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501st JFW BASE


It has been a little over two weeks since the Wolfenstein debacle, which had been dubbed Operation Erlösung or Deliverance, which was what they had done for the witches, delivered them from evil in their darkest hour. The Emperor of Neue Karlsland was furious with Gregor and Strasse for not only their blatant incompetence, but also for kidnapping and nearly killing the witches that have been safeguarding all of humanity over petty jealousy and scientific curiosity. Strasse was sentenced to a life of hard labor, as was his 2IC Hans Grosse. As for Gregor, he was also sentenced to life in prison for his part in all of this, but no one was willing to give up any names in the web they were tangled in. As Allied Forces swept the dungeons further, they found the corpses of many witches as young as 12 years old to 21, all of them bearing signs of physical and sexual abuse, but by a huge miracle a few were found alive and immediately taken to hospitals. Their testimonies were the final nail in the coffins of the two generals and the staff that survived the seven man holocaust.

On the other side of the coin, life went on. There were a couple of Neuroi attacks, but they were handled with precision and professionally. During one of them, Perinne was shot down after being blindsided by a tricky Neuroi. Dunn had seen where she landed and took off after her. She had fallen in a forest nearby and had broken an arm and a leg in the fall, but Dunn managed to patch her up, despite her complaints. Once he was done treating her though, another Neuroi had attacked them. It missed, but the blast tossed around some heavy lumber and would have crushed her if Dunn hadn't taken the blow for her, saving her life at the risk of his own. He was unconscious and unable to respond, his comms busted as well as Perinne's, so they were missing in action for over a day until the rest of the Task Force found them. She had a new respect for them, Dunn especially, however she was still too stubborn to admit it.

They still had other events happen to them, one of them going a little like this...


It all started one morning when Yoshika was about to make some rice for breakfast when the rice sack ran empty, only a few grains remaining.

"Um...We're out of rice!" She called out when Lynnette came around the corner with an empty tin in her hands.

"We're out of tea leaves and quite a few other things, too." She added, the Commander and Major overhearing them.

"This does present a rather big problem." Mio remarked as Minna took out the missive that had been sent to her from High Command.

"I've just received word that we will be responsible for procuring our own supplies for a while, at least until the supply corps can catch up. We were also given additional funds for having the Task Force here, since GHQ sees how valuable they are to have around. I'll need Shirley to head into town, since she can drive the big truck. I'd also like Francesca to accompany her since she is a native, another to help and two 141 members for their safety." Minna inquired.

"I'll go with you!" Yoshika chimed in.

"I want the big guy to come with us!" Lucchini cheered, taking a real liking to Soap.

"That leaves one more." Minna stated.

"Guess I'll go. I always wanted to see Rome." Dunn spoke up.

Since their modern gear and clothing would be a dead giveaway, not to mention startle the townspeople, Soap and Ramirez had to be dressed up in the local fashions. It actually looked rather good on Dunn, as complimented by Yoshika while Soap almost looked like a Mafia Enforcer, the large scar on his face and fedora that Francesca had him wear not helping matters any.

Next, they went to Mason's armory, where he fitted them with smaller, easier to conceal armor vests with shoulder holsters for their sidearms that would be hidden by their coats. Soap had been on protection details before, so he would be teaching the Corporal on the job.

"It's all settled, then!" Minna smiled at them, handing the money to Shirley as she clambered up into the 6x6 truck, Dunn and Yoshika riding shotgun while Soap was dragged to the back by Francesca as the Liberion speed freak popped the clutch and tore off out of the base.

Along the winding route through the mountains that separated the base from the city, Shirley was gunning it along the curves like a Rally Cross driver, everyone else but Francesca growing green.

"Oi! No one's chasing us, so slow down!" Soap bellowed, trying to keep the contents of his stomach in place.

After twenty minutes of being thrown around by Shirley's hair-raising driving, they finally made it out of the mountains and were close to Rome, driving through the scenic countryside.

"Huh...It's kinda nice here. Not too hot or cold, and nice and open. Reminds me of where I grew up, down in the lowlands of Scotland." Soap commented.

"Yeah. I grew up outside of Abilene Texas. Lots of wide open space there. Wasn't really green, but it was open. Used to help my uncles drive cattle during the summer from horseback." Dunn revealed about his past.

"Really? That sounds interesting!" Yoshika beamed. She'd always read about horses and always wanted to ride one, but there just weren't many around Fuso and she tended to be busy at the base most of the time.

Now, they had reached the city and were searching for the shop that Francesca suggested while taking in the sights, such as the old Coliseums and the old Town Hall. They had finally pulled up to the store the youngest witch had suggested and piled out of the truck, stretching out slightly as they entered the store with lists and sacks in hand.

On another side of the city, another faction was on the prowl. This was the same mysterious faction that Strasse belonged to and as for what they were doing in Romagna, they came to meet a contact when the saw something that they could turn to their advantage. The Duchess, a young girl named Maria, had recently run away from the palace and her guards, making it easy to kidnap her and force the government of Romagna to force the witches from their borders for their own reasons. They had been looking all day for her and finally cornered her in front of a storefront...The same storefront our group was inside of right now.

"So...We got everything?" Soap asked.

"Eh...Nope. We still have to stop by the market." Shirley noted as she crossed something off of her list until they noticed the group accosting a young red haired girl across the street. Soap sighed as he signaled Dunn to stay with the girls while he took care of it until Lucchini tackled them both with a flying kick to the face, knocking both men unconscious.

"Hey...Are you alright?" She asked.

"These...These men have been chasing me all day! I'm scared..." The girl whimpered. Just as Soap was about to ask what was going on, a small hail of gunfire interrupted him, himself just barely managing to get the girls behind cover while Dunn was protecting Yoshika and Shirley, sidearm already drawn and returning fire.

"Damn! I'm pinned down! Francesca, stay down!" He bellowed above the gunfire, but he looked over to see that she was gone, along with the girl and their funds.

"Shite! Dunn, she's done a runner! Get the girls out of here! We have to find her! " He ordered as the Ranger nodded.

"Listen, we'll cover you, so climb in the truck and run! Contact the base to send us some back up!" Dunn told them, Yoshika protesting.

"But...What about you and Mr. MacTavish?! We can't leave you!" She protested.

"We'll be fine, Yoshika! We've been through worse than this and we'll find Lucchini, now GO!" He roared, the trucks engine roaring to life and speeded away from danger, back to the base as Shirley got on the radio with the base.

