I extracted 3 vials from Aly and carefully put them in one of the small pouches from my med pack. I was surprised when Aly didn't wake or even shift in her sleep when I had poked the needle in her arm. James held her in his lap with one arm securely around her waist the other laying on his side. I drove towards the base and looked in the rearview mirror and saw that James, too, had fallen asleep and Aly was still in his lap sound asleep. I looked back down at the pouch containing what I knew was nowhere near enough blood to create the cure to this epidemic.

I finally approached the gates which were still completely intact and there were even a group of armed guards on duty.

"Sorry, miss you're going to have to turn back around. No unauthorized personnel." The guard stated.

"Soldier, I am a field medic from McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita. I have a few survivors and one that is especially important. I suggest you clear me immediately." I tell him raising an eyebrow.

"In case you didn't hear McConnell has been attacked. And I just said no unauthorized personnel." He stated a little more loudly.

"Call the head medic that you have on staff. That's an order." I growl. He huffs and retreats back into his guardhouse picking up the phone. About five minutes later he emerges and raises the bar that was keeping me out. I proceed towards the medical center and when I finally pull up outside of the building I am met by Dr. Joseph Crandel and a small team of doctors and nurses.

"Major Aarons, I assume this is as extremely important as you made that guard sound like it was, because in case you haven't noticed we are in the middle of-"

"I have your cure." I say cutting him off.

"Get out of the car and step aside with me." He says taking a few steps away from the car. I get out and walk over to where he now stands.

"Did you say you have my cure?" he asks.

"Yes, sir. I have a girl in there who was in the lab trials back in Wichita yesterday. She has the triangle shaped entry marking." I say. He quickly looks at the car and takes a few steps back over to it peering in.

"You're sure that she is carrying it?" He asks me.

"I am pretty positive. But Sergeant Doyle in there is extremely protective of the girl. He is only willing to give you three vials of her blood." I say.

"That is certainly not enough! We will need at least a pint if not more!" He says.

"I know, and what I'm trying to say is that, you won't be able to get anywhere near her unless you sedate Doyle and the others as well as a precaution." I say. He listens and nods slowly before signaling for one of the nurses over to us. He tells her to go get some rounds of sedations for the others and then turns to face me. "If you are right about her being the one carrying the cure, you realize what this means right?" He asked me.

"Absolutely sir, it means an end to this nightmare." I reply as the nurse returns with the syringes. He administers a dose to each person before getting to Doyle.

XXXX- Doyle

The last thing I remember is falling asleep holding Aly thinking how glad I was that she was finally enjoying a peaceful sleep before I too gave into the sleep that had been tugging at my eyes.

I don't know how long I had been asleep but I suddenly felt a small pinch in my neck. I open my eyes and whip my head around to see an unfamiliar man in a white lab coat pulling an empty syringe away. Behind him I saw Kayla watching him hand the syringe to a small woman and take another one. Two men removed Maria, Lucas, Hank, and Mr. Green and put them on gurneys and roll them into the building in front of us. Another man folded the middle seats down and the doctor moved toward me and Aly, who was still asleep.

"Get the hell away from her." I growl at him. I drop Aly in between me and the seats so I can shield her from him. I push the doctor away and he falls backward. I shoot a glare at Kayla.

"What the fuck, Aarons? You knew our agreement." I yell.

"I'm sorry, James. But three vials can't do anything in these labs. Plus, we're the good guys. I promise." She said.

"Funny thing is I don't believe you." I mumble feeling weak. I feel Aly moving. I look down and see her waking up, her eyes shining an impossibly blue.

"What's going on?" She asks sitting up.

"Aly, listen to me. You need to run and get away from here. Kayla brought us to a lab. I'm so sorry." I say putting a hand to her cheek and leaning down so our foreheads touch.

"What?" She cries. I feel hands grab my arms and begin to pull me out. Aly grabs my hand and screams. Another pair of arms grabs her by her waist and pulls her out of the vehicle as the doctor sedates her. After a few minutes of struggling she begins to fall limp. I am strapped down onto a gurney and I look over to see a soldier carrying her into the building. Her eyes meet mine once more and all I can see is fear.


