Sam started downloading the data and I stood next to her watching "One dead scientist is missing" Kid said Sarge turned to John and said "Now!" and turned to leave John was standing next to and looked at Sarge In disbelief "You just want to leave them here?" he asked clearly shocked "They've got a job to do" Sarge stated and loaded his gun and waited to John he turned to look at me and Sam "Look" he started "This is Portman's comm You call if you need help, okay?" he asked we both nodded understanding "You gonna be all right?" he asked Sam who nodded and then turned to me "You too?" he asked "I'll be fine" I answered him "We both will" I finished "Okay, I'll see you soon" he told and turned to leave but then he turned back again and stood right in front of me "John what…" But he cut me off with kissing me at first I was shocked but then kissed back and than he but his forehead against mine and sight "You have no idea how long I wanted to do that" I couldn't help but laugh "You should go before Serge will kill you Romeo" I told him laughing he laughed to "Be careful" I told him he nodded and went with sarge.

When I turned around I saw Sam looking at me with a goofy smile "What?" I asked blushing she only laughed "Took him long enough" she stated and turned back to the computer while she didn't do it I stared thinking about the creatures and saw what he shot at me and Duke still laying there I put on my gloved and picked up tweezers to lift it I put it on the table and observe it, you cold see that it was clearly a long tongue I started thinking why did the creature bit Goat but killed Destroyer, why Carmack and not Thurman after a long thinking I came to a theory it was choosing somehow who to infect but based on what? After I while I came to a theory that it was choosing based on the mind so I went and took brain matter from Portman and Goat Sam noticed me walking and turned to look at what I was doing "What are you doing?" she asked me confused "I have a theory, I'm checking it out" I stated and took the second brain matter from Destroyer and took two cotton ball's Sam stood in front of me looking at what I was doing I first poured Portman's brain matter on the cotton ball and passed on the tongue and the tongue jerked hissing Sam and both jumped startled "Holy shit!" Sam cursed I put away the cotton ball and the tongue became normal again I took Destroyed brain matter and purred it too on the second cotton ball and passed it on the tongue but it didn't jerked like it did with Portman "Oh my god Sam it's choosing!" I said shocked "It's choosing who to infect!" I finished.

"But based on what?" she asked "I think it's choosing according to the person DNA, like it's looking for genetic markers for psychotic and violent behavior, like ganglion it looks like latching onto numbers in the DNA" I stated in disbelief "What like Evil? It doesn't make any sense" Sam said "Ten percent of the human genome is still unmapped" I told her "Blueprint for the soul?" she asked shocked "Maybe" I answered.

We were still standing there in disbelief when John came in running "Sam! Anne!" he said and came toward us "Sam, Anne why didn't you answer your comm? We gotta go now!" he rushed but we ignored him Sam was standing beside me and John in front of us "Why did they take Goat and not Destroyer?" I asked him "Why Carmack and not Dr. Thurman?" I continued he only shook his head and look at us confused "What?" he asked even more confused "Lucy had the twenty-fourth chromosome but she wasn't a monster, she died protecting her child, not devouring it, why did the same chromosome that made her superhuman turn Stahl into a monster?" I stated "Let's go!" John said firmly cutting me off "Just give her a minute!" Sam exclaimed "We don't have a minute!" he shouted "Then give me ten seconds" I told him.

"This is its tongue" I told moving a hand across the tongue pointing at it picked up one of the prepared cotton balls and purred brain matte from Portman "This is brain matter from Portman" I told him and dragged the cotton ball above the tongue when the tongue jerked again and John jumped slightly I put the sample back at put up Destroyer's and purred him brain matter at the cotton ball "This is from Destroyer" I said again and ran it above the tongue nothing happened John looked shocked "It's choosing John" I told him he furrowed deeply "It's choosing who to infect" I stated he looked at the tongue than me "It's choosing?" he asked "How is it choosing?" he finished "There are genetic markers for psychotic and violent behavior It could be a specific neurotransmitter it's picking up on, a ganglion" I said while filling up a tube of C24 looked back at John and moved towards and stood back where I was standing "It's latching onto numbers, Numbers in the DNA code linked to..." he cut me off "Linked to what? Evil?"

"Ten percent of the human genome is still unmapped" I said "Some say it's the genetic blueprint for the soul" Sam continued "Maybe C24 is what destroyed the population" I stated "It would explain the building of the Ark" Sam said "Some it made superhuman, others monsters" I finished our explanation.