"Base! Base! This is Shirley! Someone started shooting at us and we got separated from Francesca! Captain MacTavish and Corporal Dunn went after them, but they need help!" She yelled into the truck's radio.

"This is bad...I'm sending Sgt. Foley and Lt. Mason right now, but you and Miyafuji get into your Strikers right now. We have intel that a lone Aerial Neuroi is headed your way, so we'll need you two to handle it. Understood?" Minna ordered from the Base Comm Room.

"Got it, Minna!" She replied as Yoshika clambered into the back of the truck and engaged her Strikers.

Back with Dunn and Soap, they had managed to pick off their attackers and advanced on them to see who they were dealing with, but being taken alive wasn't on their to do list, pulling the pins on a row of grenades the final survivor committed suicide, nearly taking the two 141 operatives with him.

"Dammit...Who were they?" Dunn wondered.

"Dunno, but we need to find those girls before they do. C'mon!" Soap motioned as they left in the direction they last saw Francesca.

With the running girl and her guest, they stopped in the middle of the crowded market, where they could hide in plain sight.

"Wh-who were those men and why were they shooting at us?" The girl asked.

"I...Don't know, but Soap and Dunn are still back there...We would have been safe with them." The small witch shuddered. She hoped that they were alright.

"I...I'm sorry, but I was just so scared." The girl nearly cried until they heard voices, voices that were asking about them. They looked over to see men in the same dark suits inquiring about them, so they had to keep moving and stay hidden.

"We need to keep going. The guys will save us...I know Big Guy will." She whispered as they kept moving.

After a few moments of prep time, Mason and Foley were on the road in an old command car since it was much faster than grabbing a truck. After 10 minutes of ripping across the mountain paths, they made it into the valley and would be in Rome shortly. At least they were within Comm range now.

"Soap...This is Mason. Sgt. Foley and I are almost there to back you up, but what the hell happened?" Mason asked as Soap filled him in on the specifics.

"Those wankers spoke German! Must be more of that weird group we heard about, but they were after some girl, dunno what for but Lucchini's with her. We can't let them find them first!" Soap replied urgently as Mason and Foley gunned the throttle hoping they reached them in time.

Dunn and Soap ran out onto a crowded thoroughfare and holstered their weapons to avoid causing a panic.

"Damn, I know they came down this way..." Soap muttered as they walked up to a vendor.

"Say mate, you seen two young girls run past here?" He asked, giving a brief description.

"You know...You are the second group today to ask that, Sengiour. They went that way, toward the Main Square." The vendor answered, the pair tearing off immediately.

"Mason...We're headed for a large town square, has a large fountain in front. Meet us there ASAP!" Soap updated his backup as they kept running.

"I...I think we lost them." Francesca panted as they stopped running next to a large fountain in a crowded plaza, but no sooner than they stopped for breath, they were grabbed from behind by the very men they were running from.

"We have the target. Kill the witch." The apparent leader ordered another in an oddly warped voice, dragging Lucchini harshly over toward a back alley so he wouldn't be seen until Soap and Dunn spotted them.

"OI! DROP THE GIRLS! NOW!" Soap ordered at the top of his lungs, hoping that the civilians would get the hint and flee, giving them more room to fight.

The agent dragging Lucchini pulled out a Mauser C96 and opened fire on them, but a quick snap shot from Dunn put a round in his head, allowing Francesca to run back to them.

"You alright!?" Soap asked the small girl, who nodded tearfully into his coat but looked up at him.

"They're gonna do something bad to her...We gotta save her!" She begged the two of them, who sighed and steeled themselves for a brutal fight until they heard people running up behind them, their back up.

"Got here as fast as we could and I brought a pair of Riot Shields. Figured we could use them." Mason stated.

"Bloody brilliant, mate! Stack up, two to a shield! Advance!" Soap ordered as Mason and Foley manned the shields while Soap and Dunn huddled behind them while they advanced on the small group of apparent terrorists, whose rounds were now ineffective against the ballistic shields and began to fall back toward the Town Hall while high in the skies above, Shirley and Yoshika were engaging the Neuroi.

Soap had an idea as he grabbed the carbine from Mason's back and they advanced while Soap picked off the enemy agents with a longer range weapon, closing in on the remaining hostiles and gunning them down very quickly. The small girl watched in awe as the 4 men took on all of these assailants singlehandedly, maintaining their calm the whole time.

"Who...are you people?" She asked.

"We're with Task Force 141 and the witches are from the 501st JFW, Strike Witches." Soap answered her question.

"Why did you fight to protect me?" She asked of them.

"Just seemed like the right thing to do." Dunn fielded the question, making her think as the men looked over the bodies of the dead agents to make a startling discovery.

"What the fuck..." Dunn muttered.

"What the hell happened to these guys? Part of them is...crystalized." Foley added.

"That IS weird...Lemme take a quick picture." Mason said, pulling out a small digital camera that was used to catalogue crime scenes and evidence in his old job, snapping off a picture or two of the bizarre, twisted human visage. (Think of the Indoctrinated from Mass Effect, most prominently the Cerberus Soldiers and The Illusive Man in Mass Effect 3.)

Soon, they heard police sirens wailing in the distance and overhead, Yoshika and Shirley had just destroyed the Neuroi, making the city breath a sigh of relief.

"About damn time the cops show up..." Mason growled ironically.

"Yeah...Real bloody heroes..." Soap agreed as the police officers began to question them.

The men managed to explain what happened, along with the witches vouching for them and the police thanked them for watching their fire and not hurting any innocent civilians, sending them on their way.

"So...Where's the money?" Shirley asked Lucchini, who then patted herself down and paled.

"I dropped it..." She whimpered out.

"Ahh...I kinda understand since you were, you know, running for your life." Shirley remarked as they stored their gear and Strikers, and left for home with what they had.

Once they returned back to the hanger, Lucchini was met with an earful from Mio and Minna until the situation was explained to them. After that, they relented and let her off without punishment. Later that day, a radio broadcast was heard, a public address from the Dutchess herself.

"My dear people of Romagna...Today was a very enlightening experience for me. I never knew how dangerous this war against the Neuroi truly was, nor how close this danger was to our beloved country. Today was a very rude awakening for me, especially since Agents of an unknown affiliation tried to kidnap me for unknown reasons. I would have disappeared and possibly have been killed and our city destroyed if not for a brave group of people. They not only rescued myself, but destroyed the Neuroi that threatened us. I wish to give my special thanks to the 501st JFW, the Strike Witches, and Task Force 141, especially Ensign Lucchini of the 501st and Captain MacTavish and Corporal Dunn of the 141. I hope that they will continue to protect us all." She stated, everyone in the dining room's jaws dropping.