I felt so betrayed. I thought Kayla was on or side. But now that I'm sedated and strapped to another examination table I know that I have to be careful with who I can trust. I could hear the doctors in the room to my left discussing possible methods of finishing the cure and then distribution. I could also hear the others in the room on my right, from the air vents. I wanted to be able to talk so I could ask them what they've seen or heard if anything at all. But the doctors made sure my sedative was extra strong so I couldn't struggle. Breathing was hard so talking was impossible. I couldn't move any part of my body besides my eyelids.

After countless minutes of waiting a few people finally entered the room. I heard the sudden silence from the room containing James and the others.

"What is her name, Major Aarons?" the main doctor asked.

"Alysonn. I never got a last name." she replied.

"Age?" he asked.

"I would guess no older than 20 maybe 21." She again replied.

"I am thinking she is the daughter of the famous scientist Daryl Rivers. He constantly tested on her. But we need to have Dr. Lyons come in to confirm." He said nodding to a soldier outside the glass wall. A few moments later a familiar tall blonde man in a lab coat walks through the door and immediately stops in his tracks.

"Aly?" He asks looking at me.

"You know her? Is she not the daughter of Dr. Rivers?" the main doctor asks.

"Yes, why is she here and not with her family on the island safe?" Dr. Lyons asks taking a few steps towards me.

"Because she is currently carrying the cure for this infection." He replies. I open my mouth and to try to speak but I am only met with shortness of breath.

"Why is she not breathing properly?" Lyons demands.

"It is just the sedative we gave her. It is a precaution so she won't hurt herself." He says not looking up from his clipboard.

"Nurse, we need to hurry and extract a sample of blood from the area where the cure was administered, before the sedative wears off completely, seeing as she is starting to move her fingers." He said looking at my slightly moving fingers.

"How strong was the sedative?" Lyons asked.

"Enough to knock her out for a few hours, long enough for us to find out she is carrying the cure." Kayla said walking over to me.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I scream at her. She jumps back at my sudden outburst and backs away.

"Miss Rivers there is nothing to be afraid of. We just want to end this problem in our lives." The doctor says walking over to the table I'm strapped to.

"Bullshit! I've grown up around people like you and it's always some experiment they test out on me. Go fuck yourself." I sneer at him. I quickly regain feeling in my arms and legs and begin to tug at the leather restraints holding my arms and legs down to the table.

"Damn it where is that nurse?" the doctor curses as she walks through the door with the needles and vials.

"Well now we need Derek and Jillian in here to hold her down. And run this time! She will only get stronger." He said through gritted teeth while he and the others were pushing me back down.

"James!" I scream as loud as possible while still struggling against the four soon to be seven people holding me down. A few moments later the nurse and a man and a woman walk into the room and take over for the doctor and attempt to hold me still and keep my arm clear while he preps the needles and vials.

When he is ready they move aside for him and I yank my arms free of their grasps breaking the leather straps. I manage to punch the small timid nurse in the nose and knock the needles and vials out of the doctors' hands. They all scramble to contain me and one man accidently loosens my right ankle strap and I pull my right leg free kicking several people in their faces and abdomens and reach down quickly freeing my other leg. I jump off the table and over to the other side of the portable trays and push them all over sending equipment scattering across the white tiled floor. I grab a scaffold and stab it into a soldier's leg and quickly yank it out. A strong hand grabs my arm and I swing around shoving the knife into his neck hitting his jugular vein. The ground was soon covered in blood and so was I. I swiped the soldier's ID access card and closed the heavy door hitting the outside lock button containing the doctors, nurses, soldiers, and Major Aarons inside. I took one last look at their faces before moving next door to see everyone gathered around the air vent listening. I swiped the access card opening their room surprising them. James runs over to me and pulls me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry, Aly. I should never have fallen asleep." He said into my neck. I pulled away and looked at him in his eyes.

"It's okay. I didn't even think Kayla would have done that." I said back. He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss.

"Okay let's get out of here. That door won't hold them for very long at all." I said taking his hand and signaling for the others to follow. We walk back by the room with them in it and wave before leaving. As we pass a bunk room I go in and change out of the hospital gown, thankfully they left my bra and underwear on, and change into a pair of green cargo pants and a black v-neck that was lying on a bunk. I pull on a pair of combat boots and grab a gun that was carelessly left on the desk and join the others in the hall.

"Ready?" James asks me. I nod my head and lead the way out the doors towards the last place where I saw the jeep.