Where is everybody? I think as I approach the glass door to Webster High. I yank on the heavy door and enter the hall.

Not. A. Soul.

I slowly tread to my locker. I turned my lock and the locker clicked open. I stuffed in my Bio book and continued to amble down the hall. Perpetuating each step to study my surroundings.


What was that? I back track and look at the wall on my left. On the wall a banner is plastered with a large yellow arrow on it. Hm? I decide to follow the aroow all the way up stair. More arrows pointing to the third, then fourth floor. Finally I make it to the roof, ten times more confused than I was when I walked into school a half an hour ago. I ooked around for anyone else or any arrows and as I scanned the tar-caked roof I spotted a telescope. But here's the thing about telescopes:

Most people use them at night, and they are usually pointed upwards.

This telescope was not.

I cautiously walked over to the telescope and gasped at what I saw.

Everyone right there in the middle of the street, holding up varying colors of paper that spelled:


Question mark?

"Do you like it?" says a voice from behind me. I turn swiftly.


I don't say anything.

"Look, I understand if you're mad at me. But please say something."


"Fletcher, please! I love you! I'm so sorry for not realizing it earlier."

I walk up to her and throw my back pack on the ground with a thud. I open my arms and pull her into a tight embrace. I can feel her breathing with relief. And I start to feel guilty for getting angry with her. She pulls away and cups my face in her hands gently. She stares at me gazing intently as I look into her ocean-blue eyes. She leans and her plush pink lips fondle mine. I can feel her smiling against my lips as I pull away.

"Are we still just friends?" I ask with my eyebrow raised. She laughs as I move my hands slightly past her hips and pull her closer.

"Yes," She says as I frown. "Boyfriend and Girlfriend. If you'll have me." She grins.

"I think I will." I say as I brush her hair behind her ear. I find myself gazing at her.

She's finally mine.

"What are you staring at?" she laughs as she strokes my face.

I reply simply and quickly:

"My happiness."

And she smiles even wider.

I would like to apologize 100 times for being such a douchey-douche.

I am sorry to say that this is the final chapter.

But its not the end.

Soon I'll be writing a purely fluff story called:

The Bitemark Diaries.

Again, I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry.