Chapter twenty-three: Gifts

Arnold and Helga arrived at the boarding house a little after 3:00. Arnold and Helga didn't mind walking home all that way. Since it was near the end of May the temperature was climbing up. Still it was a little chilly in Hillwood, Washington. Hillwood was one of the biggest suburbs of Seattle. On the walk to the boarding house a gust started up. It wasn't rough, but it wasn't wimpy. Arnold loved to feel the wind though his hair. Helga loved the wind to. She loved the way how it was invisible and went unnoticed, but in a storm, everyone noticed it. Helga could relate.

"Hey there, Shortman! Back a little early, I see." Grandpa Phil greeted.

"Yeah, I have to give Helga something." Arnold said.

"Understood, Shortman! You two have fun!" Phil laughed under his breath.

Upstairs, Arnold and Helga arrived in his room. Helga could remember the first time she had been in here. She was trying to get her little pink book that she had lost and it somehow got into Arnold's hands. So Helga climbed up the fire escape and fell into his room. She was so excited to be there, and now here she was again, except this time with permission.

"So, football-head, where is this thing you got me?" Helga asked.

"It's right here." Arnold pulled out a small rectangle-shaped white box. He walked over to Helga and opened it up. Inside was a pink flower bracelet with little drawings on the sides of it. One side was them at dinner, their first official date. The other side was them in the park holding hands watching the sunset. The flower in the middle was a Coast Rhododendron, Washington's state flower, and Helga's favorite.

"I know this flower is your favorite and a funny irony here. It's my favorite flower to." Arnold said. "Here, let's see how it looks." Arnold put the bracelet on her wrist and see gazed at it.

"Who did the drawings on the sides?" Helga asked.

"I did." Arnold said. Helga looked at Arnold. She had no idea he was so artistic.

"They look very nice football-head." Helga said.

"Yeah, I wanted to give you something nice since tonight is the one week anniversary of our first kiss." Arnold said.

"Hard to believe that all that happened in one week." Helga said.

"Yeah, I know. The time slows down when you're with the one you love." Arnold stated.

"I love you, Arnold." Helga said.

"I love you to." Arnold said.

The two kissed passionately in that room. Under the sky-light in Hillwood. I guess you can say. Arnold and Helga did take Hillwood.