "Chase died in the fight."

"Oh thank god," Aria muttered turning to hug Reid. She had never been so terrified in her life.

"And Emily?" Samara asked worriedly.

"Sarah's out from his spell so I bet they are as well," Spencer answered. "We'll head to the hospital soon," she promised.

"Look, see," Caleb nodded as the EMT brought out a gurney with a black body bag on it. "Chase will never bother us again," he stated resolutely, gripping Sarah's hand tightly.

Suddenly, several cell phones rang at once. Spencer, Caleb, Reid, Aria and Tyler all brought out their phones to read a surprising message.

Chase might be gone, but I'm still here. And I know everything. Better watch out, bitches. -A

There was a scary and uncomfortable silence as the message sank in.

"It's probably Alison messing with us," Spencer laughed uncomfortably, though she didn't sound certain.

Caleb nodded. "Yeah, sounds like Ali."

A policeman came up to the teens, looking at Caleb. "I'm sorry, Mr. Danvers. We searched the area, but we didn't find Mr. Collins."

The teens all turned to look at the gurney in confusion. "Then who's that?" Caleb asked.

The cop shifted uncomfortably. "I'm afraid that's Miss DiLaurentis," he finally admitted after an internal debate. "I'm sorry for your loss."

"Wait, what?" Aria cried out. "There's some sort of mistake! Alison's in Georgia."

The cop turned to look at her sympathetically. "I'm afraid there's no mistake, ma'am. That is Alison DiLaurentis." He turned to look at the group. "Again, I'm sorry for your loss," he apologized before leaving the devastated teens.

Once more, five phones rang signaling a message.

Sorry, did I say bitches? I meant to say witches. See, I do know everything. Don't worry. You'll hear from me again soon. –A

You can't turn back the hands of time
Just let it go and you'll be fine
What's done is done and it's alright
You can't turn back the hands of time

music is Hands of Time by Rachel Diggs