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7 years ago

The flock never understands me! Ever since we escaped from the School with the help of Jeb, we've been living together in Colorado. But the flock and I had a fight. Fingering the necklace with a pair of silver wings, I wander around the darkened forest hoping that Erasers won't find me. Trying to find some berries on a bush, I hear a faint sound. Erasers! I thought with terror. I started to cry. "Don't hurt me!" I yelled. Instead of Erasers, three kids wandered into the clearing I was stopped in. A boy and two girls. The boy, who had sandy blond and blue eyes, spoke first." Shhh." He spoke softly to calm my tears." We aren't going to hurt you." My tears stopped after the older girl with black hair and electric blue eyes hugged me. Talking to the older boy as the girl about two years older than me stayed quiet." Luke, do you think she's a half-blood?" "I do now, Thalia" He said while pointing to something above my head." Poseidon's symbol." The blond boy, Luke, told me that I was something called a half-blood. Half human and half god. In my case, Poseidon was my father." We live at a place for people like us called, Camp Half-Blood." I smiled shyly. My sea-green eyes looked into each of theirs. I knew I could trust them.

A few months later, while Luke, Thalia, and the other girl who soon after learned her name was Annabeth, a boy named Grover found us in New- York told us he was escorting us to camp. My face paled. I haven't told them yet about my wings and my ability to understand every language I heard. Annabeth, thinking I was afraid of going to the camp, told me that it was all right and that we were going home. I nodded and followed the goat boy, Grover. This is my family now, I thought in my head.

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