"That little girl we saved..." Soap murmured.

"Was Royalty?" Dunn finished as they heard a large plane fly directly overhead. They looked outside to see that the plane had dropped four large crates by parachute that were almost there. Once they were on the ground, the guys fetched a pair of crowbars to pry the crates open to find that they were all full of food supplies, gifts from the Romagna Duchess.

"Well...We won't have to go shopping for a while..." Price remarked with a chuckle.

"A LONG while..." Mason agreed as they all started to grab arm fulls and re-stock the pantry.


That was only ONE incident that required their unique skills and abilities. Another came along when a supply train bound for the 501st Base had been hijacked en route. The 141 had been called in to deal with the unknown hijackers by Allied GHQ due to how well they performed during Operation Erlosung...


It had only been a week since the Rome Incident, but things were moving along pretty well. Training was normal except Mio requested that a few more witches undergo some of the Task Force training, as well as receiving letters of thanks from the Liberion President and a few other world leaders for preventing the de-stabilization in Romagna. Some sent only letters, but two of them sent vital supplies such as repair parts for their strikers, as well as munitions for the witches weapons via rail and had some extra maintenance personnel and engineers flown in to shorten their maintenance downtime. The personnel had arrived on time, but the train was late, so Minna had Comms hail the train, only to get no answer.

"I want Barkhorn and Hartmann to head out and locate the train. Once you find it, try to hail them if you can." Minna ordered.

The two witches set out immediately for the area where the train was supposed to be, only to find it heading Northeast instead of South through Venezia as it was supposed to.

"Where the hell are they going?" Barkhorn wondered as they attempted to get in close to the train's engineering car.

"Witches...Kill them." A strange warped voice commanded the hijackers on the train as they uncovered a series of heavy machine guns and opened fire on the two witches.

Erica had been fired on before, so she was quick to raise her shield but Trudy was caught flat footed and took a round to her arm before her shield went up.

"Trudy! Are you okay?!" Erica asked her longtime friend and partner.

"Y-yeah...I'll be okay...So this is what it's like to get shot..." She hissed in pain as Erica contacted Minna.

"Minna! We found the train, but someone opened fire on us and hit Trudy!" She reported.

"Damn! We need to get the supplies on that train, so we can't risk blowing it up...We need to retake it somehow..." She pondered.

She knew that the 141 could possibly handle such a mission, but getting them onto the train would be a challenge in and of itself. On top of that, she contacted GHQ and they gave her the go ahead to deploy the Task Force while she and the men came up with a plan and who was going. It was decided that Mason would lead the mission, with Harkov and Ramirez backing him up. For the tight quarters they would be in, they took along MP5s along with Mason grabbing his trusty Benelli M4 Super 90. They would have to be carried to a point where the train would have to slow down and near a raised surface so they could jump onto it. Looking at the map, they found such an area 60 miles out from the base, near some rocky outcroppings.

For the next phase, they needed to enlist the help of witches with the highest payload capacity. Those witches were Shirley, Eila, and surprisingly, Lynnette. All of them were used to carrying heavy loads into combat, so they would be fitted with special slings that could break away for a quick drop off.

"I hope that we won't have to go far...Never carried anything as heavy as you guys before." Shirley warned them as they got prepped for takeoff.

"Alright...You guys ready to go? Good, let's do it." Mason stated as they hooked into their special harnesses and were whisked away, the operation underway.

It only took them under 30 minutes of flying to catch up with the train.

"I don't see any gunfire!" Shirley stated to her passenger, Mason.

"Good, that means they don't know we're here! Set us down on the rear car and we'll work our way up from there!" He replied over the roar of the Strikers. The witches complied with the order, setting them all down on the caboose, but Shirley held back for a moment.

"I'll see about hanging nearby. Maybe I could give you covering fire once you take out the machine guns Erica mentioned." She suggested.

"Not a bad idea. But for now, get to safety! We can't have you girls getting shot down!" Mason answered her as the Strike Team moved in along the rooftops of the cars.

"Heh...This is just like the old western movies I saw as a boy!" Harkov chuckled to himself as they made it to one of the cargo cars unnoticed, staking it out through the skylight.

"Looks clear...Ramirez, you're first." Mason motioned as the young Private lowered himself into the car, the others following him as Mason took point again.

"Okay...We're going to have to clear these cars one by one. We use breaching manuevers on each door, sweep and clear. Got it?" Mason instructed, the other two nodding as they got into position.

"BREACH!" Mason shouted as he shot the locked door handle off with the shotgun, allowing Harkov to kick it open from safety as Ramirez opened up on the hijackers inside, killing two of them before they even knew what hit them as Mason and Harkov rapidly swept through the car with deadly speed and efficiency.

"We are clear...Next car!" Harkov called out as they stacked up and repeated the process another 5 times before they reached the final cargo car before they reached the passenger cars.

No sooner than they set up to breach, a hail of machine gun fire sent them to the deck for cover. The other hijackers had caught onto what was going on and set up two of their MG's to fire on the door to eradicate the intruders.

"Holy shit! They're on to us!" Ramirez exclaimed, but another voice over the radio piped in.

"Pinned down? We can help you there!" Shirley stated as she and the other two witches opened fire on the machine guns, taking some of the heat off of the Task Force and allowing them to flank via the rooftops again.

Soon, the train entered another tunnel, where the witches were unable to provide fire support but the darkness allowed the Task Force to move up unseen. It was slow going, since they had to crawl due to the low clearance of the tunnel but they managed to completely flank the guns facing their direction, Mason coming up with an idea and contacting Minna.

"I have an idea...What else is this train carrying? Anything else we need?" He asked.

"Nothing. All of the cargo needed is in the rear most cars, why?" She asked.

"I'm going to blow the couplings with one of the small Comp B charges with the supplies, that way, we can protect the cargo and retrieve it easily." He answered her as it dawned on her. No sense in fighting if you don't have to and all they would lose is the engine and a few cars, not the valuable supplies.

"Do it." She ordered as he set the charges, Harkov and Ramirez covering him as he worked to set them so they wouldn't blow them to kingdom come as well.

