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Dad was raking leaves when Jasper and I pulled into the driveway. He glanced in our direction briefly then continued his work. I took that opportunity to pull Jasper to me by the back of his neck for a lengthy kiss. When we pulled apart, I gave Jasper a quick smile and got out of the car. After he drove away, I strolled across the yard to my dad.

"How's it going, son?" he asked, continuing to rake.

"Good," I replied, shoving my hands into my pockets. "Why are you doing this while it's so cold? It's just gonna snow anyway."

"Makes the yard look better," he said, and I shook my head with a smile. He was such a neat freak.

I watched in silence while Dad continued to make neat rows on the dead grass of our yard. Every time he would get a rake full of leaves, he dumped them into the wheelbarrow he had beside him. It was sort of hypnotizing to watch. Maybe this was his stress relief.

Shivering a little in the cold wind that was blowing, I decided to go into the house. Mom and Bella were sitting in the living room, watching TV, and I shrugged off my jacket and went to stand in front of the fire.

"So, he's found his way home," Mom said with a grin, and I couldn't help but return it.

"Yeah. I had a good time," I said, turning so I was facing the bright flames.

"You look better than you did yesterday," Bella commented, and I regarded her with a big smile.

"Jasper's back now."

"Oh, I didn't know he had left," Mom said, and I nodded.

"He had to go away for a day, but everything's good," I told her.

"Glad you don't have to go back to the rez?" Bella teased, and I glared at her.

"Hell yes. Those people are creepy."

Bella laughed. "Oh, they are not! You're just used to the bloodsuckers."

"Bella!" both Mom and I exclaimed.

"Well? It's the truth!" she shrugged.

"Bella, Edward doesn't belittle Jacob, so don't belittle Jasper," Mom told her sternly.

"Whatever," my sister said flippantly, tossing her hair over her shoulder and standing up. "I have to go get ready. Jake's coming to get me and I'm gonna go watch him build his bike."

She strode out of the room and headed up the stairs. I rolled my eyes at Mom, who rolled hers right back.

"I swear, you teenagers are difficult," she said, and I nodded, grinning.

"That's our job, Mom."

"Are you leaving again?"

"Not today, no," I answered, moving away from the fire to go into the kitchen for a soda. Mom followed me and leaned against the doorframe, quiet.

"What's wrong, Mom?" I asked. "I know that look."

"You kids are just...growing up," she said sadly, and I sat my soda on the counter and hugged her hard.

"Mom, we're still your kids, and even though we'll be graduating and going off on our own, we're not gonna forget that you're our mom. We love you and Dad, and always will, and we're gonna visit you often. I promise."

Mom let me go and wiped at her eyes.

"I know, son," she said. "It's just hard."

"I know it must be. Remember, I've been with you for 18 years." Chuckling, I winked at her and grabbed my soda. She smiled through her tears at me and swatted me on the ass as I passed by her.

"Love ya, Mom!" I called as I climbed the stairs.

"Yeah, yeah..." I heard her quiet reply, and grinned to myself.

"Bella, where are you?" I asked loudly once I reached the landing.

"Bathroom! Door's open!" she answered, and I went to the door, glaring at her as she put on lipstick.

"What was that shit downstairs?" I demanded.

"What shit?" she asked, trying to convince me she was innocent.

"That crap about Jasper," I answered firmly. "Mom was right, you know. I don't talk bad about Jacob, so why do you do it to me?"

"Because, brother, we all know that the wolves are the better people. They are only wolves because of the threat of vampires," she said with an air of arrogance to her tone.

"You know, the Cullens work very hard to keep their diet of animals. Not all of them are monsters, like you might think," I retorted.

"Doesn't matter. They exist. That's all it takes for the wolf gene to be present. And besides," she continued, giving me an appraising look, "I don't see what is so great about cuddling something cold like they are. I prefer warm skin and soft fur."

Oh my God, she was gonna make me throw up. Gross.

A car horn from outside stopped me from replying, and Bella darted past me and out of the bathroom.

"That's my ride! See ya later, Edward!" she crowed.


I went to my room and sat my soda on the edge of my desk, then looked over my bookshelf to see if I could find anything to read. Before I had time to choose anything, Bella screeched my name from the living room.

Sighing in frustration, I trudged downstairs to see what she wanted. When I walked into the living room, I was shocked to see that Paul was there with Jacob.

"Hey, Edward," Jacob said, uncharastically kindly. "Paul asked to come with me to pick Bella up because he wanted to talk to you."

I stared at the two of them, unsure what to say.

"Is it alright if we go outside to talk?" Paul asked, his voice hopeful.

