Chapter one: Typical Helga

"Arnold? Arnold? Hey Arnold!"

"What? Sorry Helga got distracted there."

Arnold and Helga sat across from each other. They were working on their project to win the school wide culture fair.

"Would you stop zoning out? We're trying to win a contest here. Crimany, whose brilliant idea, was it to give us Scotland anyway?" Asked Helga sarcastically.

"You can say that again, but we have to work on it so might as well make the best of it." Stated Arnold in his usual caring way.

"And to make matters worse I have to work with you. At least with Phoebe or Sheena I'd have a chance of winning but with you. Pugh-lease you have better luck winning the prize for being short!" Insulted Helga.

"Whatever you say, Helga. I got to get some markers and glue for our poster." Said Arnold. He was too tired to respond to Helga's insults.

Arnold left to go get the supplies while Helga had some spare time to talk to herself.

"Arnold, what a dork, what a nerd, what a football- headed creep. How I hate him, and yet," She looked around to see if anyone was looking, which no one was. "I love him. Oh Arnold how I wish to tell you. How I dream to tell you, but I don't have your courage, your bravery. Oh Arnold!"

"Helga?" Said a voice behind her.

"Would you stop creeping up on me like that, football- head!" Shouted Helga.

"Sorry, who are you talking to?" Questioned Arnold.

"No one I was just figuring out how to spell your name." Helga lied.

"A-R-N-O-L-D." Said Arnold

"I mean your last name." Said Helga.

"Oh, it's S-H-O-R-T-M-A-N."

"Alright, thank you. Just one more question. What's your middle name?"

"Phillip, after my Grandpa."

"Oh, I never knew that. Arnold Phillip Shortman. Sounds cool."

"Thanks Helga. Your name is cool to."

"Yeah Helga G…." Helga was interrupted by a bunch of eyes on the two.

"I mean, what would you know about cool names mister SHORTman."

"HAHA! Arnold's a short man! AHAHA." Laughed Harold.

Arnold didn't like to be laughed at. His cheeks turned bright red and anger ran though his head. The Helga part of Arnold started to talk to him. Then what the voice in his head turned into what he was saying.

"At least I don't grab people and kiss them after telling them they write poems and build shines to them Helga!" Shouted Arnold

The whole room went silent. They all looked at Arnold. Arnold suddenly realized what he just said and tried to recover.

"I mean when I'm panicking under lots of stress and would say almost anything." He laughed nervously.

"Arnold just shut up!" Helga shouted and stormed out with tears beginning to start. Then the whole class started to laugh.

"Helga loves Arnold! AHAHA!" Shouted Harold

"Great job, Arnold, now Helga G. Pataki will never speak to you again." Stated Arnold's best friend Gerald.

"I disagree Gerald. Arnold, you need to talk to her. Apologize."

Arnold stood up and left the classroom and searched for Helga.