The charges were now set to blow once they got clear of the blast, but a few of the hijackers managed to hop over the top and wound up behind them, their backs now facing the ticking time bomb.

"Shit...Shirley, we're in some real trouble here! Fire on the aft end of the car we're in! Hurry!" He ordered as the young Liberion witch complied with said order, opening up on the rear end.

The hijackers didn't have a choice against the high-caliber MG fire but to take cover to avoid being torn to shreds as the Task Force now scrambled to get clear with seconds to spare. No sooner than they cleared the last car, the charge went off, taking the car they were previously in off of the tracks and tumbling down into the chasm below, nearly taking them with it. This caused a chain reaction as the engine thundered down the tracks, now out of control and flying right into the canyon wall, the wreckage now blocking the tracks.

"HOLY SHIT! Ramirez, pull the brakes!" Mason yelled since the Ranger was closest, who snapped up and began to apply the brakes, but he couldn't pull hard enough.

"Dammit..." He grunted as he tried to pull harder, but he just wasn't built like that. Harkov and Mason immediately jumped up to pull the brakes. It was extremely close, but they managed to stop the cars only scant inches from the twisted wreckage.

"Chyort...That was close..." Harkov swore as they all caught their breath.

"Holy crap! You guys okay?!" Shirley asked frantically over the comm link.

"Yeah...We're alive." Mason grunted as the team all stood up to flag down the girls and contacted Minna.

"Commander, Task Force 141 reports mission complete. All operational objectives reached and the cargo is safe." Mason reported.


The Task Force was called into Allied GHQ at the request of General Eisenhower for an undisclosed reason. A messenger had come by the base to personally inform Commander Minna that the presence of the Task Force was formally requested at Allied GHQ by General Eisenhower himself. They were wary at first, opting to go there in the most heavily equipped, armored, and only vehicle they had, the SWAT van and in full gear and armor. However, once they stepped out of the van and entered the main building, they were greeted by a grand military ceremony, high ranking brass from multiple countries within the Alliance in attendance as well as scores of other witches and in the cars behind them, were the girls of the 501st, all smiling wide.

"What...The hell?" Soap wondered aloud as he looked around.

It was a grand hall, filled to capacity with brass from all different countries in full dress uniform along with the witches from several other squadrons that could make it. Behind them with knowing grins were the girls of the 501st, Minna stepping forward.

"You knew about this?" Price asked with an expectant look.

"I figured you boys wouldn't come willingly, so we had to trick you somehow. You guys deserve this, for all of the good you've done in such a short amount of time." Minna coaxed them onto the stage where they fell into ranks, seven abreast as General Eisenhower, two of his aides, and Generals Galland and Patton with their aides by his side, all of them holding small boxes.

"Ladies and Gentlemen...We have come here to honor the achievements of these seven extraordinary men. There are those of you out there that do not know their names, so I will just get straight to that before going any further. From an alternate Brittainia, we have Captains Jonathan Price and Jonathan MacTavish, hailing from a Special Forces unit known as the Special Air Services or SAS."

"Next, we have Lieutenant Bradley Mason, hailing from an alternate Liberion called the United States, from the Los Angeles Police Force's Zero Tolerance Anti-Crime Task Force, or T-Zero. However, we have since learned that before he joined them, he served in the Navy for his country, in an elite Special Forces unit known as the Navy SEALs Team Six."

"Moving on and also from the other Liberion are three men from the Army Rangers 75th Regiment, an elite Corp within their Army, tasked with blazing the trail for others to follow regardless of the danger and odds against them. They are Sgt. David Foley, Cpl. Michael Dunn, and Pfc. James Ramirez. Finally, hailing from the alternate Orussia is Sgt. Andrei Harkov, formerly of a Special Forces unit known as the Spetznaz, Vymple Unit, but now a Protection Agent for his country's leader." Eisenhower introduced them before moving along with his speech.

"What are Special Forces?" Nikka Katajainen asked one of her fellow witches.

"You have the regular Army soldiers, but these guys are just...So much more. It's like just one of them is worth over a platoon of regular grunts...These guys are really hardcore and damn good." Trudy answered with a whisper, but reverent respect was clear in her tone.

"You...Sound like you respect them very much." Helma Lennartz commented. She idolized Captain Barkhorn and anyone who earned her respect to such a degree deserved hers as well.

"Meh...They sound kinda interesting…But two kills is nothing to get worked up over." Hanna Marseille added with a scoff.

"That's not the point. They had no idea what they were going to face, but they lent us a hand anyway. No shield to protect them, no magic or Strikers to aid them. Just the thought of having to face down Neuroi without them is frightening." Erica stated forcefully, the hard and intense look in her eyes surprising everyone. The Task Force had not only saved her own life, but twice they had delivered her sister back to her.

"Yes. They have earned our utmost respect and our gratitude for saving the lives of us witches without any hesitation or ulterior motives. The amount of courage it must take to face down Neuroi without a shield or Strikers must be phenomenal, but these men did it without flinching." Mio replied, her tone reverent.

"They also rescued us from Strasse, marching straight into Wolfenstein to so. Such a terrifying mission would have sent any normal or even sane man screaming, but they didn't hesitate. My life was saved twice by them, so I will do everything in my power to aid them in returning home." Ursula Hartmann stated with steel resolve in her voice as they listened to Eisenhower once again, who was now ready to present the medals as he called them all to attention.

"First awards are for all of Task Force 141, the Bronze Star from Liberion and the Knight's Cross 2nd Class from Karlsland at the behest of the Emperor himself, for gallantry and conspicuous courage under fire." Eisenhower announced as the medals were pinned to the recipients.

"The next award is for Lieutenant Mason and Sergeant Harkov. You men undertook a grave risk when you breached Castle Wolfenstein, but you accomplished the impossible and rallied the support to end Strasse's evil ambitions and expose traitors to humanity, along with the apprehension of Strasse himself. You have been awarded the Silver Star for your valor from Liberion as recommended by General Patton and the Knight's Cross 1st Class from Karlsland courtesy of General Galland." He announced as the pair accepted them proudly.

"Next we have the Purple Heart, for Private First Class James Ramirez, Corporal Michael Dunn, and Lieutenant Bradley Mason, for sustaining injury in defense of our witches." Eisenhower announced.

