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Ben's POV

As I approached the Nasty Burger that was set to explode with Dani strapped to it. I felt my blood and heart move faster. I wasn't determined to lose the only girl that actually liked me back and I love.

With great determination and thought of not seeing Dani ever again, I push my speed out of XLR8 limits and ran faster than I never before. I was getting closer to the Nasty Burger, but then I was horrified to see the boiler timer reached dead zone and was now boiling up to explode.

"Danielle!" I shouted scared that I would lose her. I made a finally attempt to save her by increasing my speed and finally adding a super jump off the ground to save her, but I was too late. The boiler reached its maximum capacity and exploded including engulfing Dani. The last thing I saw of her was her face; I could clearly see that she was scared and afraid as she knew that her fate was sealed.

The explosion also blasted anything that was close to it and that included me. I screamed in so much pain from the blast and also because I had failed to rescue Dani. The blast threw me a few feet to the ground and I felt myself transform back to human and blacked out.


It had been a week since Dani's death and the burial. During the pass few days we moaned for her death and made preparations of her burial. The burial was a huge deal to the entire world as many important people like Humpty Dumpty and the president of the United States came to pay they condolence. The president also had the a statue of Dani that was made of gold and had it set close to Dani's grave which was set to be in the new park that was being rebuilt.

As the week was coming to an end, I later found out how Dani was strapped on the Nasty Burger boiler instead of with everyone else during the battle against Dan and yet was in Amity Park. They told me that after they arrived in a town close to Amity Park they went to check in to a hotel with Tucker and Jazz following them while Sam and Dani were in the truck, so far they said that after they came back they found the Fenton RV destroyed to little car parts and Sam unconscious on the ground.

I still couldn't get over that I had been a bad big brother and the worst friend. Since the Nasty Burger explosion, Ben had been unconscious from then on and had not woken up. The doctors say that he had entered a coma and may never wake up for weeks, months or even years. On the first hearing of this I felt like beating myself for letting Ben go off like that, Danielle was my sister that I had failed to rescue and it was my own job to ensure that she was okay, but instead it had to be Ben who we didn't know existed few weeks ago. I had once told Timmy to have Ben and Dani to come back, but then Wanda told me that it was against some rules that they have to keep so not to have dangerous results.

As the weeks went on the people of Amity Park had come to what was remaining to their home, but unfortunately they was completely nothing. Some anti-ghost activities had blamed me and the rest for what happened to their homes, but it later came down as words were being spread about Dani's death and Ben in a coma. The news circulated all over the world and soon everyone even the guys in white had apologised for what had happened. The president of the United States issued an immediate construction of Amity Park, but this time it was to be called New Amity City which made Tucker being the mayor happy.

A few days later which was now a month since Dani's death, Tucker had everyone to leave Amity Park so that construction on New Amity City would begin and also because there was no place to live in. My family and friends and they parents packed up and moved to another town called Dimmsdale. It took me a few days for my family and friends to learn that Timmy lives here. We later found Timmy house and met him, though he told us that no one knew about his alien friends and that we should never mention about them. He later gave us a real exciting tour of the town from a cool space ship.

Ghost Zone: Normal POV

Deep in the Ghost Zone proudly standing together was the home of the Dimensional villain Nefarius castle. It stood on a small island, but suddenly began to crumble. Block after block fell to the ground as the top and bottom of his magnificent castle fell to small pieces to make way of a flying object that was rising out of the debris of the former castle. The object resembled that of a space ship and was painted totally black (A\N: Just look up an image of the vestal destroyer in Bakugan) front down to up and left to right.

Inside the ship central control were hundreds of agents controlling the ship flights and other things from mini computers (A/N: Think of it as a close resemblance of S.H.I.E.L.D from Marvel). They all heard a door slide open and turned to the direction, stood up and saluted the person that stood there. The person was dressed in a dark cloak that covered his entire body and almost his face except his mouth which resembled that of a human.

"Welcome master Nefarius!" they saluted the man. The cloaked man raised his left hand and they returned back to their work. He walked to the front of the ship which had a huge see through glass and gaze at the green void of the ghost zone. He seemed satisfied for his own reasons and went to his thoughts, but was interrupted by someone calling him.

