When I was seven years old, my dad took Lennox and me to the zoo. I was fascinated with Tamarin monkeys, and I had been bugging my dad for weeks to take me to the zoo to see the tiny monkeys with manes like a lion. He finally gave in and took a couple of hours off of work so that we could visit the local zoo. I had been to the zoo a couple of times previously with my class, but not enough to really know my way around. When Lennox had to pee, my dad walked her over to the restrooms. Of course, I could see the monkey house from where I was standing, so my father's very distinct and unmistakable words of "Ryder, don't move" were in the far reaches of my mind at this point. I decided that I could make it there and back again without my dad even knowing I was away, but the monkey house was across from a large pond with a statue of a naked lady squirting water in a regal fashion and ducks floating around in it. I figured it wouldn't be that treacherous of a journey. But as soon as I had made it halfway around the pond, a group of school kids swept by and I got pulled into their large caravan. When I got out of the stream of school kids, the scene had completely changed. There were different animal cages surrounding me, different people, different food vendors. I froze in the middle of the chaos of the zoo, but nothing else did. The world moved around my frozen, six-year old self and I just stood there lost.

I was starting to feel the same emotions as I had felt that day. Except for now, I wasn't hoping my dad was going to find me. He had caused this entire mess, even if he wasn't directly involved. I recognized the men from the moment I saw them standing in my living room. I had seen them at the company picnics and Christmas dinners. They had worked for my dad before he… you know, ruined their lives.

So now I was sitting tied to a chair with a swollen face and blood drying on my shirt waiting for my dad to answer their very public video of me getting beaten.

A day ago I would have been proud of my dad for his perseverance. He didn't give into threats. He made that abundantly clear when he ran his company and when he ran his family. He used to tell me that Scanlon's were not people to be toyed with. They were strong. They were fearless. All he turned out to be though was a coward though.

He wasn't coming for me.

I was sure of it.

He didn't find me at the zoo. Lennox found me at the zoo.

And Lennox was going to find me here.