With the mood I was in, I was fully prepared to set this guy straight that I was definitely not into him being so weird with me, so I agreed and followed him outside to the tree where my dad had been raking. He was nowhere to be found at the moment.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I asked, "What is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"It's no secret that I'm interested in you, Edward," Paul said in a soft voice.

"I kind of figured that, but you know - "

"About Jasper, yes." He stepped closer, and I stepped backwards to try to keep the distance between us.

"You are mated to a vampire," Paul said sadly. "What a shame."

He took another step and I was backed up against the tree. Panic rose within me. What the hell was he going to do? Oh God, I hoped with everything in me that this wasn't going to be a repeat of what happened with James and Laurent.

"I did a lot of thinking," he continued, moving his body closer to me. I could feel the heat coming off of him, "and I have to try..."

Faster than I thought he could, considering his bulk, he pinned me to the tree with his hands on my upper arms, and pressed his mouth to mine. Immediately, I tried to squirm away, but he was just too strong for me to fight off.

I tried to move my head from side to side, to get away from his nasty hot mouth, but he followed my every move, trying to get me to let him in. In desperation, I brought my knee up to try to hit him in the balls, but he was too fast and dodged my attack.

Thankfully, someone pulled him off of me. I leaned over with my hands on my knees, and took the chance to get some much needed air. Jacob and Bella must have come outside.

Someone grabbed me by the arm and pulled me across the yard and behind the house. The hand holding me was cold and small. Alice. How did she get here? I was so confused.

When I finally had my wits about me, I saw that the big oak in the backyard was broken, and the grass looked like someone had been spinning it up with a four wheeler. Then I knew what had happened. Alice saw something and told Jasper. Bella was standing at the edge of the forest, looking like she was going to cry, and a rather wide path had been made through the trees, leaving the ground muddy and trees broken.

"Come on, Alice!" I yelled, and sprinted toward the forest. She flung me onto her back and in the blink of an eye, we were in my meadow.

Hopping off of Alice, I strode toward Paul, Jacob, Jasper, and...Emmett? He must have been with them. The four were pacing around each other, growling, just waiting for someone to make a move. I could see Jasper shaking with rage.

Alice yelled for me not to get in the middle of them, but here wasn't the place. Jasper was set on murder and I didn't want it to happen practically in my backyard, and especially not in the meadow. I had such good memories of the place.

Jasper didn't even realize I was there until I stood in front of him and yelled his name. His black eyes darted from me to Paul and Jacob.

"Get out of here, mate!" he spat, growling ferociously.

"No, Jasper, not here, please," I begged.

I was terrified, and knew the danger I was in by getting in the middle of them, but I knew Carlisle needed to be consulted. As mad as Jasper was at Paul, he needed to think before he reacted. I was so scared that if he didn't, he would kill Paul and then there would be an all out war.

Jasper was a sight to behold. He was crouched, ready to spring, with black eyes and his hair hanging wildly around his face. Bright white, deadly teeth were bared, ready to bite and tear and rip. He never looked so dangerous.

"If you don't want Paul to die, Jacob, I suggest you and Bella get him out of here and back to the reservation, where you belong," I said, keeping my eyes on Jasper, who was shaking, barely able to restrain himself.

Luckily, Jacob hauled Paul out of the meadow, back toward the house. Paul was trying to get away from him, but Jacob managed to get him away.

Jasper, Emmett, Alice, nor I moved a muscle until the sound of Jacob's car leaving could be heard. When I couldn't hear it anymore, I gathered all the courage I could and stepped closer to my boyfriend.

"Hey," I said quietly, "look at me." Raising a shaky hand, I touched Jasper's face. His still dark eyes flicked from where the wolves had been standing to me.

"They're gone now," I said in what I hoped was a soothing voice. "I'm okay, Jay. Stand up and calm down, please."

Alice and Emmett moved closer to us as Jasper straightened up from his crouch.

"Are you in control?" I asked, making sure to keep my voice low and soft.

"I would never hurt you, Edward," Jasper replied. Trusting that he was in his right mind again, I very slowly wound my arms around his waist and laid my face on his chest.

His movements were deliberately slow and careful as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and held me close. I stood stock still while he buried his face in my hair and breathed in deeply.

"Mine," he said, loud enough for Emmett and Alice to hear, and I nodded against him.

"Yes, Jay. I'm yours. Only yours," I whispered.

"He touched you. He kissed you," Jasper said vehemently against my hair. "He will die for touching my mate."

Raising my head to look at him, I said, "Jay, look at me. Look around. We're in our meadow, love. Just you and me. I don't want reminders of him to spoil it." Without looking away from Jasper, I continued, "Alice, call Carlisle and Esme and ask them to come. Me and Jay are just gonna talk and cuddle until they get here, okay?"

"Okay," she chirped. "You two are going to be fine, Jasper. I know you're worried."