"Nefarius!" Nefarius turned behind him and saw that standing there was a Vampire ghost, a squid like alien and an ugly crazy man in a mechanical suit.

"Welcome Vlad Plasmius and my other fellow accomplices." Nefarius greeted, "How do you like my ship I call it Dimension Doomsday."

"Shut it, Nefarius!" Vlad shouted angrily, "It's been a month now and we haven't gotten what we wanted. We went according to your plan and fell to Daniel and his allies as you said we should, we also expected that Dan would have finished off Daniel and his allies, but with everything you gave him he lost. I don't think you are qualified to run as leader so I'm taking over, but before I do, I want to know where were you while all this was going on?" Vlad and the others stood silently and waited for Nefarius answer, but they answer was Nefarius laughing sinisterly. He pushed a part of his cloak back that covered his hand and Vlad was shocked to see what was there.

Nefarius saw his expression and smirked, "You know what this is Plasmius?"

"Yeeaah." Vlad shuttered.

The squid like alien and the crazy looking man were confused of the hand gauntlet that Nefarius wore. They neither knew of it power and what it could do. They observed that it was painted in yellow gold and had three gems of different colours. Each gems had a different colour and shape such as a square red ruby, a yellow diamond shaped topaz, a blue circular sapphire and a triangular red ruby.

"What is that crazy do hiky?" asked the crazy looking man.

Nefarius pointed the gauntlet at the crazy looking man and smirked, "Glad you asked, Crocker?" the gauntlet glowed yellow energy and shot out to Crocker and he was transformed to a fish, then a dog and finally to his normal self.

"For some reason I have the urge to drink out of a toilet." Said Crocker.

The squid like alien wasn't sure of asking, but judging from the gauntlet that Nefarius was wearing he knew he should be careful in asking any questions.

Nefarius watched Vlad and his accomplice faces and he was satisfied of it. He glanced on Crocker and the squid like alien face and he could clearly see there were confused.

"To answer all your questions I will start from the top." Nefarius began to explain, "Before I set my course to get the Crown of rage and the ring of fire I had heard of an enemy that Danny Phantom had faced. They called him Freakshow and he knew of a device of which I wear now..." Nefarius raised his hand and present the gauntlet, "The reality Gauntlet is said to be the most powerful ghostly artefact in the entire universe and I knew that I must have, but I was also careful of putting my plans to action. While I had Dan released and you three to assemble to fight Danny and his allies, I broke Freakshow out of prison without anyone noticing and he had informed me that if the gauntlet was destroyed then the gems would have returned to the former places there once divided and the reality gauntlet would stay hidden somewhere, so I had Spectra, Bertram and the Fright Knight squire the entire globe looking for it and once that was accomplished I joined them to look for the gauntlet and it's power sources. I later found out that the GIW had obtained it, but luckily Phantom foolish sister had destroyed the Guys In White facility which housed the gauntlet all because she wanted to save her love, so with that completed I now have the ultimate power."

Vlad was curious about all that he and his accomplices had gone through including Dan. The way that everything that Nefarius had planned still didn't add up of all that had occurred to Amity Park and including the destruction and death that came with it.

"Then what was the point of us?" Vlad asked.

Nefarius glanced closely at Vlad and knew that he was curios of his motives, "You all were distractions. I couldn't find the final pieces of the gauntlet and at the same time letting Phantom and Tennyson be curious of our absence and beside I needed to test the Crown of fire and the ring of rage power."

The way Nefarius answered made Vlad and the others angry. They would have jumped right in and kicked his butt, but they feared the gauntlet. They knew that with one thought that Nefarius could have them to non existence.

"If we were distractions then what was the point of the amour you gave to Dan?" Vlad asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

Nefarius answered, "It was a test run. The amour he used was a proto type, but the real one I have is still being worked on and will serve a later purpose." Nefarius turned his back at them, "Now leave my presence or you will regret." Crocker and the squid like alien complied and left, but except Vlad he glared at Nefarius for a few second before leaving.

