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Sam groaned, rubbing his eyes and trying to stay awake as he sat in front of his laptop. You could say he hadn't got much sleep last night. The reason? Give you one guess. Yep, you got it right. Gabriel. It was the archangel's entire fault that he felt like he was going to collapse in exhaustion. Quite a coincidence actually, because that's what nearly happened in the bedroom last night as well. Ha, the irony of it all.

"Hey Sammy, you in there kiddo?" Sam sighed at the stupid question. Of course he wasn't all there. He had basically got his brains fucked last night… hard core style. "Sam? Sammy? Hey, you awake over there?" Nope, the Archangel still didn't seem to grasp the concept. Wow, he really could be an idiot sometimes.

"No, Gabe. I feel like I'm an insomniac," Sam replied dully. He had an urge to yawn again but buried it down, closing his laptop and pushing his chair out and standing up. "Why did you have to go all the way last night? Seriously, I feel like I haven't slept in weeks."

Gabriel shrugged innocently from his spot on the couch, honey golden wings splayed over the sides so much that the tips touched the floor. "Oh c'mon! It wasn't that bad, was it?" He smirked. "If I recall, you loved it and couldn't get your hands off me."

Sam couldn't help but stifle a chuckle, though in the end it turned out as a half yawn/half snort. "Yes, but that was last night; this is morning where I feel like I just ran across the globe in under a minute."

"That's impossible and you, nerdy boy Sammy, know it," Gabriel pointed out. Sam just gave him a dry look and he laughed. "But hey, I guess I can't talk. I don't need sleep; I'm just that awesome," he smirked.

"Yeah, because you're just that awesome." Sam rolled his eyes, walking over to the couch and sitting down next to the angel, moving a honey brown wing so he didn't crush it.

Gabriel gasped, amber eyes widening. "Did you just mock me, Sam Winchester?" The look on his face just made it even more comical and Sam couldn't help but burst into a full blown grin.

"Maybe," he shrugged.

"Well I never!" Gabriel cried, wings flailing. He grinned, pulling the hunter into a bone crushing hug causing the young Winchester to yelp in surprise.

"Gabriel, what are you doing?" asked Sam, struggling in his lover's arms. A chuckle was the only response he heard before he was sitting on their bed with no shirt. He was shirtless. Oh no. "Gabe, no. I'm not up for another round. Last night was enough, don't you think?" he groaned.

Gabriel appeared beside him, amber eyes lit up gleefully and wings a dark chocolate brown. Crap, horny angel on the loose this early in the morning? "No Sam, it wasn't enough," he said, fingers snapping and his shirt was off in a flash. "Plus, this might be what you need to stay awake."

Sam sighed, giving up. He didn't have the mental or physical strength to object the archangel's request. "Fine," he ground out, laying back and letting his head hit the pillow. "But only this once, got it?" he ordered. A slight dip of the mattress and Gabriel was lying beside, innocent look on his face. "Only this once Gabe, okay?" he repeated, in case Gabriel didn't hear him the first time. Which was extremely likely.

"Why, of course Sammy, whatever you say," Gabriel grinned, leaning forward to meet with the hunter's lips. There was a quick response much to his delight with Sam leaning in at the same moment and their lips capturing each other. He hummed into the kiss, moving an arm to grip the hunter's neck and pull him closer, slipping his tongue in between Sam's teeth in a swift fluid motion.

Sam moaned and rubbed his tongue against Gabriel's, closing his eyes and shuffling closer to the Archangel so their bare chests were touching. The feel of skin on skin sent an electric rush through his body and he shivered, wrapping his arms around his lover's back and pulling him even more closely; at the same time he dipped his tongue so it swiped across the underside of Gabriel's. The response was a low purr and a feathery wing curling around him, warmth radiating off the soft attachment.

"Sam, scoot over," said Gabriel playfully, amber eyes sparkling. Sam just stared at the Archangel, not understanding what he meant. Gabriel rolled his eyes. "I mean, roll over on your stomach," he laughed. Sam raised an eyebrow but obeyed, rolling over on his stomach and leaning himself on his elbows. "Perfect, Sammy," Gabriel grinned.

Sam was becoming a tiny tad worried now; that glint in Gabriel's eyes always meant something. "Gabe, what are you planning?" he asked cautiously, turning his head to look behind him and seeing the Archangel grinning mischievously. "Gabriel?" He was becoming super worried now for Gabriel was wriggling his eyebrows, a bottle of chocolate syrup manifesting in his hand.