Then she giggled. "Come on, Em," she said. "They're about to do something we don't want to see."

"That's my cue," Emmett replied, and he and Alice walked into the woods. I knew they would stay close, just in case.

Jasper was staring at me like he would never see me again. His dark eyes showed his desire and possessiveness, and it made me shiver. I knew what he was thinking, and I think he knew I knew.

"Mine," Jasper growled lowly, and I moved my hands to cup his face.

"All yours," I whispered, just as our mouths met. This kiss was so different than all of the ones before combined. It spoke of Jasper's desire to claim me, and I him. He knew he couldn't claim me in the way he wanted, so he made up for it with his lips and tongue.

I, of course, was an eager recipient, giving as much as taking. By the time Jasper's mouth left mine, I was almost gasping for air and he had me up against a tree.

"Do you have any idea how much I want to strip you bare and claim you right here in these woods, mate?" he hissed against my ear.

"Yes," I breathed. "Just as much as I want to do the same to you. Mine, Jasper," I whispered as I bit his neck. "You're mine."

"Oh, God, you're not making this any easier," my boyfriend panted.

Chuckling against him, I asked, "Are you okay?"

"I won't be until I teach that dog that you do not mess with another man's mate, Edward," he half said, half snarled at me.

"Listen Jay," I said, stroking his face. "I'm here where I belong, in your arms, and safe."

"I don't - "

"Understand? Yes, I do, but before you rush off to kick ass in a blind rage, we need to talk to Carlisle."

Holding Jasper's head still so he couldn't look away, I stared into his still dark eyes. Moments felt like hours until, finally, he nodded.

"I know," he conceded.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pulled him close and he pulled me away from the tree just enough to hold me against him. I was freezing, having gone out without a jacket, but calming Jasper was the first thing on my mind.

We stood there silently, with Jasper's face in my neck as he breathed my scent. The cold puffs of his breath wafted over the back of my neck, and I fought hard not to tremble. Soon, thankfully, Emmett and Alice walked back into the meadow with Carlisle and Esme in tow. They reached us in seconds.

"Jasper," Carlisle said quietly, and he held me tighter.

"It's alright, Jay. Talk to Carlisle. I'm not going anywhere," I reassured him, and he reluctantly let me go. Esme was at my side immediately.

"Oh, Edward, you're freezing. Do you think your parents would mind if we went inside to talk?" she asked.

"They won't mind," I answered as I started shivering. I just couldn't hold it back anymore.

"Let's go," Carlisle said.

Once inside the house, I sat next to the fire, trying to get my shaking to stop. All of it wasn't just from the cold, either. I had purposefully stood in the path of danger to help Jasper. Only now, I realized how stupid that was. I could have been ripped to pieces. Would I do it again, though? Hell yes.

Alice and Emmett filled my parents in on what had happened while Carlisle and Esme spoke to Jasper. My poor mom looked so worried, and I felt bad for her. She would be alright, though. She was strong. Dad just listened to Jasper's brother and sister with a slight frown on his face.

"So, you are going to talk to the leader of these wolves?" he asked.

"Yes," Emmett answered.

"Isn't that dangerous for you?"

"No, as long as we stay on our side of the line."

He was quiet for a moment, thinking, then said, "I want to go too."

"What?" I stood up. "Dad, I don't think that's a good idea. They might think you're a threat or something, and I don't want you getting hurt."

"You are my son, Edward, and I care about what happens to you, even if you are with Jasper," he tried to reason with me.

"I know," I argued. "And you are my dad, and I care what happens to you."

He deflated a bit then, and went back to thinking. Finally, he asked, "Is there no other way to resolve this?"

"If I hadn't been interrupted earlier, Paul would be dead and this would be over already," Jasper said.

"And have all of the wolves come after you for killing one of them? I don't think so, Jasper," I said. "It's best if we all go talk to Sam and let him deal with his own kind."

"What does that say about me - a vampire not standing up for and protecting his mate? I won't be laughed at, Edward."

"You won't be! I bet Sam will be happy you didn't kill Paul. By going to them like this, we are preventing a war."

Jasper looked pained. I knew it was a hit on his masculinity, not fighting for me, but none of us wanted to fight. If there was a way to keep peace between the vampires and wolves, we all wanted it. Deep down, I think Jasper did too. It was his pride that was suffering.

"We're wasting time," Carlisle spoke up, and everyone turned to look at him.

"I want to go," Dad said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I opened my mouth to protest, but Carlisle cut me off.

"He is your father, Edward, and has the right to come with us if he wants."

Sighing, I said, "Fine," and went to go get my jacket. Jasper followed me.

"Your dad will be safe with us," he said quietly.

"I know he will. It's just that I didn't want him to get involved in all of this, you know?"

