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Chapter 1: A normal day gone bad.

It was a beautiful day. The blue sky clouded less; the bird sang songs of chirping and a mechanical ghost just crash into a building wall….wait what! In close observation, the mechanical ghost got off the large crater and flew off to the sky to face his prey. He spotted is prey and got ready to face a teenage ghost boy with snow white hair, glowing green eyes and dressed in a jumpsuit.

"You will have you pelt this time, whelp." The mechanical ghost said. His hands brought out missiles packs and he targets them at the ghost boy. Then he fired three missiles heading to the ghost boy. However, the teen superhero saw them and made no move to avoid the missiles. Before the missiles could reach him, the teenage ghost boy turned intangible, making the missiles to pass through him harmlessly.

The ghost boy then became intangible and yawned as he stared at the mechanical ghost, "Is this getting old, Skulker. It's still the same routine. You try to get my pelt which is still gross; I say some witty banter and then kick your butt and shove you into the thermos."

"Not this time, Ghost child." Skulker said with confidence, "Today is the day I finally get your pelt."

"Yeah, good luck with that." The ghost boy sarcastically said. The ghost boy fists charged up ecto energy and he directly fired two ecto blasts at Skulker. But Skulker was determined and created a shield to protect him from the ecto blasts. The shield was able to protect him from the blast as the ecto shield was hit instead of him. He then dropped the shield and brought out an ecto laser from his wrist and fired it back at the ghost child.

The ghost boy just yawned and dodged to the left with no effort, "One." Again, Skulker fired an ecto laser at him, and again the ghost boy dodged it, "Two." Skulker fired another ecto blast and the ghost boy dodged it, "Three. You're out." Immediately, he both his fists glowed icy blue and he joined both together. With both his hands together, he quickly fired a massive ice blast that Skulker could avoid and he was frozen in a ice. And because he was frozen, Skulker wasn't able to fly and hurled straight to the ground.

The ghost boy watched as he crashed down on the street and yawned again, "This is getting boring." He flew down at Skulker and reached to his back and brought out his thermos. With a smirk on his face, Danny pointed the thermos directly at a frozen Skulker, "Hey Skulker. Remember this guy I'm sure…" He was however distracted a a blue stream of light was shot out from above and sucked Skulker away. Danny knew who it was and looked up to see his thirteen year old cousin Danielle Phantom or in her human form, Danielle Fenton.

It's been a year since the ghost boy aka Danny Phantom, in human, Danny Fenton entered his parents ghost portal that changed his life. Ever since then, Danny became Danny Phantom and he protected his home town, Amity Park, from different size of ghostly threat. In every battle he became experienced with the job and became more powerful with new ghost powers to the collection. But then nothing could compare when an asteroid aka The disasteroid was heading straight for earth a few months ago. Luckily, after some difficulties and planning on Danny's part, he was able to lead almost the entire ghost zone and there were able to make the earth intangible just before the Disasteroid made collusion.

Then two months after the disasteroid incident, Danny went looking for his 'cousin', Dani Phantom and thanks to an invention of his dad called the Boooooomerang, he was able to find her in one of his ghostly allies castle, Dora castle. From there he was able to find Dora and both of them found Dani. Danny then told her about his concern for her and since his parents knew about his secret he thought about bringing her home to the human world and joining his family. Dani was sacred about it, but after some convincing by both Danny and Dora, both of them said they're goodbyes to the ghost princess and left. As soon as they got home, Danny carefully introduced Danielle to his parents and from there Dani was able to explain who she was and everything about her. Danny's parents took pity on her and easily welcome her into the family; Jazz was happy to have a little sisiter, Jack was both glad at having another kid and also someone to blabber all about ghost and Maddie was excited that she had another daughter and began preparation on her room with Jazz assisting her.

Things went well for the Fenton household as Dani took became comfortable with a family. But then things became worse when Dani wanted to fight ghosts with Danny. However, Danny refused and since fighting ghosts were his domain, his parents and sister weren't able to convince him no matter how much they tried. The two quarreled about it almost every day, but as usual Danny refused and got Jazz to watch over her while he left fighting. Jazz wasn'ty sure of it, but reluctantly agreed when Danny gave her sad puppy dog eyes.

Back at the current situation, Danny flew up to see adopted sister and scowled at her, "What do you think you're doing? I thought I told you to say back at home?"

"C'mon, Danny. Why do you get all the fun, while I fight ghosts all day?" Dani complained.

Just then, a small crowd of people began to form from the ground. Danny didn't want anyone to know about his sister's ghost half, so without warning her, he grabbed her wrist and both of them were gone in a twirling mist.