"Okay Sammy boy, now the fun stuff."

Double crap!

"Gabriel are you sure that's such a good ide-" He didn't get to even finish his sentence before he felt something cold and sticky on his back and he shivered a bit. "Really Gabe, chocolate syrup?" he groaned, feeling a soft wet tongue run over his back, licking up the syrup and tracing his spine all the way down.

Gabriel looked up and gave Sam an innocent shrug before squeezing a line of syrup onto Sam's back from the base of his neck all the way down to his tail bone. He winked, bending down and gliding down Sam's back with his tongue; the sweet taste of syrup and familiar taste of Sam rolled on his taste buds as he licked sucked and nibbled on the hunter's skin. When there was no more syrup left he stopped, licking his lips, a wider grin coming onto his face.

"Hey Sammy, you mind rolling over again?"

Sam's eyes widened, though he obeyed and rolled back over again so he was looking up at the Archangel; he chuckled at the glimmer in his lover's eyes and the smudge of chocolate on his chin. "What are you going to do now?" he asked teasingly, bringing a hand up to trace the lines of Gabriel's abdominal muscles and feeling the archangel shiver.

"What do you want me to do?" replied Gabriel, picking up the syrup bottle again. "Do you want it to involve this sweet stuff?" He pointed to the bottle and laughed when the hunter nodded. "Rightio then Sasquatch, let's get you sugared up," he grinned.

Sam shivered again when the sticky wet substance was squeezed onto his chest, though moaned when Gabriel's tongue licked it up almost instantly. The feeling of the archangel's soft wet tongue sliding down his skin brought goose bumps forth and he let his body sag into the covers, enjoying the sensations. His breath caught in his throat, almost instantly being let out when Gabriel's tongue found his right nipple, swirling around the delicate skin before clamping down and gently tugging at it.

"Oh god," he moaned, grabbing onto the closest wing he could find and gripping the feathers hard, rubbing them together; the reaction was a breathy groan from the Archangel on top of him and a rough nip to his nipple. He let his fingers run themselves through the feathers in his hand, pinching them softly, not expecting nor ready for the heavy rutting of Gabriel's hips on his own. "Ah… u-uh fuck." He bucked his hips up, meeting the Archangel's once more as he dragged his whole hand through the patch of chocolate feathers, feeling the bone beneath.

Gabriel shifted so he was sitting on the hunter's hips, curling his wings more inward and lowering them down so Sam could reach them more easily. "Sammy," he whined, giving the young Winchester his best puppy eyes and ruffling his wings. Sam seemed to get the idea for he grabbed some feathers in his free hand and tugged at them, scratching at them much like what you do to a cat's ear. And boy, did Gabriel feel like a cat at that moment. The sounds coming out of his mouth sounded animalistic; like a wild tiger.

Sam laughed. The way Gabriel was mewing and whining reminded him of a kitten; though this kitten had a large span of 6 wings, dazzling amber eyes and an addiction to sweets that could drive anyone insane. But not him. No, Sam loved the Archangel to bits no matter how annoying he could become. Oh, and that could be really annoying.

"Sam, please don't stop."

Those were the words that brought Sam back to the present. He blinked, realizing he had been so deep in thought he had stopped his lover's wing massage and grooming. He chuckled, shaking his head. "Sorry, lost in thought," he said. Gabriel gave him an arch of an eyebrow but didn't say anything, just continued begging Sam with his eyes for the hunter to continue. Sam took that as his cue. He smirked. "Hey Gabe, you got any more of that syrup?"

Gabriel's eyes practically lit up and in a snap of his fingers another bottle of syrup had manifested, this time cherry. "Now this is what I've been waiting for," he grinned.

Sam just looked smugly at the Archangel. "What?" He asked, though he already had a feeling what was going to happen.

"It's time to pop your cherry kiddo!"

Sam laughed. Wow, what a cheesy line. "Okay, I have no problem with that," he shrugged, hazel eyes glinting with just a hint of lust. Well, who would blame him? Gabriel and cherry syrup wERE an awesome combination.

Anyone would have been blinded by the ear splitting grin Gabriel shone at that moment. His wings were glowing as well; an eerily beautiful glow that made the chocolate feathers look more like hot cocoa, if that was at all possible. "Brilliant choice, Sammy; wouldn't have said so better myself," Gabriel chuckled, popping the cap of the syrup. Next he popped the buckle on Sam's jeans, sliding them down the hunter's legs and couldn't help smirking at the large bulge that the hunter was sprouting in his boxers.

