Knuckles was still on the search for nickles, having ravaged all of Station Square. He ran past the Station Square Pizza Hut, with Vector The Crocodile stepping out to see all the commotion.

"Holy crap!" Vector exclaimed as he tossed his hands on his head. "All of Station Square somehow got wrecked! But how?"

"Nickles... nickles!" Knuckles mumbled as he grabbed Vector, shaking him violently. "I want nickles!"

Vector eyed Knuckles oddly, then he punched Knuckles in the face. "What the hell is up with you, Knux? Shouldn't you be guarding the Master Emerald?"

Knuckles stared blankly at Vector, rubbing the back of his head. "What's a Master Emerald?"

Vector facepalmed as he sighed, shaking his head. "Nevermind. Look, why don't you-" Knuckles then picked Vector up and tossed him to the side, busting into the Pizza Hut. Knuckles laughed crazily as he wrecked the place, snatching all of the nickles as he ran off, cackling with glee. Vector got back up, screaming in horror to see the Pizza Hut in shambles, and his money taken.

"Knuckles The Echidna..." Vector growled as bright green flames appeared in his eyes, shaking both of his fists angrily, "You have messed with the wrong croc! You're gonna be wishing you were finding a compute room when I'm done with you!" Bellowing with rage, Vector ran right after Knuckles, planning to put an end to the echidna's madness.