"Oh my God" John said suddenly looking panicked and it worried me "We gotta get out of here now!" he said rushing us I took off my lab coat so did Sam "What?" I asked confused he only shook his head and grabbed my hand and I grabbed Sam's and started to run behind him he let go my hand but Sam and I continued holing hands following him "John, what's going on?" I asked him while running "The people quarantined on the other side of the Ark they won't all be infected!" he told me "What do you mean John? What's going on?" I demanded an answer he turned to look at me stopping "Sarge is going to kill them all" and we continued to run.

Soon, we arrived at the Ark portal John activated the Ark and we went through it to earth John went first then Sam and I went last when I transported all I could see around us were dead people "Oh my God" John said shocked all I could do was stare at all the dead bodies "Sarge, what's your position?" he asked over his comm. "Sarge?" he reputed "Sarge, come in. Do you copy?" he asked again Sam came over to me and rook my hand "Come in Sarge. Do you read me? Over, Sarge come in do you copy?" John said still not getting an answer "Look, do not kill everybody" John said and rounded a corner and Sam and I followed still holding hands "I repeat, do not kill everybody they're not all infected. Do you copy?" he asked again "Loud and clear" Sarge finally answered After a few minutes Sarge came walking into the room with his gun in his hands I looked at him "You don't have to kill all of them" I said quickly "I don't think everyone is infected, or even capable of being infected" I stated Sarge looked at me with a slight glare "We have orders to contain this threat by any means necessary" he told me firmly "So let's evacuate the uninfected and blow this place to hell" John said "We have orders to protect this facility" Sarge said "We don't have orders to kill innocent people" John hissed angrily "We have to stop anything from getting to the surface, by any means necessary" Sarge said. They both were glaring at each other when Duke came into the room with Pinky "Found this little chicken shit hiding under a pile of dead bodies" he said "Am I glad to see you guys That thing cut right through the door I tried to use the grenade but it came at me too fast" while he was explaining I went up to him and checked his neck for injuries he looked at me questioning but continued his explanation looking back at Serge "Followed me through the Ark and started to kill everybody, It was horrible" he finished.

"They are no wound on his neck, his clean" I told Sarge standing in front of him he glared at me and lowered his head "I say whose clean and who's not" he told me glaring as he turned and cocked his gun ready to shoot "It wasn't my fault" Pinky said scared "Hey, I'm not a soldier, You shouldn't have left me…" his voice breaking "Sarge!" Kid said as he came running into the room panting we all looked at him "There's a storeroom to the south It's got, like, twenty people holed up inside of it We gotta do something" he said Sarge glared at and Kid frowned "Your orders were to clear that sector is it cleared?" Sarge asked him "No, I told them to stay put" Kid answered frowning "They're okay. They're just scared shitless" he stated "We kill them all and Let God sort them out" Sarge told him becoming angry "This is wrong. I don't think…" Kid started saying buy Sarge cut him "Son, you don't think!" shouting "That's an order" he said firmly "We're in the field soldier" he finished I saw John shaking his head "Sarge, if nothings found on them…" but Sarge interrupted "You will obey the direct order of your commanding officer" Sarge told the Kid firmly but Kid shook his head "No".

"Now" Sarge commanded him "Go to hell" Kid answered him and without hesitation Sarge raised his gun and shot Kid and Kid fell Gasping "No!" John shouted Sam and I shouted at the same time and ran over to him but the shot was fetal he was chocking on his blood "Holy shit" Duke said John was pressuring the wound but it wasn't helping He was drowning in his own blood "Mutinous insurrection is punishable by death" Sarge said above us I stood back up and went over to stand by Duke and Sam "It was his first mission!" John screamed "And it's not gonna be my last!" Sarge screamed back "I need soldiers I don't need anybody else but soldiers!" Sarge shouted John closed Kid's eyes and stood.

Suddenly the sound of a gun cocking echoed Pinky was pointing a pistol at Sarge and John "Drop your weapons!" he demanded and Duke pulled me and Sam behind him "I mean it I have no intention of being killed by a madman Drop your weapons!" and then we saw something move behind him and looked at it scared realizing it was one of the creatures "There's something behind me, isn't there?" he asked realizing.