Rolling Girl

I'll always catch you, however far you fall.
So please, stop rolling, and give your all.

The girl stood by the window on the top floor of her school building, looking out. The window was large, she knew she would fit through. She opened it, and stepped carefully out. There was nobody else around, nobody to watch her, as she stepped off the edge.

She plummeted, it was not far, but the concrete below would do its job...

But something stopped her, a pair of arms, which caught her out of the air. The arms held her tightly, and she looked up to see a tear-stained face.

"Miku... please... don't do this... however bad it gets... you've got to stop..."

This time, she made sure he was not around, and climbed onto the school roof. She had enough long ago, of what was said, of how she always ended up rolling in the dirt. She looked at each and every plaster, and sighed. Each reminded her of one incident or another.

Her hair, her height, her voice, her face, her this, her that, her everything. Each and every one of them had been insulted, her pride destroyed...

...and through it all, she had kept saying "I'm fine" to the one person who cared enough to ask, to the boy who promised always to catch her...

...but he could not always be there, right?

She looked down, and sighed, as she let her weight pull her forward, and she fell...

She knew the sensation as soon as it hit. His arms again, and she could hear his tears. He was crying for her, for her alone...

She was in a psychiatric ward. They were trying to make her stop her suicide attempts. Once had frightened everyone, but soon she had been attacked for it. The second time, everyone had been scared to talk about it, in case it broke her down further. Now, how many times had it been? She had lost count, as had the boy who sat with her. She was in a bed, the room around her looking like a hospital.

She was allegedly there to 'recover from the last incident.' What that actually meant was they did not want to let her out of sight.

"Miku, are you okay?"

How should she answer, when she knew it would be her last day here? She had it planned out, once again. She had not been able to do as he asked. He had begged her to stop rolling, and she could not.

When she gave no answer, the boy stood, and went to the door, "I'm going to talk to the nurse for a bit."

She waited until he was gone, and his footsteps had gone down the corridor, then she quickly got up. She walked swiftly to the door, and opened it. She knew it would show up on the attendants' panels, but she was not worried about that. She ran to the stairwell, as she heard running footsteps behind her. She climber the stairs quickly, and reached the top floor. It was a tall building, a good six floors, and the ground below was paved.

The footsteps were still following her, and she took a deep breath, before running and leaping at the window. It shattered on the impact, and she went through in a hail of glass shards.

She began her fall, but then a second shatter rang out. She should have been falling alone, as always, but another person was there. He was there, and his arms wrapped around her as they fell, the glass from two windows reflecting the light around them.

"I promised I'd always catch you... Miku... so are you okay?"

How should she answer, when she knew this would be her last day here?

"I can feel my breathing stop... goodbye."

Bis Bald