Witness Protection

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Chapter 26 (Paralyzed by Fear)

"Can't this pilot fly any faster?" Ciara muttered. Jack chuckled nervously as everyone surrounded her. He was excited to meet her family, while at the same time, a bit nervous in regards to actually meeting them. He didn't know what they were getting into, or who was attacking them. "Normally Serena can deal with these problems. I mean, Aunt Mary used to be the police chief before she retired last year. Everyone in my family is either in law enforcement or the military. So I know, if they are having so much trouble, then it has to be serious…"

"What do you think it is?"

"I'm not sure, but Nikki-my sister-said it looked like a bunch of those tribal followers of one of the leaders of Paragon." Ciara snapped her fingers and sat up in her seat. "Duna. Duna Gituku, he was a Chieftain in Africa, but was a part of Paragon Global. So the military had to work in there, we took him out." Jack hummed and looked towards the window. He was curious, was the theory correct? Could it be a group of warriors seeking revenge? "I thought the military took care of his followers though…"

"There could have been one or two left. Do you think your cousin and the police can hold this gang off long enough?"

"I know Serena, she can do it. She's an acrobat to add, so if her police weaponry doesn't help, she does know how to fight." He was happy to hear that, it gave him a bit of hope that they could reach Ciara's family in time. She did say the police were losing. Ciara cleared her throat and bounced her sword atop her legs. "When Aunt Mary was appointed as chief, all of her children started getting into various fight training opportunities. My husband Aaron, his Aunt Sarah took up archery…she lost her ability to walk, so she often said she finds more time to work on her aim. Aaron's Aunt Rachel is a boxer, then you have his mom, the assistant chief."

"Your Aunt was the chief and her daughter married the Assistant Chief's son?" He chuckled at the thought, hopefully the two Chiefs were friendly. Then again, Ciara did seem to imply that the entire family as a whole were pretty close. "So who all is having trouble right now? Is everyone home, or are people away from home?"

"Away. Nikki is looking after her son and my daughter, both are a year old. My husband, Chance, and her husband, Chance's brother, are overseas right now. Aaron is also overseas." He started to ask who Aaron was, but Ciara was faster than he was, and informed them that Aaron was Serena's husband.

"I'm a little confused, if they all still live in Prairie, then who's the aunt Kim stays with?" Ciara raised an eyebrow and Kim laughed.

"I'm staying with my dad's sister, Jack."

"Oh, right…" He blushed and rubbed his neck. That answer seemed so obvious, but he'd only been mixed up in the confusion of everything he was hearing. Plus, it seemed not every relative was still there. Ciara also informed them that Serena's oldest sister, Cindy, and older brother Derek, were living in other parts of the country. Both had occupations in the military and had been transferred out. "So who all is in Prairie right now? Your Aunt Mary, and Serena, right?"

"Not just them…my parents are there too, along with my sister and our children. Serena has three children, all triplets born two years ago. Now, one reason she might not be doing so well...she's having a son, due September." Jack's eyes widened and his heart immediately began racing. He knew how desperate that situation was, a pregnant woman would run a serious risk of losing her child. The further in the pregnancy, the more risk it was. Everyone else seemed to take note to that danger as well, to which Ciara chuckled vainly. "Yeah…that's why I want to rush over there. Megan, Aunt Mary's best friend, Aaron's mother, is there also. She's trying her best to fend off the attackers, from what I hear. They're all basically running them all around Prairie."

"Is that it?"

"No, Megan's two younger sisters…well Sarah actually, Rachel doesn't live in Prairie anymore either. Sarah's fighting them off too with a rifle. Last I heard, they had a group chasing them while they were in some pickup truck. So mind your tongue, don't start making any hick jokes…"

"Noted." He hadn't been thinking of any until the pickup statement. It seemed funny though, imagining a grown woman in a wheelchair shooting off a rifle in the back of a pickup truck being driven by her sister. "So what good are we going to do against these apparent savages that are destroying your hometown?" Ciara did live in a small city, which explained why the police were having such difficulty. He wanted to get in and help any way he could.

"Going to find out who's in charge, then take him out."

