Hey guys, new chapter. Yes I'm aware this is short, but I couldn't stretch it out really far. It's only 946 words, not counting the authors notes. But hey, I thought this would be entertaining.

"But Guptaaaaaaaaa."


"But Gupta, please?"


"But I want some sooooooo much…" she whined. He sighed and rubbed his temples, hoping his crew mates got back soon. "Oh come on, why nooooooooot?"

"Because you don't need it!"

"But I don't feel gooooooooood." She protested. "And you're supposed to be niiiiiiice to me when I don't feeeeeeeel gooooooooood."

He sighed again. "And you think sugar'll make ya feel better?" she was begging him to go find her some honeycomb; she wasn't feeling well and the others had gone off to help Squint gather herbs for a remedy, and he was stuck watching her. He was firm she didn't need any, knowing sugar would just upset her stomach more. But she was adamant, she wanted honeycomb.

"But I'm siiiiiiiiick." She moaned. "Yer my babysitter. You're supposed to do what I want."

He stifled a laugh. "Says who?"

"Says me! And you're supposed to be extra nice cuz I'm sick! And I want some honeycooooooooomb."

"Will you stop all that whining?" he snapped, exasperated. He knew she wasn't feeling well at all, she'd caught come kind of flu bug a few days before, but still. That didn't give her an excuse to speak in a higer than usual voice and stretch out the syllables when she spoke.

She had been whining and griping and complaining nonstop since the first innocent little sneeze that indicated her ill. She was either bored, or hungry, or needed more tissues, or wanted another blanket, or something.

They were all annoyed to the point that everyone was practically begging the captain to let them dock so Squint (who was now like their unofficial doctor) could make her some medicine that would hopefully not only make her feel better but maybe knock her out for a few hours so they could get some peace and quiet. They were all also kind of hoping she'd lose her voice from the sore throat. Cruel, maybe, but they were starting to feel sick from all the complaining.

"But I'm siiiiiiiiick." She protested. "And you won't go get me any honeeeeeeeeeycooooooomb."

He sighed again. He really hoped they were almost done.

-With The Others-

Squint looked over the collection and nodded. "Peppermint, jasmine, juniper, cayenne, elderberry, lemon, licorice root, cone-" he stopped. "Where's the coneflower? I specifically asked for coneflower."

"That is a cornflower!" Flynn said.

He smacked his forehead. "Not cornflower, you idiot! Coneflower!" he looked up at his teammates. "I can't make it without coneflower."

"Well can'tcha jus give 'er that and call it good?" Gutt asked impatiently.

He shook his head. "Nope. I give 'er this without coneflower and-"

"I really don't care what the side effects are!" he snapped. "She'll just have to deal with it." He turned to go.

"Ya know, if I give 'er this it'll just make 'er sicker and a lot whinier."

They all stiffened. "Ok… where do we find coneflowers?" Raz asked.

"Meadows, by rivers."

An hour later, they returned to the ship, most plugging their ears to block out her persistent whines. "Is it done now?" she asked her uncle, who was stirring the brew over a small fire in a rock bowl. "Is it done yeeeeeeeeet?" he ground his teeth, ears flattening against his head in irritation. He forced himself to keep stirring and added another pinch of ground jasmine, stirring in another three drops of honey and lemon.

At last it was done, having turned an earthy green brown. "Here." He held it out to her. "Drink it."

She eagerly slurped it down… until she got a taste of it. She nearly spit it out, but her mother said "Yer gonna drink that Sheila or I'munna let Gutt keelhaul ya." Of course she didn't mean it, but she honestly couldn't take any more complaining.

She forced it down, trying not to gag. "There." Squint said. "That'll have ya back on yer feet in a day at the most."

She collapsed suddenly. "Sleepin like baby." Raz tucked her in her pouch. After everyone cleared away for some rest, relishing the silence, he glanced at the bowl. It had just enough for one more serving, one more antidote… or vaccine.

He shrugged and quickly drank it, figuring better safe than sorry.

-Two Days Later-

"SQUINT!" the rabbit winced and turned to his shipmates, jumping in surprise. They looked horrible. All looked dazed and a bit pale, fur (or skin and feathers) discolored, breathing ragged and heavy, coming through the mouths, noses red and obviously irritated. Oh no…


"I thoughd ya said thad bedicine would gure her! And look ad this!" she, sounding extremely congested, pointed in the direction of her daughter. Shira was still sick as ever, currently losing her lunch over the side, but no longer complaining. But that wasn't the bad part. The bad part was that it was contagious and she'd unknowingly spread it to the others. Squint was really glad he'd drank that left over bit of medicine.

"Technically, I just said it would get her back on her feet, and it did. I didn't say anything about curing her."

"Still! Loog whad you did!"

"Me?!" he asked incredulously. "How did I do this? Shira's the one with the flu!"

"Cuz-" her body lurched violently and she hurriedly hopped to the side, joining her daughter. Squint couldn't help but cringe.

Needless to say, he ended up playing nurse maid to his teammates for the next two weeks. And if there's one thing that isn't easy, it's caring for a bunch of moody, cranky, and aggressive pirates with the flu. But still, he thought silently, seeing them so miserable was really entertaining for him.

So, what'd ya think? Funny? Sorry, couldn't resist the last part about them getting sick too. just thought that would be kidna funny, and maybe a little expected. After all, one person gets sick in a family, and they all do.

Hey, should I do more with him caring for them? It thought that'd be kidna humorous, but I figured I'd let ya'll decided. Anyway, give me more ideas, please! Anything at all!