"Moving along, we now have the Croix de Guerre for Corporal Dunn by order of General deGualle, who bravely treated and saved a Gallian witch from a gruesome death, putting his own life aside." Eisenhower stated as the medal was pinned on him by a particularly attractive young woman, Dunn not being able to help letting a blush and a goofy grin appear as she winked at him.

"Next, we have the Order of the Red Banner for Lieutenant Mason sent from Orussian GHQ, for bravely facing down a Neuroi Walker to pluck a downed and wounded Orussian witch from the jaws of death, nearly getting his head blown off in the process." Eisenhower chuckled lightly after hearing the young witch he rescued sigh longingly.

"Now, we move along to another award for Captain MacTavish and Corporal Dunn. This was sent with gratitude from the duchy of Romangna, for rescuing their Duchess from unknown agents: The Romangna Medal of Valor."

"Finally, for his outstanding leadership under fire, Captain Price has been awarded the St. George Cross by Brittainia at the request of Minister Churchill himself." Eisenhower announced as the old veteran was pinned.

"Now...Please join me as we give tribute to these heroes. Let their courage and conviction stand as a model for us all! SALUTE!" Eisenhower ordered, the entirety of the hall standing at rapt attention.

After a few moments, they were dismissed from the ceremony as they started to mingle, many of the young women disappearing for a few moments as musicians began to play soft waltzing music.

"What the hell's going on now?" Dunn groaned as their attention was pulled towards a side doorway, where the girls had reappeared.

They had all gone to change into dresses. They even managed to get Barkhorn into one as they approached the men.

"Commander...What the...Who?" Mason stumbled over words until Minna took him by the hand to the dance floor, each of the men getting the same.

"Relax, Lieutenant...just enjoy yourselves. You guys earned it." Minna soothed as they began to dance.

Mason was feeling…awkward. He knew how to dance, having gone to every single Navy Ball while on active duty, but it was his dance partner that made him feel a touch uneasy. She looked exactly like his wife back when they were first married, 18 years ago. She was an attractive young woman, responsible, stout-hearted and courageous, just like his late wife.

"C'mon, big guy!" Francesca cheered as she dragged Soap by his arm.

"A'right...Ye don't have ta tear my arm off, missy..." He chuckled.

She was so small, especially compared to him, that she had to stand upon his boots to follow, not that she minded. She was naturally very affectionate with everyone she deemed worthy enough, and Soap had been added to the short list next to Shirley. On top of that, Soap was used to smaller children due to the kids his elder brother had, a boy and a girl, both around Francesca's age. It opened up a much softer side of his personality that very few ever get to see.

"Treat me well, Private." Mio teased slightly as she took a blushing Ramirez by his arm.

"C-Captain! Would you like to dance?!" Trudy stumbled over her words as she spoke to Price, someone she had come to admire and look up to.

"I'm a little old for this..." He mumbled as he allowed himself to be led off by the beautiful young lady. A few feet away, he overheard an older woman comment on how sweet it was for a grandfather to dance with his granddaughter, making him blanch and grumble.

"C'mon, Sarge! Let's cut a rug!" Shirley hooted as she grabbed a flustered Foley.

David Sean Foley had always been somewhat quiet and reserved, even as a kid. He was also one of the biggest wall flowers one could ever meet and simply wasn't very interested in girls as a teen, much to the distress of his mother. However, her fears of her son being gay were put to rest when she found a rather large stash of skin mags underneath his bed, along with him being grounded for a month.

"Comrade Harkov? Would you do me the honor of a dance?" Sanya asked politely and quietly with a curtsey, making the Russian man grin softly and bow. The small, quiet Orussian girl reminded him so much of his niece Iilyana, whom he hoped was doing well back home.

"Da. Позвольте нам танцевать." He replied in their native language.

"Great...Everyone else gets a dance partner, but nooo...Not the Corporal..." Dunn muttered until the sound of someone clearing their throat got his attention.

"Even though you're a brutish person...You still saved my life at the risk of your own, and I wanted to say that I'm grateful." Perrine sniffed.

"Yeah...Great. Glad you're happy." He replied sarcastically, making her indignant.

"I was trying to give you the honor of dancing with a Gallian Noblewoman, you common dolt!" She hissed.

"You didn't really have to dance around it like that..." He mumbled as she took his hand forcefully and dragged him to the dance floor. She noted that he had clumsy movements and sighed loudly.

"Do you even know HOW to dance?" She asked irritably.

"Er...No. Not like this..." He replied, the only real dancing he'd done was the square dancing back home in Abilene, Texas.

Mike Dunn was a Honky Tonker, a country boy born and bred. It was in his blood, having grown up out in the boonies just outside of Abilene proper, more towards Clyde to the west of the city. He grew up listening to Hank Williams, Sr. and Jr., as well as Johnnie Cash and others. All of this refinement that Perrine came from was alien to him.

"Fine...Then do as I say." She commanded as she guided him through the steps and motions. Soon she had him to the point where he at least wouldn't mangle her feet.

Off to the side, the rest of the girls watched them dance.

"Ahh...It's so nice to see everyone having fun for a change." Yoshika commented.

"That's certainly true." Lynnette replied as she turned to her friend.

"You wanna go dance, Yoshika?" She asked.

"Eh?! I never danced like that before! I only did the Bon dances back home in Fuso!" She exclaimed.

"I can teach you! I learned how at my sister Wilma's wedding! Her husband taught me how!" Lynn giggled as she dragged a sputtering Yoshika away to dance, leaving only Eila and Erica.

"Wow...Who knew Trudy could dance?" Erica chuckled.

"They look like they're having fun." Eila commended lamely, wishing she was the one dancing with Sanya. However, Sanya was her own person and she wouldn't want to get possessive over her like Perrine was with the Major.

"Aw...Don't look so down! C'mon, let's dance!" Erica cheered as she dragged the taller witch away with surprising strength.

Off to the sides, the Generals were watching all of this carry on with grins and chuckles at how the girls practically corralled them into dancing with them.

"It's good to blow off some steam and relieve the stress of combat, if only for one night." Eisenhower stated as Patton chortled next to him, holding a glass of cognac and a cigar.

"Yep. It's also good to see these kids having a little fun for a change. Never can tell which day's gonna be their last, so they need to enjoy life while they have it." Patton added.

"I agree...But it looks like those men have a line forming." Adolfine Galland commented with a smile, seeing the small line that had been growing since the music started. Many of the young witches just wanted to have a chance to talk with these soldiers, to find out what it was that set them so far apart from the norm.