"Yes, I know, and it is my fault. I'm sorry."

I threw him an incredulous look. "How is it your fault? You were just doing what was in your nature. No one blames you for that."

Jasper hugged me briefly as the rest of our families gathered around.

"Edward, will you call Bella and tell her that we will be waiting for Sam and the pack at the border in five minutes?" Alice asked, and I nodded.

After the call was made, I let everyone know that they would be waiting, and we left. The tension was thick in Carlisle's Mercedes - each one of us were lost in our own thoughts. I probably should have been terrified, but i wasn't. It's not like I was the one who did anything wrong.

The minutes felt like hours, and we finally pulled off on the side of the road. It was strange, seeing all of the guys from the reservation standing there on the road, like an invisible line had been drawn across the asphalt. I could see Paul, and he looked indifferent, like what was happening wasn't even phasing him.

We got out of our cars and Jasper held on to me while my dad walked on my other side. Mom hung back with Alice, Rosalie, and Esme. Of course, Carlisle was in the lead, with Emmett at his side.

"Why have you brought us here, Cullen?" Sam asked in an authoritative voice.

Carlisle cleared his throat. "One of your pack members have had an...altercation with my son Jasper," he said.

"Is that so?" Sam asked. "I have heard no such thing."

"Of course you wouldn't know of it," Jasper growled, stepping forward. "One of your boys went after my mate!" Again, I could see that he was holding himself back, and Carlisle put a calming hand on Jasper's arm.

Sam was shocked. "What? That can't possibly be true."

"It's true," Jasper said. "I saw it myself."

"Which boy?"

"Paul," Jasper spat rudely. "He is lucky I didn't tear him apart. The only reason I didn't was because my mate asked me to bring it to your attention before doing anything...violent."

"You have a smart mate," Sam said. "I have no desire to fight with your coven. We have been living peacefully for a long time now, and I'd like to continue to do so."

"Then curb your dog!" Jasper yelled, and in a split second, Paul had jumped and phased in midair, landing in front of Sam. He was showing his teeth and growling menacingly, daring Jasper to fight. I think the only thing saving his life was the fact that he was still behind the treaty line. I didn't want to think of what would happen if he crossed it.

"Paul!" Sam snapped. "Get back behind me! NOW!"

Immediately, Paul's tail went between his legs and he slunk off behind his alpha, ashamed. Sam faced him.

"So this is true, then. You went after another man's mate. You know better. If it had been one of our imprints you had gone after, we would be burying your body already. You should consider yourself lucky that the Cullens, especially Jasper, didn't rip you apart! If it were me, I would have, with no hesitation."

He turned back to Carlisle. "Please accept my sincerest apologies for Paul's actions. I swear it to you it will never happen again, and he will be severely punished. Like I said before, I don't want to break the treaty."

Carlisle nodded in acquiescence.

"And you, young man," Sam said to Jasper. "Thank you for coming to tell us about this instead of ending Paul's life. I know, if it had been me, I couldn't say I would have had the same willpower as you. Your mate is safe from my people, I guarantee it."

"Thank you," Jasper said quietly, pulling me closer. "I will give your people this warning, however. If any one of them tries this again, I won't come to tell you. I will deliver his or her bloody, broken body at your doorstep. That is a promise."

Sam nodded slowly. "Alright. Our business is done."

The pack slowly dispersed, talking amongst themselves, Sam making sure Paul was beside him. I had a feeling he was in for a bad time when they got back. Good, because I didn't want to have to worry about him anymore.

Dad wandered over to me, Jasper, and Carlisle, his arm around Mom's shoulders. "So, that was your kind of politics?"

Carlisle chuckled. "Yes, I guess so. It has worked for a long time now."

"I like it," Dad smiled. "You have a good family, Carlisle, and I am glad to know all of you. I don't think my son could possibly be in better hands than he is right now."

"Thank you, Edward. That means a lot to us."

"Are you guys coming back to our house?"

"No, I think we will go home from here, since this seems to be settled. If it is alright, though, I would like for Jasper to stay with Edward tonight, just to be sure."

"Of course he can," Dad said. "We're happy to have him."

With a shake of hands, Mom, Dad, Jasper, and I went to Dad's SUV while the rest of the Cullens headed to Carlisle's car. I was surprised. Jasper had never stayed over before. This promised to be interesting, at least.

Later, when I was ready for bed, I got under the blankets and Jasper settled beside me. Laying on my side, I stared at him, still surprised that he was actually spending the night with me, in my room. Yeah, the warnings to use a condom and all that shit from the parents was embarrassing, but Jasper took it with pride and grace. I was an embarrassed mess, which Bella and Jasper thought was funny. Oh well. it didn't matter. The threat of Paul was gone, Jasper was back from Alaska, and that was all I needed.

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