Timmy's POV

A Dani's funeral, I left Amity Park and went back to Dimmsdale and try forgetting of what had happened. I had wanted to stay there a bit longer so not to be thought as a deserter, but my parents were heading to Dimmsdale, so I said my goodbyes and poof back home. As the days went by I had tried keeping things as normal as my life was, but it was hard to do that especially since I blamed my other alter ego Teo for Dani's death that had happened in Amity Park, so I had it burnt to ashes to clear my worries and thoughts.

A month later I was surprise to find Danny and the others at my front door. At first it had brought back the bad memories of what happened, but seeing they faces made me to forget about it and that thought in mind helped a lot. So from then on I got back to my old character as a thirteen year old kid with a pink shirt but this it had the number thirteen on it, a silly pink hat and a blue paint that for some reason is also my foot wear.

So right now Danny, Sam and Tucker and I with my fairies were at a restaurant that had the same resemblance of the Nasty Burger both in and out (you would not believe how long we had the guts to enter since the same look alike that killed Dani). My fairy god parents, Cosmo and Wanda were disguised as salt and pepper while my god brother, Poof was a purple napkin across my neck. I was telling them about the adventures that I had especially the time Poof was born and what had happened after.

"So to make this clear, you're bad with kids." Sam commented. But I couldn't argue with the fact that she was right, not everyone is perfect.

"Yeah you can say that." I replied as I put my feet on the table and my hands behind my head.

Sam glared angrily at me, "Don't you know any manners, Timmy?"

"What are manners?" I asked, but off course I knew what it was I was only messing with her.

Sam sighed, "I'm not even gonna bother." She grabbed her veggie burger and chewed on it.

I was about to ask Sam about her being a vegetarian, but was interrupted by a ringing coming from Danny's wrist watch. He apologised and pressed a button on the wrist watch and immediately a small hologram of Jazz appeared, but she was dressed in a lab coat, wore a pair of glasses and had her hair in a pony tail.

"Hey who's the nerd?" Cosmo asked stupidly.

Jazz must have heard him and glared at him, "Cosmo it's me, Jazz and I heard that."

"Who are you and what have you heard?"Asked Cosmo with a suspicious look on his face.

Jazz sighed and glanced at us, "you guys need to get to Dimmsdale hospital quick, a special someone we know is awake." As she said that the hologram of here disappeared. I turned to the others and they had smiles on they faces. I knew who they were talking about and I too was happy. I never knew that he would wake up now; I had thought that it would take years, but to my great happiness he was finally awake, but the only thing that got into my mind is how he will react to what had occurred during his coma.

We all left the restaurant and to an ally where no one could see us and I had Cosmo and Wanda poof us to the hospital. We poof into a broom closet and came out to see other hospital officials and others not so much walking about. We eventually found Jazz who was wearing a lab coat over her normal clothes.

"So which room is he?" Danny asked in a hast.

Jazz seemed taken back by him, but answered, "His in room 319, just go up the elevator pass the corridor to the left and you'll find it." As soon as she said that Tucker, Danny and even Sam ran off without a word to say. I stood for a moment and blinked before turning to Jazz.

"Hey Jazz what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Thanks Timmy at least you have some manners." Jazz said and I grinned about earlier, "I'm actually interning as a doctors assistant."

"But I thought you were going to be a psychologist?" I asked.

"Well actually I will. I'm combining both as a chance to help more people, you can never know what the future can be." She answered. I found it strange that I wasn't bored out of my mind of her talking about herself, but I shrug the thought off my mind and followed Jazz to the room of my friend.

It took five minutes, but we finally arrived at room 319. I could clearly see that Sam, Tucker and Danny were gathered around our friend, Ben Tennyson who was a hospital bed. Jazz and I proceeded to welcome Ben back to the real world.

Ben waved to me with a smile across his face, "Hey Timmy what's up?"

"It's been cool Ben and its great seeing you again." I replied.

"So where are your fair- I mean fairly good alien friends?" Ben asked a bit nervous.

His question was answered with a poof as Cosmo, Wanda and Poof floated right by his hospital bed.

"Hey Benjy." Greeted Cosmo who once again got Ben's name wrong.

