A note from the author, okay so I know that I should be working on my other stories…. Because there are like 50 of them. But I fell in love with this pairing so here is a four chapter fic about them. No sequel, just these four chapters. Also, for certain purposes… Sasori is not yet a puppet in my story…. With that being said, here is chapter one.

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Chapter One: shampoo in the eyes

Deidara stumbled out of Tobi's room only really feeling half satisfied. Tobi had fallen asleep before Deidara had reached his climax, and he had to finish off the rest for himself, but he didn't expect much more, with all of the alcohol he had gotten Tobi to drink there was no reason to be surprised.

Tomorrow I can go to Itachi-san… Deidara thought to himself as he walked down the hall. That was how most nights went for him, he would pick an Akatsuki member to get drunk, then he would get them all horny and bring them back to their own rooms. Sometimes the other member wouldn't even really remember the night, but it wasn't rape. He had gotten the okay from everyone to do as he did accept from Hidan… but that just made things more interesting. And each person had their own little quarks, for example Zetzu liked to break apart when screwing, because he wanted a blow, and to…do. And Tobi liked toys, and Itachi wouldn't let you sleep in the room after, and with Hidan Deidara would have to get naked first, or it was a no go. Pein liked it when Deidara road him, and Konan… well… she was a girl, and everything was different. The only member Deidara hadn't had was…

Deidara turned the corner and walked down the hall nearly silently, and opened the door to his bedroom. He walked inside and looked to Sasori who was half asleep on one of the beds, cuddling with an art magazine. Deidara smiled at this, even though he had never slept with Sasori, he knew that Sasori would be his favorite. Deidara had secretly liked Sasori for quite some time, but never had acted on it. He had only ever told Konan, and she said to just give it time and that it would work itself out, so give it time he had. Deidara dropped his robe and pulled off his cum stained shirt.

"Where have you been?" Sasori mumbled, not rolling over or looking up. Deidara smiled, and sat down on his own bed,

"With Tobi, Un."

"…Mm.." Sasori replied. He tossed the magazine onto the floor and rolled over, "You have… uh… nevermind."

"What?" Deidara asked, Sasori rolled his eyes and tossed back his blankets. He stood up, Deidara noted that Sasori was wearing only boxers, and his hair was a mess.

"Cum…. Just, come here, brat." Sasori said, he walked into the bathroom. Deidara stood up, stumbled under the bliss of his alcohol, and walked into the bathroom. "Are you drunk, brat?"

"No, un…" Deidara said as he tripped over the doorway. Sasori rolled his eyes and started the shower,

"You have Tobi all over your face and hair, brat." Sasori said, he checked the water, "Take off your pants, and get in."

"Mmmm." Deidara nodded, he pulled off his pants. "…My boxers are going to get wet." Deidara said, he had to lean on the wall for support, the room was spinning. "un, Oh my gawd…" he muttered, he leaned over the toilet and vomited.

"Uh, Dei." Sasori said, he pulled Deidara's long hair back and waited for him to be done. "Get in the shower don't worry about your shorts, brat, they will dry."

"mmm…" Deidara said, He stepped into the shower and just stood there.

"Dei. Take a shower." Sasori advised. Deidara just stood there, looking dazed, "Dei. Uh, I hate it when you get drunk, you do this." Sasori grunted in annoyance. "I did not sign up for this, Brat." Sasori said, He pushed Deidara under the warm water and pulled out his ponytail. He grabbed the shampoo and poured a glop into Deidara's scalp.

Suddenly Deidara's arm wrapped around him, and Sasori found himself pinned between Deidara and the wall. Deidara giggled and kissed Sasori's cheek.

"Dei…" Sasori gasped. Deidara laughed and leaned against him, with his eyes closed, "Dei, you're getting me all wet, let go."

"I've wanted this for a long time. I've wanted you for a long time." Deidara said, Sasori blushed is he making fun of me? How did he find out I liked him…? Sasori asked himself.

"You're drunk, brat." Sasori whispered, but his mind was still racing. Does Deidara like me back? …he's never slept with me….

"Mmm… Sasori….un…" Deidara muttered. He pinned Sasori back and kissed him hard on the lips, moaning quietly.

"Dei…" Sasori gasped again, Deidara pressed his hand to Sasori's chest, letting his hand's tongue find his nipple. Deidara pressed his tongue into Sasori's mouth, closing any gaps between their bodies. Sasori tentatively put his arms up around Deidara's neck, and let their tongues meet. Deidara took this well and pushed Sasori up the wall, forcing Sasori to wrap his legs around Deidara's waist.