It was easier said than done, for when they arrived on her family's farm where the bulk of the enemies were, his worst nightmare had been realized. The family, and several town police officers, were facing off a large group of Zulu Warriors! His heart was pounding with the beat of a drum as he watched his friends bravely force their way through the warriors.

The only reason they were able to get through was through individual relatives within Ciara's family. Kim hung with Ciara, Jerry and Eddie located Megan and Sarah, and began fighting alongside them. Milton was helping Ciara's cousin Cindy, and that left Jack with enough time to get around the horde distracted by the police officers.

As he made his way into the house, he heard a woman grunting and punches hitting against something. Several young toddlers were crying from a nursery, and pistol shots were sounding out. He followed the noise without hesitation, though in his mind he wanted to turn and run.

What Jack found in a bedroom beside the nursery were five Zulu warriors, one of which was Matata Tapiwa. On the bed was a woman in police uniform and long brown hair, Serena, holding a pistol at the warriors. She was panting heavily, her hair was stuck to her body, and her eyes were locked in anger. Two warriors had already been shot down, of course. Also on the bed, lying in between Serena's legs, was a much older woman, Mary. In front of the bed, brandishing a sword of her own and glaring at the warriors, Ciara's twin sister, Nikki.

"I'm sorry, but Ciara's not here," Nikki growled out. "I don't know what your problem with my family is, but you have three seconds to get the fuck out!" The girl lunged forward, slashing across one of the Zulu Warriors' shield multiple times before dancing around him and stabbing directly into the back of his head. Jack's eyes widened and he took a slight step back. Ciara had been right, her sister was far more vulgar than she was.

"What I want, is vengeance," Matata declared in a deep and dark tone. "Chief Duna was a strong leader of my tribe, and you people are the ones that killed him!"

"Oh? Well that's too fucking bad." Another one of the warriors was beginning to climb onto the bed. He grabbed Serena's ankle, and instantly, she snapped her pistol down and shot him in the neck.

"I'm running out of bullets here, Nikki. Could you not agitate him? Please!" Matata growled and stretched his arms out. In his right hand was a long, curved dagger, and his left hand held a full body shield. At his waist was a blowgun and a rack of darts. Jack bravely rushed forward, clearing his throat, and kicking into Matata's back. "What the-who are you!" Serena shouted. Matata spun around and narrowed his glare onto Jack.

He chuckled nervously and slid his right foot backwards. "I'm Jack Lucas, and I'm here to help. One of the guys that Ciara's teamed up with." He studied both Serenity and Nikki, they were covered in blood. Some of it was their own, but all in all, they seemed to be doing rather well. "This guy here…he's one of the Black Dragons, I think."

Matata lifted his blade and started to slide it across his tongue, sending a chill down Jack's spine. "You made a bad choice, interfering with me, boy." The man sliced his blade in a downward arc, then charged for him. Jack let out a loud yelp and jumped to the side, knowing he didn't want to be sliced up. As he looked back, he saw Matata grabbing for the blowgun. He stiffened, then ducked just as Matata blew out the darts at him.

"So close!"

"Dodging isn't going to win you a victory! You need to fight me! Or…are you afraid?" He held back a whimper and kept from scoffing, he knew he wasn't ready to fight Matata. There was no way in hell he could go toe to toe with this guy! "Here I'll even the playing field for you…"

"Really?" He watched as the man threw his shield on the ground, but much to his disdain, Matata grabbed his second dagger from his boot. "How is that even? Come on!" Where was his bravado? He needed to be brave here, courageous, and usually he was.

It was just the thought of this crazed giant coming up to him and slicing him into many bits and pieces that scared the crap out of him. He leapt off his back foot and kicked forward with his front. Matata laughed at him and slashed his knives outwards, scratching Jack's leg with the tips of his blade. Screaming from shock, he fell onto the ground and looked back with wide eyes. Matata pounded his chest and chuckled. "That was only a warning…" The man hovered over him and pointed the tips down vertically at Jack's back. "Like the fangs of a tiger, I will bite into you and not release."