"Besides...I think I'll ask for a dance, myself." Adolfine chortled as she made her way down, asking Captain Price if she could have the next dance as General Omar Bradley joined his old friend since their days at West Point.

"To be young again, eh George?" General Bradley chuckled as they looked at Dunn clumsily dance with his partner, getting an earful.

"That's true, Brad...I'd love to be their age again...Hell, I should have proposed to that witch we met back in the first war...What was her name again...Minnie! That was her name! Ah well...Can't stay in the past." Patton reminisced with his old friend over a glass of cognac.

Back on the dance floor, Ramirez had just finished a dance with Mio and was about to sit down for a moment when a new song was struck up and he found himself dragged back out to the floor by one of the Liberion Witches, the blonde that had kissed him a couple of weeks ago.

"Wanna dance, cutie?" Mary winked as the more lively song began to play (Think of the Jitterbug...Look it up.) , Ramirez now silently thanking his mother for making him take those dance lessons with his sister instead of the Karate lessons when they were kids. That was mainly so he could dance at his elder sister Elena's Quinceañera, but he wound up learning a lot more than he thought he would. It was thanks to those classes that he didn't make an ass out of himself out there and all of these lovely young ladies were gathering around him.

'Almost makes getting beat up worth it.' Ramirez thought.

'There's that feeling again...Sure, I like Ramirez as a person well enough, but why do I feel so...Jealous and possessive?' Mio asked herself as she watched.

Over off to the side, Francesca had her dance with her big buddy, so she latched onto Shirley for a while. Soap and Foley hit the bar and got to talking with Waltrud Krupinski. Soon, the trio were swapping jokes and drinks, laughing like old war buddies. Dunn had been asked to dance by Yoshika, who looked up to him as a sempai of sorts, since he was teaching her about field medicine in their off time. The American Corporal saw the young Fuso witch as a little sister, since his own was around her age and she reminded him of her in many ways.

Near the other side of the dance floor, Mary, her girls, and a few other witches were passing the poor private around like a doobie at a biker party, all of them feeding off of his awkwardness around girls in general. He'd never had that much luck with ladies in the past, his High School love life being nothing short of one embarrassing failure after another. His mother actually thought he was jinxed when it came to girls, so when his Senior Prom rolled around, she had him take his youngest sister Isabelle, who was two years younger, with him to his everlasting embarrassment. Now, James Glenn Ramirez, was something of a chick magnet and since he was still young enough for it to not feel awkward or weird, he was having a great time. Finally, he was passed back to Mary, who winked at him suggestively.

"So...Are you taken?" She asked him teasingly, which finally made Mio get up and act.

"Private, your Sergeant is looking for you." She informed him.

"Oh crap...Gotta run!" He exclaimed as she took off running.

Mary gave her a small glare, knowing what the Fuso witch was doing, but held her tongue due to rank...For now. It was plain as day that the Fuso Major harbored serious feelings for the young Ranger, seeing it in her eyes when they first danced together.

"Hmph...So she ran interference. There'll be other chances." Mary told herself confidently as she and her girls went to get raucous at the bar.

Ramirez walked around for a moment and found his Sarge with all of the other 141 members, all of them filing into a briefing room.

"Ahh...Private Ramirez. Good, I was about to send someone to look for you. Please join us as we have some urgent matters to talk about." General Eisenhower beckoned him to follow them into the room.


The men all filed into the room to see several other people already sitting down inside, all soldiers from different countries. They were going to ask what was going on here when Eisenhower cleared his throat at the podium.

"Now. The reason why I have called this meeting is to ask something of you men. You have valuable skills and experience that we would ask you to lend to us, seeing as most of the Karlsland military and smaller factions of several other countries militaries have gone rouge. Some of the identified officers that have joined this seditious movement are Colonel Edward Richtofen, a prominent Karlsland scientist, and General von Schraeder, the head of another special projects division along with Generals Alfred Jodl, Goering, and Keitel. From Fuso, there are Admiral Shima, Commander of Fuso's 6th fleet, and General Matsui, Commander of Fuso's 2nd Army. Also, from Liberion, Colonel Breed of our Paratrooper School and General Adams have gone rouge. There are many more, but our agents have yet to identify them."

"In addition to this, they seem to be gathering under one man, only known by his initials at this point, A. H. These people have already become a threat, breaking Generals Strasse and Gregor as well as Major Hans Grosse and Air Marshal Maloney out of prison only an hour ago. They represent an extreme danger that we must be prepared to defend against. We understand that you cannot be everywhere at once, so what we had to ask is that you train some of our top soldiers in your methods and techniques and possibly lend a few of your modern firearms for analysis and possible reverse engineering. In doing this, we can substantially increase your manpower and manufacture more ammunition for your unique weapons, enabling us to supply you. However, before we get to that, we would like you to meet the personnel who volunteered for this, inspired to do so by you." The Allied OIC stated, turning his attention to the men and woman who now stood up.

"From Liberion, we have Sergeant James Roebuck, Sergeant Joseph Griffin, and Sergeant Thomas "Tank" Dempsey of the Liberion Marine Corps, Sergeants Mike Dixon, Nathan Hale, Samuel Rivers, Charles Walker, and Glenn Hawkins from the Liberion Army. Next from Britannia, we have Sergeants Conner Doyle, Edward Carlyle, and Master Sergeant Robert Starkey, all from their SAS. Following them from Orussia, Lieutenants Nikolai Badanov and Tanya Pavelovna, a non-witch but a damn fine sniper, Sergeant Viktor Reznov, and Privates Demitri Petrenko and Nikolai Belinski. All of them are outstanding soldiers and all have stepped forward of their own free will for this perilous and hazardous duty. Two of my aides, Major Reisman and Major Armbruster, have volunteered to take care of any logistical needs you may have while Major Reisman can aid in the physical training. Colonel William "Wild Bill" Donovan of our OSS has offered to keep you and your men informed, supplying any and all intelligence his field agents can find. These agents will train alongside you until they are sent out to gather intelligence: Captain William "B.J" Blazkowicz, and Lieutenants William Holt and James Patterson." Eisenhower explained while the men deliberated.

"So...What do you lads think?" Price asked.

"In for a penny and all that bollocks, mate." Soap replied.

"Yeah...I mean, we've come this far and I don't know if we'll ever be able to go back. We might as well see this through." Mason offered.

"Da. Same here." Harkov replied.

"I think we're in, too." Foley answered, rounding out their quorum.