"It's good to see you safe Ben" said Wanda with her caring voice.

"Nice to see you guys too so where's the others?" Ben asked.

Danny answered, "well my parent are on there way and Valerie is in another town, but I can call her if you want."

"Okay then what about Dani?" Ben asked. The joy that filled the room was suddenly gone. We all stood quiet not sure of what to say and as a result to that Ben smile disappeared to a frown, "She's dead, isn't she."

Ben's POV

When I had woken from my coma, I had assumed that the Nasty Burger explosion was all a dream and that Dani was still alive, but when I asked and they became silent I could clearly see and knew that Dani's death was actually real. I felt a tear fall down my cheek as I tried to hold the tears that were building up in me, so I tried to change the subject.

"So um Danny how has it being?" I asked while putting up a fake smile.

"Nice Ben, very nice." He answered with a fake smile of his, but I could tell that he was saddened of what had occurred.

An hour later, I was discharged from the hospital and stayed with Danny and his family. While the days went by I tried to get over Dani's death, but I found it hard to because I kept blaming myself for the explosion. Anywhere Danny and his friends took me to have some fun I still couldn't get over it and they could see from the fake smile that I had every time that I was still sad of Dani's death.

So one day I was on my bed in the guest room which now served as my room when I got an unexpected knock. I glanced at the door and dropped a book that I was reading on (Yeah I know you're thinking that I don't read, but things changed).

"Come in." I said and the door opened to reveal Jazz. I had expected someone like Danny, Timmy or Sam to come in, but it was only Jazz.

"Hey Ben can I take a seat?" she asked while gesturing to a chair, so I said she could.

She sat down on a wooden chair except she was facing the chair back rest.

"So Ben how are doing?" she asked and that it when it struck me of what she was doing her.

I sighed, "I know what you're trying to do Jazz and right now I just need a time to myself."

"I know you do, but you need someone to talk to." Said Jazz, "I know how you feel, we all did especially Danny. We all did, but we all faced facts that Dani is gone."

"Well that's because you weren't the one about to save her." I replied. Jazz was about to say something, but I obstructed, "You didn't see what she felt. I could see her face and she was scared, she was frightened and she saw me as her chance to save her when I ran closer, but when that tank timer reached boiling point she just accepted her fate." By now tears were going through my cheeks as I meant every word and stood up from my bed, "I did my best, but I knew I could do better but I just let her die!" I was so angry at myself as everything I felt of my failure poured out that I punched the nearest wall close to me and wasn't taken back when I saw that I had made cracks in the process without any pain from my knuckles.

I felt someone tap my shoulder and I turned to see Jazz standing behind me. She had a caring face and it read that she understand what I felt.

"I guess we never understood that you suffered a lot than we did when Dani died, but I can assure you that It wasn't your fault, even if you were an alien while trying to save Dani you are still human and that makes all the difference. As a human we have great strength, mind and spirit that we use in everyday lives, but we also have a point where we can't do everything. Just remember what you have successfully achieved like when you had saved her multiple times and including beating Dan." Jazz comforted me and walked to the door, but I called her.

I glanced at her, "Thanks Jazz for everything. I'm feeling better, but can you do me a favour?"

"Sure, what is it?"Jazz asked with a smile.

"Can I see Dani's grave?"

Ghost Zone: Clockwork Castle

In the home of Clockwork, the time master floated above two other ghosts with an eye ball for heads and dressed in a strange garment.

"You have failed, Clockwork." Said one of the ghosts.

"You had the chance to wipe Nefarius clean out of existence, but now he has the reality gauntlet." Continued the other one.

"What do have to say for yourself, Clockwork?" Asked the first ghost.

Clockwork neither answered nor the expression on his face changed. He knew that it would be a waste explaining to his bosses the Observants about his actions. He and the Observants heard what sounded like someone arriving in transportation and they glanced at a blinding light that came from a dark corner before it died down.

Observant 1 glared at Clockwork, "Who have you brought this time Clockwork?"

"An old friend." Clockwork said as he glanced to the direction of the former blinding light to see a man wearing a lab coat, goggles on his head and wore khaki pant.

