The inner workings of the mind is one of life's great mysteries, especially when one's tired. Last night, as a situation very similar to what you're about to read was happening, I devised this story from the conclusion of..."This is what I'd do if this was happening to me, and I was Iron Man." I hope you enjoy, and feel free to drop a review if you want!

The Things We Do When We're Tired

So the world was saved, the Mandarian was brought to justice…again…And Tony Stark found himself laying peacefully in bed, looking forward to a wonderful night's sleep. Sure, tomorrow there would be a lot of work for Iron Man to do, to fix up all of the collateral damage he and his enemy had created in their battle, but that's tomorrow…right now, Stark enjoyed the comfort of his silk sheets and the intoxicating sensation of laying his head on his luxurious pillow. The superhero drifted off peacefully looking forward to his one night's of amazing rest before the crazy week that was about to take place.

Or at least he tried to…but suddenly somewhere in his neighborhood, and not too far from him, the loudest, most annoying, and worst noise imaginable begun to pierce his ear drums.

"Beep! Beep! Beep! We-O, We-O, We-O, HONK HONK HONK!" the car alarm began to sound.

"You've got to be kidding me…" Stark grumbled as he tossed and turned to his other side and pushed the pillow over his head. "Well, I'm sure within a matter of minutes, somebody will figure out that their loud and obnoxious car is going off and they'll go outside and silence it."

Except nobody did. The car alarm went off for many minutes, and then those many minutes turned into many hours. There were slight pauses that flirted with Tony Stark, making him think that somebody had turned their car alarm off…but alas, after a few glorious, peaceful, and silent moments, the car alarm started again.

"Beep! Beep! Beep! We-O, We-O, We-O, HONK HONK HONK!"

Now at 1 am, when Tony thought of his next actions he realized how ridiculously uncalled for they seemed. He shook off these very tempting thoughts, and tried to go back to sleep. But the vile alarm KEPT going on…and on…an on. And in what felt like a lifetime, 1 am became 2 am…and 2 am became 4 am.

Finally, Tony Stark's eyes opened in a blaze of hatred, wrath, and deep anger…with a side of sleep deprived lunacy. He stepped out of his bed, left his room, and went into his basement, where all of his wonderful gadgets were. He went to the far wall, pressed the button, and watched as the wall swiveled around revealing the red and gold suit. Stark got into his suit, and blasted out of the laboratory hardly waiting for the launch pad's sky entrance to open. He flew high into the sky, and saw the flashing lights of the world's most evil and annoying car. He flew down close to the vehicle, and shot a large blue energy blast out of the palm of his left hand, turning the nice black Mustang GT into many useless pieces of scrap metal. Upon destroying the vehicle in a righteous rage, Ironman returned home. The alarm finally was silenced, and Tony Stark slept peacefully through the rest of the evening.

It was only when the superhero woke up the next day to start his busy week that he remembered that the Mustang was his newest addition to his car collection. Whoops!