"We accept." Price answered for all of them as they got down to further planning.

The next few minutes were passed by Eisenhower authorizing them for field promotions, giving them actual ranks in their world. Price, being the most senior and experienced as well as the obvious leader, was made a Lt. Col. Soap and Mason, being his right and left hands, were each promoted to Major, who would oversee things and be his back-up field commanders. Harkov and Foley were each commissioned as Captains due to their obvious skill and experience. Price was just surprised Foley hadn't been commissioned by now, seeing as he was a very capable man. Foley just replied that he liked to actually earn his paychecks, making Patton roar with laughter. Dunn and Ramirez weren't commissioned, but they still got something as Ramirez was made a Sergeant and Dunn a Sergeant Major. Training schedules were hammered out as they were planning to make space at the 501st base for their Boot camp.

After that, they were led out to the SWAT van to draw the weaponry they were to reverse engineer and ammo samples. Patton was quite taken with the Vector, as well as the prospect of fully automatic battle rifles with a secondary weapon.

"Damn...You guys aren't messing around in the future. This Vector is a damn stroke of genius. The Tommy sprays lead all over the place, but this thing keeps 'em all on target with no loss of stopping power." Patton commented.

"Yessir. I've used one of these little beauties before. Every mag is loaded with 30 rounds of .45 Caliber whoop ass." Dunn chuckled, the General liking that saying as Rommel picked up a M6A2 Carbine.

"Hmm...These are similar to our Strumgewehr, but much more advanced. Lightweight, even." The Karlsland Field Marshal marveled.

"Those are used for HRT, Hostage Rescue Tactics, as well as general duty and assault. These things have never let us down. On top of that, we have a mounting rail system that allows us to customize our weapons to fit certain tasks, including under-slung flashlights and weapons, sighting lasers and fore grips for added accuracy and recoil control, and top mounted optics for even greater accuracy and increased target acquisition speed. " Mason answered him.

"Ahh…So that is what this small ring on top is for…Fascinating…" Rommel replied, looking into it and seeing the red dot sight, finding it much easier to acquire a target this way.

"Huh...Reminds me of the M3 Greasers we use..." General Bradley commented as he picked up an MP5.

"The Heckler and Koch MP5A2, a bloody solid SMG. They're good for CQC work; lightweight with little recoil and the stopping power in the 9x19 rounds is decent if you know how to shoot. This muzzle is threaded, so it can accept a suppressor for covert ops." Soap remarked as Mason dragged out one of the Mk. 14's.

"This...Is based off of the Garand's grandkid, the Springfield M-14 Battle Rifle. It was a gunnery milestone and still a favorite of mine. It never jams, has a rugged and durable design, 20 round box magazine, and it can punch through nearly anything except the obvious, like tank armor. Even my advanced Ballistic Armor would have trouble stopping it. This updated version has the same Universal Rail System that our Carbines and Assault Rifles do, so they can quickly change scopes and hardware to fit your needs. " The ex-SEAL explained as Patton examined it.

"Yeah...I can see where they got the basic idea. Like a BAR and a Garand had a bastard kid. If I were a foot soldier, I'd like to have one of these. Durable, reliable, and packing one hell of a punch. You say that your forces updated them and now you use them for sniper work? I can see that and this rail system was a work of genius. You can swap out the scope for iron sights in seconds and you have a perfectly good Battle Rifle." The old General said as the other soldiers got to have a look into the future. To them, it beat the hell out of reloading every eight rounds or using a bolt action.

Lt. Pavelovna really liked that part, not having to work a bolt action, having more than five shots before reloading, not having to reload one round at a time due to the scope placement, and being able to have a solid Battle Rifle to fall back on once the enemy got closer. The infantrymen liked having a rifle caliber, full-auto solution that didn't weigh a ton and kick like a mule like the Colt M1919 LMG, the Bren, or the BAR. The ease of reloading was appreciated, as was the ambidextrous design, adjustable stock for added comfort and accuracy.

The Generals also got to see the non-lethal weaponry and extra equipment, such as the Riot Concussion Grenades, Stun Rods, Tasers, Ballistic Riot Shields, and the Riot Assault Armor System. They could see where this equipment could help out police officers back in their home countries, especially in Liberion, where the Mafia was still strong in most major cities.

Finally, they locked the sample weapons and ammo into a secure truck under heavy guard and took them to a secret research facility, where Ursula Hartmann and a team of engineers and scientists would study and attempt to replicate these advanced weapons, or make their own versions. Every soldier having a scaled down mortar under-mounted on their rifles would do much to even their harrowing odds against the Neuroi. The shaped charge rockets, or RPG Anti-Armor weapons, would serve Grenadier Teams well and raise their chances of survival considerably.

The young genius in question gave them an estimate based on what she saw for herself before. She had seen the men taking the guns apart and cleaning them, giving her a good look at their internal make-up.

"The designs seem advanced, but they are actually exceedingly simple and makes me wonder why we haven't thought of them yet. I can have rough prototypes designed and manufactured inside of two weeks." She told the Generals.

In truth, she had already been designing something based on all that she had learned from their weapons. It combined the accuracy of the Garand with the full auto capabilities of the modern assault rifles, combined with the munitions launcher. She was designing a way to custom fit those launchers onto the MGs many witches carried into combat, increasing the amount of damage they could do. She could now start producing them, along with helping to design a new Standard Infantry weapon. A small company named Folsom Firearms in Liberion had expressed an interest in her ideas, so she would see what could be done about having them help with the manufacturing process.

"That's...pretty good." Eisenhower was stunned by her estimate. He thought it would take weeks or even months, but then he remembered that Ursula's powers as a witch allowed her to view the make-up of machines and gave her a deep understanding of how they worked or were supposed to work, making her a natural fit with her job.

Night time had drawn upon them now, dinner being served under a starry sky. The men were all seated together at one of the large tables, but they were discussing something that was bothering them since the briefing.

"Initials A.H…It couldn't be…" Price muttered.

"I really, really hope it isn't him…" Mason replied as Minna interjected.

"Who is this you're talking about?" She asked them.

"Well, since you're in this with us and we trust you, we can tell you. You see, that Strasse head case was part of some huge network that's working to get rid of witches. The General told us they were being led by someone with the initials A.H., but that was all they knew. We think we know who it is." Mason told her as Foley took over.

