"What do you mean that wasn't Thomas?" Kurt said turning around worried. His heart was beating faster than it had all night.

"Well, I mean that was him, but that's not the spirit I've been dealing with all day." Blaine replied, his eyes roaming the park for signs of a second ghost.

"I don't understand. Did you take the wrong picture?"

Blaine vanished and came back a moment later with a picture of two brothers, both who look exactly like Thomas.

"Twins?" Kurt said with a curse, "Great, I just can't catch a break. So basically we just exorcised the twin of our crazy ghost, making him even angrier."

"Use the picture. Before he shows up." Blaine said, as Kurt knelt to start the exorcism again. He had hardly gotten through the first sentence though when the wind started up and the paper with the exorcism on it flew out of his hands.

"Blaine, get the paper!" Kurt yelled as the wind knocked him over too. Kurt felt a pressure holding him to the ground, the salt line being blown every which way. He could hear Blaine yelling at someone to stop, but he was getting dizzy, his eyes out of focus. Images of his past were swimming in his mind, his mother's smile, riding his bike for the first time, his first bow tie.

"Kurt!" Blaine yelled as he tried to rip off the ghosts on Kurt's chest. He finally was able to knock him over, just enough time to shove the paper into Kurt's hand and tackle the screeching ghost again.

Kurt felt something being shoved into his hand as the pressure on top of him stopped. His mind cleared and he sat up to see Blaine wrestling Thomas. They were hitting and punching each other, and Kurt couldn't help notice how strong Blaine seemed. Not the time though, he could admire Blaine's body later. Kurt turned and started the exorcism again in a rush. He read it quickly and put down more salt as the wind continued to howl all around him.

Kurt was almost done when he looked up to see his ghost in the circle. The yelling had stopped, to his horror he had Blaine in a headlock inside with him.

"Kurt, you took my brother from me, now I'm going to take your Blaine from you." Thomas said, his arms holding Blaine down as he spoke. Kurt was terrified, mesmerized by Thomas's words. His body wouldn't let him finish, his eyes stuck on Thomas's.

"No Kurt! Don't stop." Blaine choked out. Kurt looked at them horrified not knowing what to do. He wasn't sure if because he had the picture only the one ghost would go or if Blaine would be sucked away too. He was stuck in a trance, but Blaine knocked Thomas over and they fell into the wall of the salt and banged around.

The trance broke, terrified and confused Kurt continued with the exorcism as Blaine screamed and fought, "Cessa decipere humanas creaturas, eisque aeternae Perditionis venenum propinare."

The salt line held and the wind died. Kurt looked up to see Blaine on the floor of the circle, by himself. Relieved he flung himself on top of Blaine and stroked his hair.

"Blaine? Are you alright?" Kurt asked.

"Never better." Blaine grimaced as he curled into Kurt's side.

"How did you know that the exorcism would only take him?"

"I didn't." Blaine said, his eyes not making contact with Kurt.

"WHAT? You had no idea, but you let me do it anyways? How could you do that? I can't do this alone. Don't you dare do anything like that ever again you scared me so bad!" Kurt chastised him until Blaine reached up and pulled him down into a kiss.

Kurt's anger melted away into passion and their tongues swirled together.

"I'm sorry." Blaine confessed when they broke apart a minute later, "I just wanted that ghost gone. He could have hurt you."

"I know. I know."

There was silence as Kurt held him in his arms until Blaine broke the silence with an uncomfortable sigh.

"You think you could break that salt line. I hate this feeling of being trapped in the circle." Kurt laughed and reached over to rub it away.

"Thanks." Blaine awkwardly tried to stand, but exhausted he fell back down onto Kurt.

"You're a ghost, how come you're tired?" Kurt asked curiously.

"I just used lots of my energy and now I'm weak. I doubt I could even move through space right now."

"Oh. Should I carry you home?" Kurt teased.

Blaine chuckled and laid his head back, "Just give me a minute and I'll be fine."

Kurt nodded and waited. He studied Blaine's face as his eyes closed, his head on Kurt's lap. He couldn't believe that Blaine had just risked exorcising himself. He couldn't help that he was a natural over-thinker because he just kept wondering why.

Was Blaine just tired of being a ghost, or was he trying to save Kurt's life? He had a feeling that if he asked Blaine about it he would say that he was trying to protect him and he was being insecure. Except he would say it nicer. Blaine was always so nice.


"Yeah?" Kurt looked at Blaine's scrunched up expression and wished he could take away his tiredness. Although he was pretty adorable like that.

"I think I hear someone coming." Sure enough Kurt looked up to see a security guard coming their way with a flashlight in hand. Kurt jumped up pulling Blaine with him as they tiptoed their way around the guard towards the road. His cab was gone, but the walk wasn't that far. He had Blaine with him anyways in case their were any sketchy people.

"Shouldn't you call a cab?" Blaine asked. But Kurt shook his head and started walking.

"It's warm out." Kurt replied hauling his bag onto the other shoulder.

"I can take the bag." Blaine said, "I'm feeling better."

"Blaine, what if someone drives by and sees me walking with a floating bag? We are too close to Salem that they might think I'm a witch."

"Oh, true." Blaine said sheepishly.

They made it back a half hour later, Kurt shedding his boots and laying down on his bed. His feet hurt, and a bath seemed like the best idea in the whole world. Before he had even given it a second thought he heard the bath water start and looked up to see Blaine standing in the bathroom door smiling.

"You deserve it. I'm going to read another book."

"Thanks. Blaine?"

"Yeah?" Blaine smiled, his eyebrows raised.

"Never mind." Kurt said suddenly nervous. He wanted to ask Blaine where they were in their relationship, but maybe it wasn't the best time, "We can talk about it later."