Sasori moaned into Deidara's mouth as he felt Deidara's hard member pressing into him. Deidara slowly moved his hand's mouth down to Sasori's hips, and he gently tucked his fingers into the top of Sasori's boxers. Deidara broke apart for a moment "Danna….?" Deidara breathed, Sasori just nodded and kept trying to kiss him again. Deidara smiled and kissed Sasori again grinding into him as he pulled off Sasori's boxers.

Sasori ran his hands through Deidara's long silky hair, pulling on it here and there. Deidara was moaning and grinding into Sasori, and pushing him further up on the wall. Sasori moaned and tried desperately to get Deidara's boxers off, but Deidara still had to help him, Sasori looked down, Deidara was much larger than he had anticipated. Deidara saw the blush on Sasori's cheeks. "Danna?" Deidara whispered, Sasori looked up into his eyes and smiled before kissing him again.

Deidara let his hand's mouth find Sasori's hard on, he let the tongue play around his tip before shoving his hand's mouth around him. Sasori moaned and bucked in pleasure. I wonder if my danna has any little quarks… Deidara thought.

Sasori dug his nails into Deidara's skin, trying to get a better hold on him. If Deidara was going to keep this up much longer, Sasori was going to cum. "Ah! Deidara…uh…" Sasori moaned, Deidara smiled and kissed him, then took his hand off of him. Sasori looked at him with puppy dog eyes,

"To the bedroom?" Deidara breathed into his ear. Sasori got chills and could only manage to nod, Deidara kissed him again and turned off the water, then gabbed Sasori's hand and brought him out into the room. He laid down on Sasori's bed and reached his arms out for Sasori to get on top.

"Hold on." Sasori said, Deidara crossed his arms behind his head and waited patiently for his danna. Sasori walked over to his dresser and pulled out some handcuffs and a blindfold. He liked to give it rough, and new Deidara wouldn't mind. Sasori walked back over to the bed and saw Deidara relaxed with his eyes closed, he almost wondered if he had passed out.

He carefully reached behind Deidara's head and slipped on the blindfold, Deidara jumped a mile when the cold of the metal touched his skin on the handcuffs. "You fell asleep, brat." Sasori whispered, Deidara smiled weakly at the sound of Sasori's voice. Sasori climbed over him, straddling his hips and kissed him roughly, biting and nipping at his bottom lip. Deidara kissed him back, silently pleading with him to move on. Sasori let his fingertips find Deidara's hand mouth. He pushed his fingertips inside of the mouth, letting the tongue lick around and between his fingers. Deidara was moaning now, Sasori had no idea how much pleasure this was giving him.

"Sasori…" Deidara moaned, Sasori kissed him for a few more minutes, then turned his attention to Deidara's hard on. He moved down on him, keeping his fingers deep inside of his hand's mouth.

Sasori teased Deidara's tip with his tongue, licking around carefully and nipping at him. Deidara was moaning and thrashing every now and then. "Shh…" Sasori whispered. He took Deidara in his mouth, gently running his tongue down from the tip to the base. He did this slowly, driving Deidara crazy, who kept moaning and trashing. "Shh… Dei… you'll wake someone up." Sasori asked, he went back to his member, but Deidara couldn't keep Quiet. This might end badly when we really get going… Sasori Moved back up on Deidara licking from his bellybutton to his neck and then across to his nipple... he did this for a minute while Deidara calmed down. He moved the blindfold from Deidara's eyes and pushed it between Deidara's lips.

"You are very loud, baby." Sasori whispered, He kissed Deidara's neck and nibbled on his ear. "Keep it up and our little game will be over." Deidara's eyes begged him to keep going. Sasori pulled his fingertips out of Deidara's hand's mouth. He knew he would be pretty lubed up from Tobi, not to mention the shower, but just in case Sasori pressed his fingers inside of Deidara,

"Merf!" Deidara moaned loudly and bucked against him. Sasori looked into Deidara's eyes.


"MMM!" Deidara said, he nodded,

"Easy, brat, don't get ahead of yourself. " Sasori urged. He added another finger and hit that spot again, and again. Deidara was bucking and moaning with each hit, slowly Sasori pulled his fingers out. Deidara looked at him sadly, pouting. "Easy there brat…. Easy." Sasori whispered, He sat down behind Deidara and put deidara's legs up on his shoulders.

Sasori moved inside of Deidara hitting that little bundle of nerves over and over again. "MMm…." Deidara moaned, he pushed the fabric out of his mouth, "Daaaaannna…"