"Come on, Kid!" Just as Matata was swinging down, Nikki kicked Jack out of the way and stabbed her blade forward, striking Matata in the right shoulder. Jack curled his arms over his face, then peered out, gasping lightly. The man dropped his knives and brought his left arm up, gripping Nikki's blade firmly in his hands. Nikki was leaning forward, her right leg extended out in front of her, and her body twisting sideways to where she was holding her sword with both hands. "That was your warning, my next strike will kill you." She slashed her blade down his arm, causing him to scream out in pain.

"Bitch!" Matata jumped back and put his hand to his arm, panting heavily. Jack watched, still petrified. As many times as he'd psyched himself out over this man, he was surprised that he hadn't managed to paralyze himself to the point he'd be dead. He felt the man's glare on him and slowly stood up, preparing himself to fight. He wasn't going to let his fear get the better of him, no way, it was far too late for that. "You got lucky…" Matata reached down and grabbed his blades, then shot out of the room. Once free from danger, Jack exhaled and threw his arms down.

"Damn it, I froze up!" Nikki started to yell at him, but Serena silenced her.

"You did what you could," Serena admitted. "Thanks for helping out…where's Ciara?" He looked up and frowned. She was just being nice, surely. He should have been able to fight Matata! Needless to say, he didn't want to fight the man. Not again.


"Okay, let's head out and try to help them then." She hopped off the bed and looked back to the woman lying there. The woman was now sitting up against the headboard, smiling kindly through her long, curled bangs. Her hair was a faded yellow, not completely grey or white yet. "Mom, are you going to be all right?"

"I'll be fine Serena. Check on the others."

"Right." The trio made their way outside to see Ciara and the others standing around among a line of bodies. Serena growled in irritation. All the remaining warriors must have retreated with Matata. "Going to be a long ass night cleaning this mess." As she and Nikki went to meet up with Ciara, Kim went over to Jack.

He was sitting against the stone border around the flower bed of the house, his hands were up to his face and his eyes were full of anger and shock. Kim sat beside him and put her hand up to his back. "I froze up, Kim. I froze up! I was scared…"

"Well, those were some fearsome fighters, so you're not alone."

"I shouldn't have froze though!" He smacked his knee. "I'm not supposed to be afraid. We've handled so many, it just doesn't make any sense that I'd be afraid of these people!"

"No. It makes perfect sense." He looked over to her, he wanted answers to this problem. "Jack, you're human, you're not always going to be able to stand up to the strongest. We've never done anything like this before…we've never faced an army like this, so we're not experienced like my cousins. Matata was intimidating, he's an intimidating person, so…naturally I think we would all have frozen up in front of him. Don't let it get the better of you, Jack. Just fight and keep pushing, that's really all you have to do. We'll all stand behind you no matter what, okay?"

She set her head on his shoulder and put her arms around him. He began to warm up, relaxing as she held onto him. He knew she was right, he just had to train harder. He had to get stronger and as he did, he would become more experienced. Eventually, he'd be able to take out guys like Matata. His friends had faith in him, so he just had to have faith in himself. They could do this.

"We will get stronger…until we can be sure they're safe, maybe your cousins here should go somewhere else?"

"Maybe, but I don't think it would do a lot of good. They could still be found, and they're all dependant on their jobs really. Workaholics, I don't think they could possibly leave Prairie." He watched Ciara hugging each member of her family, then chuckled for them.

"You're right, they probably wouldn't. Although I have to admit…" She was so far away from them that she wouldn't hear. A smirk grew on his face and Kim gave him a suspicious look. "You're probably a redneck if you can ride the back of a pickup and fire off a rifle while sitting in a wheelchair." Kim smacked her forehead, but a smile was steadily growing. "Or better yet…a redneck family that fights together, stays together. Am I right?" She started laughing, much to his pleasure. He was enjoying the moment so much that he'd forgotten about his earlier fear and began to join the laughter. Chances were, if Ciara heard the jokes, she would probably start whacking him with her sword. Now hopefully Kim wouldn't tell on him. If so, it was worth every precious second of laughter.

Yes, redneck jokes are poor in taste here, Jack. So what did you guys think? First time Jack's been so afraid he couldn't react, I think it's good to show that side of a character. What do you think of Ciara's family?