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Chapter 4: The Final Chapter/ Zesty Lemon

Deidara slid one hand onto Sasori's throbbing hard on and sucked at his tip, Sasori moaned into Dei's mouth still tugging at his hair. "My little Danna likes it rough…" Deidara whispered as Sasori moved down to his chest. He took Sasori's entire member into his hands mouth now, sucking on it and nipping at him here and there. Sasori was moaning quietly as he kissed Deidara's neck.

"brat." Sasori said, there was a blush on his cheeks and his wet hair was sticking to his face as he tried to take over the situation, and his bomber. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed his handcuffs, he pulled Deidara's hand off of him, and cuffed both his arms to the headboard of the bed. He kissed Deidara roughly and bit his lips Deidara was all the time moaning loudly, even as he was trying to be quiet. "We had this problem last night." Sasori said as he kissed Deidara again. He grabbed the blindfold and used it once again as a gag. He moved down Deidara, stopping at his pants and slowly pulling them off of him. Deidara was begging him with his eyes to move quicker, but Sasori was enjoying torturing him. He tossed Deidara's pants to the floor and kissed him again, he let his hand massage Deidara's hard on through his boxers. He pushed the fabric Gag out of Deidara's mouth with his tongue and kissed his bomber deeply. Deidara moaned and moved his hips, trying to remind Sasori that he was driving him crazy. Sasori smiled against him, but continued to kiss him. "Beg me brat." Sasori whispered,

"Please, Danna." Deidara whispered, he craned his neck up and kissed his lover. Sasori moved down on him again, this time pulling off his boxers.

"Please what, Brat?" He asked, he licked Deidara's tip, And put his fingers up in Deidara's hand's mouth. "there are many things please could mean in this situation…" Sasori said, he licked Deidara's length and sucked on his tip for a second while Deidara's hand lubed up his fingers.

"Please Sasori…" He managed again, but with every word he was gasping in pleasure.

"Please what brat?" Sasori asked in an innocent tone of voice.

"Please take me Danna…." Deidara moaned, Sasori smiled and sat upright,
"I think I can manage that…" He whispered seductively, he pressed his body completely against Deidara's. He Kissed Deidara harshly on the lips again and took his fingers out of his hand. He sat back down behind Deidara and lifted his feet up to his shoulders. Deidara was breathing heavily now, and moaning in anticipation. Sasori slipped the gag back into Deidara's mouth and pressed one finger to his entrance. He pushed one finger in, then two, and slowly moved in and out of him. Deidara was moaning, and his hips were moving in rhythm. Sasori was trying to find the same spot that he had found the night before.
There it was.

"Mmmm Mmmm…" Deidara moaned, Sasori kissed him again and pulled his fingers out,

"Ready, Chan?" He whispered, Deidara nodded and readied himself for the best Sex he'd ever remember.