"Hello old friend." Greeted the man with a British accent.

Ben's POV: Construction on New Amity City

After I asked Jazz if I could see Dani's grave she had told her family and Sam and Tucker and they agreed. Tucker got us to travel to Amity Park which I had heard was being constructed so it will be called New Amity City. We arrived at an airport that was close to Amity Park and from there drove to Amity Park.

When we got there, Danny's parents had decided to check out the construction on they're new home while Danny, Sam, Tucker and Jazz escorted me to Dani's grave. We walked to what appeared to be the park that was already done it wasn't long until I saw a gold statue of what looked like Dani in her phantom form and had her hands on her hips. As I gazed up to the statue I felt tears forming so I bent my head low to hide it. I heard Jazz whisper to my ear,"take the time you need we'll be close by if you need us" and they left.

I walked closer to her grave and in stone writing on the brim stone that stood close to her grave wrote, 'To a great hero and sister, daughter and friend, we will miss you." I stood there for a moment and gazed at her statue, but heard someone talk.

"It's really sad that she's dead isn't it." I turned behind me and standing there was a man in a lab coat, goggles on his forehead and khaki pants.

"Who are you?!" I asked angrily as I got to a ready stance to slam the watch if needed.

The man didn't answer, but brought out a sachet of gumballs and presented it to me, "Want some gumballs, I find it relaxing." I was total creep out by the man. I thought that whether he was a crazy and it encouraged me to not drop my guide.

"You haven't answered my question!" I yelled. My voice may have alerted Danny and the others because I heard them run towards me and stand by my side to know what's going on. It took them sometime to understand who I was referring to and they glared angrily at him.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Danny asked, but the man only chewed a couple of his gumballs. Danny got angry and glared at him, ''you better answer or I'll..."

The man interrupted,"Go ghost." I and the rest of team phantom was surprise that the man knew what Danny was going to say. He looked at us and smiled, "Or am I right Daniel Fenton aka Danny Phantom."

Sam walked to the front of us, "look we don't have any time for this. You better answer me this, are you a villain?"

The man laughed, "Actually I'm not, but on the contrary I'm here to help and Ben should know that or should I say suppose to know." What he said got me confused, first off he said I should know or I'm supposed to know and secondly he looks familiar.

"Do I know you?" I asked.

"Of course Ben. We've met before in the future and or should I say alternate future, just try and remember." Said the man, he then threw me packet of gumballs, "Or you can eat one of my gumballs to refresh your memories"

I caught the gumballs and glanced at them and glanced at my friends to check if they were okay if I should take. Sam, Tucker and Danny nodded no, but Jazz nodded yes. I knew she was not forcing me, but letting me to choose on my own decision, so I made my decision and took two gumballs and ate them. As I ate them, I felt zone out and fell to the ground and I could see images of myself meeting an older version of Kevin, Gwen and Ben and then helping them fight some guy called Aggregor and finally stopped with the guy we just met explaining that the event will only seem as a dream to me. I finally zone back to reality and my friends were gathered around me and helped me to stand.

"What did you do to Ben?" Sam glared angrily at him.

"I just helped refresh his memory." Replied the man with a smirk on his face. I thought of the images and now knew who he was, but I never did get his name.

"I remember now." I said which seem to shock my friends a bit, "You're some kind of Time master."

"Correct Ben." The man replied.

"But I never got your name. What was it anyway?"

"Since you asked nicely, but I don't remember, but your cousin from the future called me Professor Paradox, so you may call me that."

"But are you a time master like Clockwork?" Danny asked.

A voice that I hadn't heard since the battle against Dan's duplicate said, "That is correct Daniel." I was shocked to see a clock hand appeared and zoomed to 12 0'clock and a middle aged ghost in a long purple with a staff in his hand stood in it's place.

"And we have a problem." added the Ghost that I guessed was Clockwork changed to an old man.

"What kind of problem?" asked Danny.

Both Professor Paradox and Clockwork glanced at each other probably thinking if they should tell us whatever it was.

Paradox was the one to speak,"It would seem that our universes and many more are in great Danger."