"In our timeline in 1923, a man named Adolf Hitler created the National Socialist Party, or as we came to know them, Nazis. He, with the help of a few close followers, built this movement from the ground up after the Germans were defeated after the First World War and blamed everything on different ethnic groups, especially the Jewish people. He began to gain momentum, mainly due to the people being extremely desperate for a solution and looking for someone to blame. This succeeded, and he wound up becoming a dictator with absolute power over Germany. He wanted racial purity, and exterminated anyone who could not fit into his ideal mold. By the time WWII was over, over 5 ½ million innocent Jewish people had been murdered, not counting all of the other groups they tried to exterminate on top of war dead. After it was all over, it was called the Holocaust, the near extinction of all Jewish peoples throughout Europe, all committed by some of the most evil men in human history." The newly commissioned Captain said, winding down the story which had all of the Karlsland witches either sick or about to become sick.

"That…Could have been us…" Barkhorn stuttered out as Erica and her sister clung to one another for comfort.

"They…Those men…What were they thinking? Could this madness happen to us, too?" Minna asked, clinging to the newly minted Major's arm.

"I hope not…For your sakes…But if this wanker is the same one we're talking about, we'll kick his arse and make sure he won't get the chance." Soap replied to her.

Dinner went on as the dance floor opened up for the last few songs of the evening, Mio taking the opportunity to drag Ramirez down to dance with her, much to Perrine's distress. The Fuso witch knew she liked him, especially after he went berserk on that Karlsland grunt for hitting her, but couldn't really describe what she was feeling. She was always awkward with personal matters regarding herself, that was why she usually donned her mask of professionalism and logic. Now, she was faced with something logic had no bearing on.

"Sorry about dragging you down here so suddenly. I just...Really like being around you for some reason. You make me feel...At ease." She told him honestly as they danced.

Ramirez didn't know what to say to that. No girl ever confessed to him, especially not in High School. Now, here was this pretty young woman who just admitted to liking him. He also had to admit that he felt something for her, too.

"Yeah...I really like being around you. You make me feel better, too." He admitted as a slight silence fell over them. Soon, the music died down but they hardly noticed until Shirley tapped them on the shoulder, a sly look on the Liberion witch's face.

"Come on, you two...Time to go home now." She said teasingly, knowing what was going through Mio's head as they all piled out of the building and headed home.

'I hope I get more chances like this...' Mio thought to herself with a smile.

501st JFW BASE

Dinner wound down and the night came to an end, everyone returning to their respective posts and bases, our heroes and heroines doing the same.

Upon returning, many of them went straight to bed but Minna asked Mason to stay for a moment.

"I…Had a wonderful time tonight. You're not a bad dancer and in combat boots at that." She said with a slight chuckle.

"Heh…Thanks. I did have a pretty good time tonight." He replied honestly as a companionable silence fell over them, the two of them walking into the base.

The silence was beginning to get to the young witch as she fumbled for something to say. She really was attracted to the older man and it wasn't unheard of to be so. After all, Lynette's elder sister Wilma married a man 30 years her senior at the age of 18. Their age difference wasn't as great, only 15 years with her being 20 and himself being 35. She also came to the realization that while Kurt's loss hurt, she couldn't run forever.

Mason was thinking the same thing. Yes, she looked much like his late wife and he loved her and his daughters very much, but staying in the past would only make this hurt more. He knew that the lady Commander was sweet on him, and she had many positive qualities. She was brave, responsible, intelligent, and had a natural beauty all of her own. He had heard about Lynette's sister, marrying someone even older than himself by 12 years, so the awkwardness of this pseudo-relationship had mostly fallen by the wayside and he was too damn old to feel like some awkward teenager. However, he wanted to make this second chance count. He turned to say something, but she beat him to it.

"I...Have to get this off of my chest...I really like you. I never thought I would feel this way again since Kurt died, but...Something is telling me to give love another chance. I feel safe with you, especially since you rescued me from Strasse and took gunshots meant for me without flinching. I can't let this chance slip by me. So..." She stated, pulling him down by the shoulders to kiss him on the cheek.

"You don't have to say anything now, but...Just give it some thought." She asked of him as she left for her room, leaving him there to think as Ramirez came back down to see where his roommate had gotten to, the young Ranger seeing what happened.

"Whoa-ho...Looks like I wasn't the only one that had a stroke of luck tonight..." The young Ranger joked.

"You mean..." Mason inquired.

"Yep. Maj...I mean, Mio said that she...likes me. That's never happened to me before." James replied in a slight daze as he remembered that they were still looking for a way back.

"I...Don't want to go back. I want to stay here. I mean...It's not like I have anything or anyone waiting for me, and I really like it here." He confided in his older roommate.

"Yeah... I know how you feel. Nothing waiting for me but a ruined city full of bad memories...C'mon. We need to get some sleep. We've got a lot of work tomorrow." Mason beckoned, the younger man following his lead as they went to rest up, the next few weeks promising to keep them very busy.

A/N: Sorry...I've had a lot going on and a lot of it unpleasant, so I haven't had the time nor the inspiration to continue. However, I feel I have honored my promise to not given up without some kind of notice and I will continue to honor that promise.

Now...I know that it seems odd that they would be willing to join forces with the people of this time and place, but I assure you that they know they can't keep this up on their own. They are not superhuman. They are are all too human and they have their limits, as lucky and skilled as they are. By extending a measure of trust, they stand to gain a massive boon in terms of access to logistics, intel and manpower. I am simply looking at this realistically, from the point of view of someone who's been in the service for over 10 years.

Also...Mio has managed to snag herself a man along with Minna doing the same. For those who think it a bit...disconcerting, remember that Lynnette's elder sister Wilma married a man 30 years her senior.

The mysterious Fuhrer has been unveiled as well, along with several rouge commanders. Matsui I took from history, as he was the commander of all IJA troops in China during the Rape of Nanking, a very infamous man. Shima is from MOH Rising Sun. Breed is from a WWII movie called the Dirty Dozen, which had Charles Bronson in it. General Adams is the traitor General from the first Killzone. General von Schraeder is from MOH European assault while I believe that Edward Richtofen needs no introduction. The other Karlsland leaders were some of Hitler's highest ranked officers.

However, they also gained valuable allies and resources, as well as extra manpower plus rank to help them fulfill their new duties. Majors Reisman and Armbruster are from the Dirty Dozen, while the other soldiers are from the various CODs and MOHs while good ol' B.J Blazkowicz has entered the scene.