Hidan and Oerba Yun Fang

100 Themes

*Warning: Some of these word may be used incorrectly. I did not have the ability to find out how to correctly use some of them (i.e. gesticulation, besot, etc.)

**Another Thing: Each chapter will be divided up into 4 ficlets/short stories. I should be finished 20 of them by this weekend. I will continue writing the other 40 drafts in my journal.


When Hidan would meet up with Fang, he would wrap his arm around her broad shoulders. When Hidan did this, she punched him in the arm hard enough to make it sore. The Jashinist would shrug it off, and continue to flirt. She would laugh in response, joining in the closeness.


"Fang, what kind of soup is this?" A sick Hidan asked.

"Giant Flan soup" his girlfriend stated proudly.

The Pulsian placed the bowl containing purple liquid and unidentifiable leaves.

"Are you sure this is edible?" He asked hesitantly, bringing the soup to his mouth.

"It's the exact same soup Vanille served you yesterday, love" Fang replied sternly.

"Except she can actually cook."

Five seconds later, Hidan gained a beastly bruise to the head.


Every human being (and maybe even animals) have dreams at some point or another. Fang would have dreams of seeing her fallen father and loving mother. In the morning, she would find her pillow slightly damp and her face faintly tear-stained.

On the other hand, Hidan would have dreams of killing Asuma and his "stupid" shinobi and kunochi. In the morning, Fang would tell him that he yells in his sleep, sounding victorious.

Both have the same, repeated dream almost every night. One was a nightmare, the other was a victorious dream.


"So, whaddaya watching?" Hidan asked, seeing Fang cuddle up on the couch with a blanket.

"Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children." she replied, eyes still glued to the TV.

"Isn't that also a game? And why are you watching it?"

"Lightning suggested it. She said there was some 'hot' guy named Cloud Strife." As if on cue, the famous blonde appeared on the TV screen.

"Oh my Etro, he is hot!" she gaped.

Hidan's cheeks flushed with jealousy. The next day he hid the video, hoping Fang wouldn't find it.