Clockwork continued, "The villain you know as Nefarius has gained the Reality gauntlet of which Daniel thought was destroyed."

"But I did destroy it. I saw to go to little pieces." Danny Interrupted.

Paradox spoke for Clockwork, "You did destroy it, but it only seems that way, but Nefarius has them and will do unspeakable things to many dimensions."

"But we do have one opportunity of hope." Clockwork continued.

"Yeah and what is that?" asked Tucker.

Clockwork pointed at me and changed to a baby form, "Ben Tennyson."

I was taken back about what they just said, there was no way that it was me after losing Dani I was not fitted to battle Nefarius.

"It can't be me. I couldn't even save Dani; you must chosen the wrong person." I protested.

"We never chose you Benjamin, but carried out our orders from higher beings" Said Clockwork as he changed to a middle aged man,

Paradox explained, "You see Ben it had previously been planned for your 16 year old self to handle this, but unfortunately Nefarius got to know and attacked that version of yourself thereby leading to untold consequences."

Clockwork changed to an old man, "So as a last result the higher Dimensional council chose that we should start small of you age. One that isn't too cocky of his actions and one who would do what it takes no matter and that my dear boy was you."

"And in the process we changed your timeline by making it so you still had the Omnitrix by the age of thirteen and also letting Charmcaster for to attack you and your cousin knowing fully well that you'll jump to action rather than listening and that lead to your depression and run away and accidentally jumping to the portal we prepared." Paradox explained, "And from then on Clockwork took over and helped you in little ways he could while not alerting his employers, the Observants."

"And how were you able to help without us knowing?" Jazz asked. We were all endured by how all this happened and I was the one fascinated by it.

"It was simple." Clockwork explained, "I had Timothy watch the battle of Benjamin and the entire ghost zone and at the same time trying to protect Danielle and Daniel. Then I had Danielle fall into a deep trance and watch a future where Nefarius had destroyed the world and also gave her additional power when she and the boys were fighting the eliminators. And from there I limited to only sending out encouraging voices such as when Ben was fighting Dan's duplicate."

"I just want to know, who are these higher Dimensional council you're talking about?" asked Tucker.

"As far as I can say they are a group of higher powerful leaders that had come together to put up the laws of all dimensions." Paradox explained, "they choose what is to be and when it should happen and it's only few people that knows of they existence."

"And now it's been threaten by Nefarius actions." Clockwork added.

"If these guys are so powerful why they can't just deal with Nefarius and what is Nefarius aim anyway?" asked Danny.

"Just because they are powerful that doesn't mean they can abuse it." Paradox explained, "they also have they own rules just as we have ours."

Clockwork changed to a baby form, "And beside we have more urgent matters, as Nefarius goes through each Dimension he will try to obtain they most powerful items or gain powerful enemies trust and believe it or not that I say that if Nefarius achieves his goals the whole entire Dimensional cycle will be doomed."

By what Clockwork said got me worried, sure it was fine to find out that my entire trip here was planned, but now I had a big burden on my shoulder than when I let Dani go. I still don't get why I was chosen.

"And I'm the one to save them?!" I yelled, "If you are so all knowing then you would have known that I let someone I love to be killed!" by this point tears were pouring down my cheeks, I turned to my friends and I could see that they were taken back at my outburst, so I turned back to the two time walker, "and beside I won't do it, so you better tell those dimensional council of yours that I aren't going and I'll be heading back to my home and my dimension so you should probably look for someone to take that job."

I glanced mostly on Paradox face and he had the smile of his face of when we first met him. I don't know why but I knew he had something planned.

"If you say so Ben then we'll be on our way." Paradox and Clockwork began to walk away, but Paradox looked back ay us, "I'll think you'll consider if you know that Danielle is alive." When he said that I thought he was bluffing, but he seem not to be the guy to do that all the time. I tried shouting out, but he and Clockwork were gone in a flash of blinding light.

"Did he just say..." Danny said shocked of what Paradox had said.

"That.." Sam added.

"Dani..." Jazz added.

"Is..." Tucker added.

