This isn't a chapter its an Authors Note.

So last night/this morning, I woke up to some amazing reviews on this story so thanks again.

However, I woke up to one not so nice review, saying the story was terrible and insensitive and I should take this story down.

I would just like to say a few things to that person:

1. There were warnings, so you didn't have to read it

2. Everyone wanted me to do this fic

3. There were only 2-4 chapters on the actual shooting, the rest was the recovery. So what's the problem?

4. If you don't like it, why were you reading it in the first place?

I won't lie to you guys that comment did make me really upset and it did bring my confidence in writing down a bit.

Which is why I decided if I receive anymore anonymous reviews from people hating me and my stories, I will delete fanfiction.

Sorry for the A/N but thought I should let you all know.

PS. If anyone DOES have a problem with my stories, private message me, don't post it on my story for everyone to read.


Thanks again,