As soon as they appeared in their home basement/lab, Dani harshly pushed hands off him, ""You always treat me like a little kid! You just don't understand, Danny!"

Danny scowled at her with a straight look, "I may not understand, but I'm not letting you fight ghosts and that FINAL!" However, Dani didn't take it well, she threw the thermos angrily at Danny's stomach and turned intangible and flew through the roof. As he watched Dani leave angrily, Danny realized how angry he made his little sister and tried to follow her.

"Let her go, Danny." Jazz said from the doorstop. A few minutes ago, she was heading into the lab when she heard familiar quarrel and stayed to see if things would work well. But it only seems that Danny had once again made Dani angry.

"But what if…" Danny protested.

"No buts mister." Jazz interrupted. She calmly walked to him to display a concerned look for her brother, "Give her sometime to think and when she gets home I'll talk to her."

"Fine." Danny answered. Then a thought came to mind and he realized in his hand was the Fenton thermos. After Dani had thrown it to his stomach, he was able to grab it, though he admitted that his cousin was strong, "Oh and Jazz. Catch." He threw the thermos to Jazz. Luckily, she was good at catching thing over her time in team phantom, so when Danny threw it she caught it with one hand.

Jazz nodded, "Also Sam and Tucker called. They're waiting for in by the Nasty Burger."

"Totally forgot." Danny face palmed and smiled back at his sister, "Thanks, sis. See ya." With that said, Danny turned intangible and flew throught the ceiling. From there, he headed straight for the Nasty Burger. In a few minutes he could see the Nasty Burgure drawing close as he approached and also two familiar figures waiting outside.

Danny flew down to the ground next to them and glance at them with a nervous chuckle, "Sorry for being late."

"Ok, Danny, but what took you so long?" Sam asked, "Usually it takes you three minutes to beat him now."

"Dani and I had another fight." Danny nervously smiled.

However, before Sam could scowled at him for making Dani angry, Tucker stomach growled and he grabbed both tyheir hands, "I'm sure both of you can talk about that when we're in the Nasty Burger." The two friends were surprise of how Tucker was able to drag them to the door with ease. They were just two feet from the door when suddenly they notice around them turn red.

Immediately, Sam and Danny got their hands free from Tucker and looked up to the sky. Tucker also forgot about his hunger as he also looked up to the sky. In the sky, the three teens stared at an orange portal glowed in the sky and seem to be getting bigger.

Quickly, Danny got over staring as his hero complex kicked in. With a determined look, he turned to his friends, "Sam, Tucker, get my parents and meet me at city hall. It seems that where the portal is." He then looked back to the sky and raised his fists above him to the air, "I'm going ghost!" Suddenly, a white ring surrounded Danny's waist. The ring then separated into two rings and went different ways. As one ring went up, the other went down changing Danny's white shirt and blue pants to a black DP jumpsuit, his blue eyes to glowing green and his black rave hair to snow white.

The transformation was complete and standing in Danny Fenton place was Amity Park hero, Danny Phantom. He jumped into the air and then flew as fast as he could to the portal. As he approached the portal, Danny noticed how bright and big it was, but the brightness wasn't a problem to him and the size only added to his worries. In a minute, Danny drew closer to the portal when he noticed a figure coming out. He immediately formed a snow ball and threw it at the upcoming figure, but the figure seem to dodge the attack and push harder.

Danny flew faster to the figure and got a shadowy look at the figure. He couldn't tell much about it except that the figure was hairy. But he snapped out of that thought as he saw the figure heading towards him. Quickly, Danny acted fast and dashed at the figure and then threw an ecto punch to the face. But instead, the figure caught his fist and before Danny could fight back it threw a punch back. The punch was so powerful that Danny was sent hurling straight to the earth and crashing down on the ground, creating a crater.

"men that hurts." Danny grunted as he got back to his feet. Just then he saw the Fenton Assault Vehicle drive to him and everyone came down.

"Danny, what happened?" Sam asked, concerned.

Danny looked up to the sky and notice the figure land down on the ground, harshly. Immediately, the group darted their eyes to where the figure crash and saw it approach them. Danny immediately got into a fighting stance and stood in front of his family to protect them. The figure finally approached them and the sun rays were able to brighten what the figure was. Everyone was wide eyed as standing before them was werewolf creature with grey fur, a long flowing mane and a large bushy tail and a strange green hourglass symbol on its stomach.

"Who the heck are you?!" Danny demanded boldly.

The werewolf creature looked down at his and glared at him, "The name is Ben wolf and you just made a huge mistake, alien."

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