"Alive." I added the last word. I thought it could be unbelievable that Dani is alive, but it can be true and I was sure the rest of team Phantom knew and I knew only one way to get to have more information about Danielle being alive I will have to do what I was chosen to do.

Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz and I immediately left the park after all the explanation that had been told to us I found hard my mind thinking over the possibilities that Dani is really alive, but it couldn't add up, but then I thought of what I had gone and those hadn't made any sense.

We later found Danny's parents and flew back to Dimmsdale the next day. On the flight to Dimmsdale and the drive back to the Fenton's home, everyone except Danny's parents were silent all through the entire trip and I thought of what I should do next. I was given the chance of helping an entire dimension from Nefarius and then I thought of if I failed. It was a question that was boiling inside me and I kept asking myself the same question of if I should go for the mission or not.

Finally we arrived at Dimmsdale and all went to the Fenton's home and I ran to my room to think things through.

Danny's POV

Sam, Tucker and I went to the Dimmsdale Nasty Burger and on the way thinking of what had happened yesterday in Amity Park. Suddenly we felt the breeze pick up pace and the sound of a helicopter ringing through our ears, so we looked up and saw a white helicopter landing on the streets which was a few meters from us. We glanced at the helicopter and it had the initials G.I.W which made me groan angrily.

We saw a man in white come off the driver's seat and open the rear door and stepping out was the boss of the GIW, Madame White. She glanced at us and a smile smirk appeared on her face and walked towards us or at least she tried to but was obstructed by Sam.

"What are you doing here?!" Sam yelled angrily, "there's no ghost activity here so leave!" I knew why Sam was angry mostly because I had told her about the deal that Madame White had made me agree on so Dani will be safe, but I guess it was broken when she died or that is what she thought.

"I don't time for this Mrs. Manson, we need Danny's help." Said Madame White.

I read Madame White face and it looked like she needed help no matter how much she hide it.

"I'll speak to you." I grinned, "If the deal we made is dropped forever."

After a few seconds of hesitations she agreed. She then dugged into her trench coat and brought out a file that was stamped classified.

"What is in it?" Tucker asked.

Madame White grinned and gave it to Sam, "Find out yourself." She then walked back to her helicopter and it flew off and the wind came down. After a few seconds of silent we opened the top secret file and read what was on it.


After an hour of thinking over what Paradox and Clockwork said I made my decision. I heard a knocked and I allowed whoever it was and the opened to be Jazz.

"Hey Ben Danny wants to see you, but if your too busy I could just cover for you." Jazz closed and she heard her footsteps fade. I sighed over what Danny would want me for now. So I got off the Bed and headed to the living room where I came I saw the rest of team Phantom, Danny's parents and Timmy and his fairies. Danny's dad was seating on one couch with his wife seating at the arm rest, Valerie, Tucker, Jazz and Sam were sitting on a longer one and Timmy was standing and his fairies floating in the air.

Danny turned to me and gestured I take a seat, but I nodded. He then began to speak.

"Some of you are wondering why I called you all here, but I must tell you its no joking matter." Danny then brought out a file with the stamped words 'classified' and presents it to the air for all of us to see, "An hour ago Madame White met with us and gave us this classified file, first we thought it was nothing, but when we looked in it was horrifying. According to the report it says that the crown of rage and the ring of fire that we had given to the Guys in white was stolen and in the course of getting it many of the guys in white officials were killed." At this point we all gasped, I didn't really knew where the ring of rage and the crown of fire were after the battle with Dan and I never bothered to asked, but hearing that it was stolen again only one name came to mind 'Nefarius'.

"Do you think it's Nefarius that did it?" I asked.

"I think it is." Danny replied, "But the question is why?"

Before anyone could answer they was a moment of a blinding light. We all glanced at where the light came from and standing in it was place was Paradox.

"I do believe I can answer that." Paradox said.

Some of us who didn't know him got into battle stances and I even saw Danny's parents bring out they ghost weapons.

"GHOST!" they both shouted.

Paradox laughed, "Believe me I'm no ghost, but actually here to help, right Danny?" We all turned to Danny and he gestured his hands for them to calm down.

