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Hide and Seek

Kurt was fighting to keep the tears from falling. He was currently sitting in the choir room at Glee practice, but this wasn't any ordinary Glee practice.

For starters, since Blaine found out about the texting marathon he shared with Chandler, Blaine has been avoiding him for the whole day, and now, sitting in the choir room, and his lover is singing a break up song to him. In front of everyone.

As the song came to an end, Kurt stood up and left the choir room, deciding to let the tears fall when he was sure no one could see them. He left his bag in the choir room, but had his phone in his trouser pocket.

Kurt walked straight through the crowd of students, hurrying to their locker to make it to their lesson before the first bell. Kurt didn't care right now, he had to fix his face, then put up his pokerface next time he sees's Blaine, or even the New Directions. He keeps walking, until he enters the toilets on the other side of the building.

He felt like he was walking in a trance, but it was clearing his head a bit so he couldn't complain. Thankfully, no one was in the toilets. He never really goes into the boys toilets, they always have the toilet sinks full of monstrous things, and toilet paper all over the floor, not to mention the smell.

Kurt went into a stool, flipped the toilet lid down, grabbed a tissue and cleaned the top of the lid. Cleaning does help him clear his head. He then plops himself down on the lid and begins to cry. Was Blaine singing that song to break up with him? Surely not? But why was he singing it in front of the Glee Club? Was it to embarrass me and to show the world I was an awful boyfriend? Kurt had so many questions he wanted, no, he needed answering. But not right now, Blaine can't stand the sight of me, and now he has all the New Directions on his side.

The final warning bell rang, Kurt ignored it. He remembered he left his bag in the choir room, so he wouldn't have any of his stuff, and he wouldn't be able to concentrate anyway with everything going on inside his head. Kurt hoped someone picked up his bag for him, because one, it was an expensive buy, and two someone might steal his money and iPod and dump the rest of the contents in the dumpster, or burn it like the jocks did in Freshman year.

Kurt continued to cry, but he eventually stopped when he heard some popping noises coming from the hallway outside the toilets. The noise sounded like firecrackers.


The banging noises were getting closer and closer, Kurt was only concentrating on the banging noise that he didn't hear the screams of terror over the popping noise.

Or was it…no, it couldn't be? Could it?


The noise came right outside the door, there was the loud thudding of feet trying to run away.

Kurt heard the door to the bathroom be kicked open. Kurt stifled a scream in shock. He immediately looked to see if he locked the door. Yes, good. He then lifted his feet up off the floor and onto the lid, in case the intruder bent down and saw his feet.

Kurt had to cover his mouth in order to stop himself from crying out.

"I know someone's in here…" The voice said.

He could recognise the voice from somewhere, but couldn't think where…

While Kurt was lost in his thoughts, the door to the toilet stall was kicked open. Kurt screamed in shock. The gunman was wearing a mask to hide his face, and was wearing all black. He was wearing a backpack over his back, filled with more guns and bullets most likely.

The gunman looked at Kurt and smiled. Kurt had his arms wrapped around his legs, trying to make himself look really small, he had gone very pale, and had fresh tears glistening in his eyes.

"Well, well, I caught the fairy. Let's see if you can really fly and fly to heaven…or hell" The gunman laughed, Kurt's breathe hitched. The gunman raised his gun to Kurt.

"No, please! Please don't do this please-"


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