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9. Loiter

Fang had a problem; someone was following her. And what's worse was that she knew who it was. Like, knew knew. Hidan soon found out it was the infamous "stalker" Zetsu (honestly, all he just wants to do is get to know people!). He would loiter around the caf├ęs she went to, buy the same junk food as her, almost anything imaginable. After Fang (finally) discovered Zetsu was indeed stalking her, she became more wary of were she went. Eventually, Hidan had to threaten him so he would stop tailing the Pulsian heiress. Zetsu the Stalker stopped... But not really, because after that he decided to watch both Hidan and Fang when they were most intimate.

10. Mustaches

Every other month, Hidan would try to impress his Pulsian girl with various tactics. Sometimes it had to do with dating or sex, other times it had to do with his own physical appearance.

So one day, our favorite Jashinist (not that there are any other Jashinists..) found a strange site on the internet with strange information. One of the things it stated was that most girls liked mustaches. Unfortunately, the silver-haired man misinterpreted the information, and simply assumed that all females liked mustaches. So when he grew a small one, Fang's reaction was not what Hidan was aiming for. In fact, she preferred a clean face.

11. Video Games

"Whatcha playing?" asked a curious but bored Hidan, "Is that a Wii game?"

"Yep, it's from Vanille. This game is actually pretty fun." she responded, swinging the Wiimote. A few cries of defeat and thwacks came form the TV stereo, telling Hidan that it was, indeed, a sword fighting game of some sort.

"That looks ... fun. Can I play? Gimme the fucking remote." The silver-haired man said quickly, taking the Wiimote from Fang's hands. He clumsily took a swings, one of them hitting the Pulsian heiress in the head. After that, his girlfriend did not let him play anymore sword fighting Wii games.

12. Abhor

Hidan sometimes hated other guys. Sure, he could talk about stupid things, make stupid jokes and whatnot. But he really hated it when random guys would start to hit on Fang. He can't really blame them though; she's tall, beautiful, strong and has a great personality. And a good sense of humor.

But whenever one of those guys would walk up to Fang, the Jashinist saw red. So to resolve his jealous rage (he calls his "girlfriend protection"), he hits the flirtatious man until the man begs for mercy. However, Hidan could not do this with his friends, mostly because they were all taller, and could hit harder.