Justin is apprehensive.

"But, Dad," he says slowly, looking at Jerry with an all-too-familiar expression, the one much too somber for a kid his age. "There's no such thing as magic. You said so."

"I know I did, but…" Jerry motions towards the table in front of them. "See that can there? Point to it and repeat after me; 'Levitatus Liquidatus'"


"Just do it."

Letting out a rather frustrated sigh – seriously, where does he get that?- Justin obeyed. Within moments the soda can began to rise off the table, causing his mouth to drop open. "How- that's impossible- how are you-?"

"Not me. It's all you."

Late that night when he catches Justin attempting to use his training wand as a light to get through "just one more chapter - promise" of his book, Jerry begins to think maybe this won't be so bad after-all.

Alex is less than impressed.

Jerry finishes his explanation and finds her flipping through the magazine she'd brought. "Did you hear anything I just said?"

"Yep." Her monotone voice replies while she turns another page, as if learning one is a wizard happens every day.

Jerry can only sigh. He pulls away her magazine and replaces it with the training supplies. "So then, starting Thursday we'll need to begin your training. Read chapter one and…"

"Aw, Dad, come on," Alex whines, leading to some smart comment or two. Jerry can only sigh. Lord help him when she's a teenager.

The next day when he finds out that Alex attempted to conjure up her own money – and thankfully failed- in order to buy something, Jerry begins to dread the fact that he still has one more kid to tell.

Max is confused.

"Do you get what I'm trying to say?" Jerry asks, and then waits. Sometimes it takes Max a minute for things to soak in fully.

Max's face remains scrunched a moment then suddenly lights up, his eyes becoming wide. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well, Max, because-"

"This is awesome! Can we go to the Wizard World tomorrow?"

"We'll see-"

"Oh, I bet there's ghosts and mummies and- are vampires real? And genies?"

"Yes, but-"

"What about Santa? Is he real too?"

"Well, no, but that's not-"

"Is the Wizard World in our wardrobe?"

That one causes Jerry to pause. "Max, we don't have a wardrobe. And no, the entrance is in our lair that's in the sub station freezer."

Max makes a face. "The freezer? That's crazy."

Later that day when he finds Max trying to bring his toys to life, Jerry can't help but smile. He's in for one interesting ride.