"Wow Sammy, I'm honoured that this is all because of me." He gave a gentle stroke to Sam's covered cock causing the hunter to gasp. "And you're already attentive. Perfect," Gabriel chuckled.

Sam groaned, barely holding his composure as Gabriel's hand crept into the waistband of his boxers, cock twitching when the a finger was pressed up against it, running down its length so slowly it was agonising. "Gabriel, are we planning to take my boxers off next week or now," he managed to gasp, voice on the snappy and impatient side.

Gabriel just put a finger on his lips -which he tempted to bite, might he add- and winked. Before he could say anything the Archangel had grabbed a hold of his manhood and given it a hard squeeze. Almost instantly his hips bucked forward into Gabriel's hand and he could feel a bit of cum drizzle from the tip.

"Whoa, Sasquatch, coming on my hand this early? I'm amazed," Gabriel laughed.

"Shut up," Sam moaned.

"Or what?" he grinned devilishly.

"Or I just might have to make you." Sam suddenly had a glint in his eyes and Gabriel squirmed slightly. Which might I say, was really rare for the archangel; him squirming had Sam feeling a sense of pride. He had made the mighty Archangel Gabriel squirm. Boo yeah!

"Oh, really now," Gabriel teased.

"Yes, really," Sam countered back smugly.

Gabriel laughed. "Well then, I guess that you'll have to prove it then won't you." His flared his wings so they gave him some sort of air of importance, though right now he didn't really need it. Sam would make sure of that.

"Okay then, why don't you get these boxers off first," Sam offered; it was more of an order actually.

"Rightio, kiddo." Gabriel gave a mock salute and in blink seconds the hunter's boxers were off, aroused cock springing free. "Well look at this," he smirked, giving Sam's cock a gentle squeeze. "A giant popsicle just waiting to be sucked." He winked and started pouring some cherry syrup onto the wet member while listening to the sounds of pleasure from the hunter; it was like sweet sweet music to his ears.

"Well then what are you waiting for?" asked Sam; the barest hint that he was begging to be touched was evident in his voice.

"All so eager aren't you Sammykins?" Sam gave him a mewed whine he grinned. "Okay, okay no more waiting," he laughed, leaning down and swiping his tongue along the head, collecting some cum and cherry syrup at the same time. Double whammy! Gabriel chuckled at the reference. "You taste so sweet Sammy," he moaned, licking his lips then diving back down; this time he took Sam in whole.

Sam couldn't help but let out a loud gasp, hips bucking 'till he could feel the head of his cock hit the back of Gabriel's throat. Even then the Archangel still managed to keep his composure, not gagging once and sucking heartily on his length, tongue trailing up and down the base, wrapping around it and continuing back to the head.

"Oh… god, fuck Gabe," he panted, gripping the bed sheets in knuckle white fists and throwing his head back against the pillow, clenching his eyes shut as his senses were filled with overridden pleasure. He bucked his hips up again, back arching off the bed as Gabriel's mouth enveloped his cock with warmth. He could feel the heat rising in his stomach, boiling his blood and setting his soul on fire. Before he knew it he was coming, letting out a harsh cry and releasing his milky seed into his angel's mouth.

Gabriel swallowed it all, or as he likes to call it - took it all like a boss. The taste was electrifying. It was tangy, sweet, savoury, and all completely Sam. Magical was right if there was word to put it. He drew back with a 'pop' and looked up to meet the hunter's glazed over hazel eyes, smirking at his work. Oh Gabriel, you have done well. Nah, that sounded a little too cheesy.

"Well Sammy, what do you think?" he asked, licking his lips of any remaining cum that he may have missed. "Did I pop your cherry or what?"

Sam was still trying to regain his breath, panting raggedly as he climbed back down from his high. His heart was beating rapidly, so much he could hear it thudding in his ears and his body felt all stringy, like he would collapse if he was standing.

"Wow, I must have really done a number on you," Gabriel chuckled.

"Definitely," breathed Sam, lips curling up into a slight smirk. "Oh, and in answer to your last question. Completely," he grinned.

Gabriel laughed. "Seems as much. Hey, like I said; I'm that awesome," he winked.

Sam snorted lightly, not even bothering to reply. He would just have to convince Gabriel that he was more awesome tomorrow. Yes, that's right. Maybe he could find some hundreds and thousands in the cupboards. Sprinkle some on Gabriel and he could have his very own little fairy.

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