The creature growled loudly and grabbed him and started smashing him I screamed and got down with Sam and John and Sarge fired at the creature but the creature dragged Pinky while doing it Pinky's wheel chair hit John knocking him over there was a cut on his cheek bleeding "On me!" Sarge yelled as he followed the creature with Duke right behind him John recovered after a few second's and followed them after a moment Duke appeared "Come let's move" and helped us and we started running after them we reached a nanowall "Wait here" he told us and went through it Sam and I waited and then we heard gun shoot's and Sarge shouting "Withdraw!, Withdraw behind the nanowall!" and John came through the wall shooting then Duke and lastly Sarge "Clear!" John screamed and Sarge hit the button but the wall wasn't closing "Fuck! The wall's not closing!" John screamed Suddenly something grabbed Duke from what he was standing he turned to look at me and Sam when he was pulled down being shredded we both screamed in horror he was almost throw when suddenly the pulling stopped John looked and saw him and turned to shoot Sarge turned around too and then Duke looked over to Sam and with blood coming throw his mouth and was pulled under spraying blood we only screamed louder and then a monster grabbed Sarge's leg and pulled him and John turned back to look at him holding his gun prepared Sarge looked at him holding on to the wall "I'm not supposed to die" and was pulled אhrough the wall John continued to shoot "Let's go!" He shouted and continued shooting and finally the wall closed and he pulled Sam's hand and Sam pulled me and we all started running he turned and shoot again and shouted "Clear!" and continued to pull us.

We went throw the door and started to block it with anything heavy we found "How long before they get through?" Sam asked "Not long" John answered breathing heavily and leaned on the barriers "You've been hit, oh John" I said when I saw blood flowing down his side and rushed towards him I tried helping him but he slipped and fell I sat next to him Sam next to me suddenly I remembered that I was holding C24 and took it and the syringe from my pocket and took them out of the bag Sam saw it too I looked at her not sure "Do it" she demanded I pulled up his sleeve he was too drowsy to understand what we were doing "Listen to me Anne, Sam" he said turning his gaze on me He started shaking slightly I raised my hands to his face "You're cold, shivering" I stated and started to draw C24 to the syringe "It's important, this is an ST grenade when they come through you pop the top and hit the button" he whispered to me shivering I cut off his sleeve and tied it around his arm he started to breath more heavily and started to lose contentions a little and to fall on his side a little mumbling "John stay with me, stay awake, John stay with me please" Sam told him desperately he shook his head and popped him eyes a little I moved the syringe ready to ingest it to him "What's that?" he asked me "It's C24, from Carmack's lab" I told him he pulled his hand shaking his head no "It could save you" I said desperate "No way, forget it" he answered shaking his head "You're bleeding to death" I tried making him understand "No way Anne" he whispered firmly "I've done some bad things" he continued "I know you" I told him shaking my head not agreeing with him "You don't know me, you don't know" he answered me still shaking his head "You're the boy I grew up with, the boy who took care of me and Sam, and the man I fell in love with, I know you John" he didn't answer so I took the syringe again "Wait, wait" he said and turned to his side and took out his gun "If I should turn into one of those demons, one through the heart, one through the head, don't you hesitate. Okay?" he said shaking badly "I won't need to" I answered lowering his gun and ingested to him the C24 and looked back at him he was looking at me but then he started slipping the fell and took one shredded breath and stopped breathing.

"Oh my god, John" Sam said passing her hand on his face with tears and turned to me "What now?" she asked "We wait" I answered we started waiting I don't know how long and then there was banging on the door and everything against it started to shake "Sam we need to move" I got up and pulled her up I gave her the grenade and I took the gun and we both started to run.

We were running throw the corridors how long I don't know I hurt my leg while running away from one of them I managed to kill it but not before it cut my leg deeply so Sam was helping me we turned around the corridor and the last thing I remember is a bright blue light who throw me and Sam against the wall and I lost consciousness. I woke up again and my head was pounding I looked around me and saw Sam laying next to me unconsciousness too I was too tired so I lost consciousness again.

"Anne" I heard while someone was shaking me I opened my eyes to look at John who was in front of me I was in disbelief "John?" Sam asked behind me "Sam" he said looking relived "You're alive" I said relaxing "Shh, don't talk" he whisper moving hear from my face "Last man standing, Reaper" a voice said from behind him said and John turned over to look I lifted my head too so did Sam and we saw Sarge standing there "I think they need medical attention" he told John "Can you get to the elevator?" John asked us quietly "I'm not sure" I answered hesitating "Try" he said and stood up I started crawling across the corridor with Sam when we did she got up and helped me limp towards the elevator "Quarantine complete. Elevators back on line" the computer was heard we finally reached the elevator and collapsed we waited in the elevator to John a while and then we heard the computer "Ark portal activation in progress Four, three, two, one" and it was over I lost I was to tired to keep my eyes open. I was leaning on Sam when I felt someone lift me when I opened my eyes I saw John holding me I leaned on to him and saw Sam sitting on the floor and closed my eyes again.

"Almost home" I heard John whisper to me and kissed my forehead.