I was in our lab working on the founding's from the dig with Sam when suddenly we heard on the computer

"This is Dr. Carmack, Classified Research, Olduvai, ID 6627, We've had a Level 5 breach. Implement quarantine procedures immediately. Implement quarantine procedures now!"

I turned to Sam alarmed "what do you think happened?" I asked worried and

Before she got the chance to answer our boss came in

"Anne, Sam I'm here to inform you that both of you will join the RRTS And retrieve research data they should be arriving in a few hours." "Yes sir" we both answered and he left.

"do you thing he will be with them?" I asked Sam "I don't know Anne will just wait and see" she answered "yeah You're right" I replayed and picked up empty discs for the research data.

We sat and waited for the RRTS to arrive. I couldn't help but to think about John I haven't seen him in ten years Sam me and him were inseparable when we were little and both our parent's died in that dig site until Sam and I decided to become forensic archeologists and he didn't we lost touch after that.

After a few hours of waiting we were informed they arrived and went to meet them we were walking towards them I was walking before Sam when a man dreads in uniform appeared before me while walking "Were under a level five quarantine, so I'm just gonna have to stripā€¦" he didn't get a chance to finish because he was cut off by one of the other solder's "Portman!" we stood in front of them.

"Sargeant, this is Dr. Anne Black and Dr. Samantha Grimm, the UAC science officer's assigned to retrieve data from the lab." Nick said. "Sargeant" I said "Dr. Grimm, Dr. Black" the sargeant said "Hello john" I said to him "Hello Anne, Samantha" he answered with a nod.

I saw one of them saying something and john and the other one glared at him.

"Sarge, this operation is a code red. We really don't have room for passengers" john said smugly I couldn't help but to get annoyed I could see that Sam was annoyed as well

"Excuse me, but I have orders to retrieve data from three servers: Anthropology, Forensic Archeology, and Genetics" I said to him annoyed from his behavior but he wasn't finished yet "This is a military operation, Doctor. We're really not here to Retrieve your science homework" I finally snapped "I got an idea Why don't you ask Your CO what your orders are?" and he turned to look at sarge as well as the others "To contain and neutralize the threat, protect the civilians, and retrieveā€¦.. Retrieve UAC property" Serge said. "Are we done here? Because we've got a job to do" I said and started walking ahead with Sam beside me "If you'll follow me" I said and they started to follow us "Nice handling with john, you took the word's right out of my mouth" she said while laughing "thank you, it was fun" I answered laughing. "There's three sections to Carmack's lab complex" Sarge said. I nodded and answered

"Archeology, Genetics, and Weapons Research" "You test weapons up here?" Sarge asked "Well, it's a dead planet you want that stuff tested here, where it's safe, or in your own backyard?" Sam asked. "We're primarily an archeological operation. Weapons Research is in its own separate facility. It has nothing to do with our work" I continued. "How many people inside when the lab just down?" sarge asked. "Only Dr. Carmack's team, six people" I answered.

"In one of the carbon dating labs, there was an internal phone left off the hook" I stated "Did you get any information from it?" Sarge asked. I looked at the man who was holding the recorder and nodded to him and he started the record and voices of screaming were heard "Open the door" Sarge said I turned and pressed the code and passed the card and the door opened "Portman, Goat, lead on" Serge said and the two of them went inside the airlock chamber. "Magnesium, chromium, lead. It's all normal" Portman said. "All clear" Goat said. And all of us went inside the chamber.

"Pinky, give us a schematic" Sarge said I turned and locked the door

"Uploading to you now," Pinky said. "Carmack's lab is isolated from the rest of the facility. The airlock is the only way in or out." Sarge nodded in understanding and turned around to his men to give out the orders. "Goat, Portman: Genetics" he said to the two men who nodded. "Kid, Destroyer: Carmack's office, where he sent the mayday from." The other men nodded. "Reaper, keep Dr. Black and Dr. Grimm here safe on their salvage op." Sam and I froze and looked at each other this was definitely unaccepted but we didn't let it show it was weird enough

"Duke and I'll take the weapons lab make sure all the hardware's secure. Be safe, gentlemen. Portman, Goat, on you." Sarge said "It's on" Goat said and all of them went to were they were told.

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