"Thank you, now you know Nefarius as just a villain who tried to kill you all, but really he has true motives." Paradox explained, "He plans on going through dimensions and collecting more dimensional powerful items and absorb them. As he does this he will gain more powerful allies that will eventually be his army to Multi-Dimensional takeover." I saw him glance at me, "But young Ben here is chosen to stop Nefarius and his evil plots."

Sam glared at Paradox angrily, "You don't have the rights to keep doing this. First you keep coming here and keep putting pressure on Ben and second you tell us a lie that Dani is alive."

"Actually she is alive." Paradox said, "What you saw and heard was the reborn of Danielle, but if nothing is done then the Danielle you know and love will be dead."

"Then we'll go save her." Timmy said.

"No" I said, "No one is going because I've made my decision, Paradox-" he glanced at me, "I accept."

Two Hours later

After all that had happened, I had accepted been chosen to stop Nefarius rain of terror once and for all. I took it as a chance to get my revenge on what he had done and stopping him once and for all. I may not know what to do, but I'm sure that I will find a way.

Before Paradox disappeared, he told me to get packing of other personal things and also Fentonworks gears. I had asked why, but he just smirked at me and said he will arrive in two hours. So right now I was packing some stuff that I had gotten while in Dimmsdale such as clothes, shoes, pants and things that I was reminded of into a magical brown satchel that Timmy had wished up for me, he told me that the bag had an unlimited space so I can pack any other stuff I might get. I lastly grabbed an album that had all the pictures of all the fun things I did with Danny, Sam, Tucker, Timmy and most importantly Dani. With that set I walked out of my former room and headed downstairs where I saw everyone waiting for me at the front door.

"So your finally leaving." Said Timmy sadly, "and going from one dimension to another and kicking villains butts." Then his face brighten up, "that is totally awesome! You better come back okay, so I can hear of your adventures"

"I will Timmy." I snickered.

Danny came walked to my side, "I guess this means we'll never see each other, but I want you to know that you shouldn't be afraid no matter what obstacles that comes before you. We miss you buddy"

"Thanks." I replied and faced everyone, "Don't worry I'll rescue Dani and kick Nefarius butt. I PROMISE!"

After a few more good byes, a white bright portal opened up right in front of us and Paradox stepped out.

"I assure you all that all will be fine, but that is if Ben can hid this warning." I listened to what Paradox was to say, "By during this your future is now alternate timeline. Nefarius will be aware of your every action, he will try using all sought of distractions and tricks to elude you from stopping his plans, but there is also good news. As you go through the dimensions you will meet other heroes some that are even more powerful than you can imagine and powerful than you, but remember that you can't do it alone, so you'll need they help and when this adventure begins you'll know what to do." With that said he disappeared in a blinding flash of light.

I turned to the people who had cared for me even if I wasn't part of they family. They had been great and I was entirely grateful for they care and love they had showed me.

"Thanks you guys for everything you have done for me and I won't disappoint you, I promise." I thank them and walked into the portal while waving goodbye to them and them doing the same until I couldn't see them again.

Normal POV: Unknown Dimension

In a city that was a bit 3d from Danny's world is going on with they normal business without noticing a portal open up and the Dimension Destroyer came through.

Inside the ship and sitting on his throne was Nefarius as he was waiting for reports of the dimension he was in. He got up from the throne when he saw the Fright Knight below bowing down to him.

"I have urgent news, master." said the Fright Knight as he presented the ring of rage and the crown of fire to his master, "The good news is that we have obtained the Ring of rage and crown of fire."

"And what is the bad news?" Nefarius asked as he came down his throne and collected the ghostly items from the Fright Knight.

The fright Knight stood up straight and faced his master, "The bad news is that the boy, Ben Tennyson is aware of your motives and is on his way right now to stop you."

"It's about time. I knew the time walker will eventually tell him." Nefarius grinned.

"So what do we do Master?" the fright Knight asked.

"Go tell everyone to get ready for the next course of action." Nefarius commanded and the fright Knight ran off to do his master biding. A screen appeared and an image of Ben in the portal pathway showed, "Try and get me Tennyson. We'll engage in the biggest battle soon enough." He began to laugh sinisterly till the end.

(Line break)

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