After her two week leave, Emily takes a deep breath before walking into the FBI Facility at Quantico. JJ smiles at her.

"You okay?"

Emily smiles and nods. "Never better, Jen. It feels good to be back."

"It's good to have you back. I will warn you, I think Garcia might have something planned."

Emily chuckles evilly. "Then how about you go up first and tell her I'm not coming back until Monday."

JJ laughs and swats Emily's arm. "You're a sick and twisted woman, Emily Prentiss. And I love you for it."

Since they were getting in early, Emily is able to avoid whatever it is Garcia has planned at least for a little while. She sits down at her desk, noting the small stack of files JJ had told her would be waiting for her. She opens the first: a deadly home invasion. The police are sure they know who did it they just need help proving it. She slowly shakes her head.

"And Doc thinks I'm okay that I'm happy to be back to this? Maybe she's as warped as I am."

"You know, talking to yourself can be a sign of insanity," Reid states as he walks past her to his desk.

She smiles at him. "Or it could be genius. Which do you think?"

He smiles. "Well, let's see, you're independently wealthy, have a beautiful wife you could make a kept woman, a handsome son you could home school around the world, and yet you're reading a file filled with murder and mayhem. I believe that would be insanity."

Emily laughs at the diagnosis. "Hmm…you may be right."

He sits down, pleased to be seeing his friend across the desk. "I'm really happy you're back, Emily. It wouldn't be the same without you."

She nods. "Thanks, Spence."

By 9 a.m. Emily has been welcomed back by everyone…except Straus. And the profiler is not holding her breath for that one. She is on her second case file of the day when JJ marches into the bullpen.

"Guys. Conference room. We have a case."

Emily's stomach trips. Was she really ready? She watches as Morgan and Reid grab their notepads. She sees Rossi waiting for Hotch and the two of them moving towards the BAU room together. She sees JJ and Garcia already getting things ready for the presentation. Morgan looks over at her.

"Hey, Prentiss, you do remember where the conference room is, right?"

Emily smiles and stands. "Yeah. Yeah I do, Morgan. Be right there"

She gathers her things and heads into the room. As she studies the people sitting around the table she smiles.

Yes, this is where she is meant to be.