Alex stared out of the 2nd story window pensively. Months of fatigue built behind her eyes as she watched her rag tag group of survivors switch guard duty. Only in these quiet stolen moments did she let her worry consume her. "How did I get into this?" she wondered silently. Six months ago she had been safe and at peace, if not very content or fulfilled. Now, that calm and peace didn't exist. An almost silent knock broke into her solitary brooding. Wiping a hand over her weary eyes, she turned to face her visitor. A smile flitted across her lips as she faced the teen who was the only reminder of her previous life. "I'm sorry Miss C, but. . ." his words trailed off uncertainly.

"It's okay Jonathan. What do you need?"

"Lucas wants to check on the backup generators and Letty needs you to okay the supplies we're planning on using next week. Morgan wants to go scavenge a new town-"

"All this in the 15 minutes I was gone?"

Jonathan shot her an awkward look, shrugging his shoulders lightly. She placed a comforting hand on his back, reassuring him she wasn't angry at him. Alex straightened her shoulders slightly and walked out the door to the main hallway.

Morgan stood at the end of the hall, his body seemingly relaxed, but on edge simultaneously. His eyes traveled over the young woman many had come to regard as their savior. Alexandria Cane stood tall, nearly 6 feet. Her mousy brown hair frizzed slightly in the Georgia heat. Morgan's gaze settled on her eyes. He doubted most saw the pain and exhaustion she tried so hard to hide from the people living
here. Most got caught in the unique blue hue of her eyes, slightly hidden between black framed glasses. He'd heard snippets of conversations. Some called them sky blue, others compared them to the
blue of the Caribbean ocean. He shrugged away from the wall, falling into step next to her, his thoughts about eye color lost.

"You have three minutes Morgan," Alex said, not slowing her walk or catching his gaze.

"I want to visit Hogansville. Odessadale is picked clean at this point. I don't see the benefit in risking lives for an empty town."

"What exactly do we need?" Alex slid a sideways glance to the older African American gentlemen. He still stood tall, despite everything that had happened the past few months. For that, she had to give him credit.

"Winters comin'. We need-"

"You want to go searching for your friend again. Morgan we've discussed this."

Morgan stopped and spun towards Alex, cutting off her escape. She tense slightly, but her face stayed smooth. "I get that. But what's the harm in doing double duty? We need supplies. Blankets, warm clothes. Diapers for the little ones and maybe some more formula. Let me and Duane go after my guard shift. Don't even need to reschedule anything.

A wry smile played over Alex's lips. "Got it all figured out huh?" Morgan smiled sheepishly. He knew the best way to convince Alex of anything was to have a plan ready to go before talking to her. Alex's brow furrowed as she thought through the idea. "Alright Morgan, but there's going to be one change. I'll go with you, not Duane. He needs to stay here, it's safer. Plus, I need to get out of here for a bit," she admitted quietly. Morgan's eyes widened slightly. In the three months since arriving, Alex had yet to leave the compound.

"Alright then," Morgan agreed hesitantly. "Should I ask Letty to prepare bags and Davis to get a vehicle ready?"

"Yes. We'll leave early, at daybreak, so we can be back by mid-day. Make sure the vehicle as both types of weapons," Alex mused, her voice tinged with the slightest hint of anticipation. Morgan glanced at her one last time as he parted ways with her. Her body moved more fluidly, and he swore her arresting blue eyes were no longer filled with fatigue, but had been replaced with a slightly feral gleam. A
shiver went down his spine, making him question if this was the best choice he had made.