a/n: so I found this 30 day challenge on tumblr so i decided i'd do it with my favourite inu boys to keep my brain moving since i've hit more writers block and I want to keep writing no matter what! so even if I don't update a fic, this will be updating too. these drabble things probably wont all fit together and will most likely be mainly AU and modern, but maybe some feudal!inuyasha too :3 enjoy!~


The sunlight began to trickle in through the white curtains, casting a soft glow over the bedroom as midmorning roused the half breed from deep, soundless sleep. He groaned, stretching his limbs out as the blankets constricted him, forcing him to flail like a child throwing a tantrum. Inuyasha sat up and sighed, running a hand through his hair before swinging out of bed to go grab some food.

He stumbled and yawned, making it to the kitchen in record time without falling over, nearly yanking the fridge door off its hinges as he grabbed a pack of bacon. The coffee maker beeped, and he made his way over to grab a mug, pouring it in black and taking a sip.

After downing the bitter beverage, the half breed began to fry the bacon, growling each time the grease and oil splattered his chest and arms. The phone began to ring, and he snarled, leaving his bacon to burn as he went over to pick up the phone.

"Hello?" He snapped, rubbing his eyes.

"Inuyasha?" A feminine voice sounded over the phone, he tone too cheery and a little panicky for the morning.

"Mm…Yeah…Who's this? Why the hell you phoning so early?"

"It's Kagome, you idiot!" The girl shouted, making the half breed pull the phone away for a moment.

"Ugh, well what do you want, you brat!"

"I have some good news and well…bad news…"

"Yeah? And what news is so important that you have to call me so early?"

"It's ten, Inuyasha. Stop being a baby. The good news is that I found you a roommate for a bit to help you with rent."

"I don't need help, but cool, whatever…What's the so called bad news?"

"The guys is um…Your brother…He came into town…apparently he's going to be staying this time and he needed a place to live, and I said I knew a guy and he asked who and when I said it was you he seemed pleased and I don't know if he's going to torture you or something but um yeah. Anyways see you! He'll be there in a few!" Kagome said quickly before hanging up.

"What! No! Kagome!" Inuyasha screamed into the phone just as the bacon began to burn horribly and a hard knock echoed through the apartment.

"No, no, no, no!" He ran over to the door, threw it open and nearly fainted. The tall demon smirked at the surprised face of his tired little brother, tossing his hair before he pushed past him inside.

"Oh my little brother…You keep your place as clean as ever I see…" He mumbled sarcastically. "It's a good thing I'm here isn't it? You seem to be incapable of living on your own…Oh my, is that bacon?"

"Was bacon you ass…" Inuyasha grumbled, running over to the pan to take the poor burned meat off the element.

The demon chuckled and shook his head. The poor bastard looked like he was about to have a stroke, which really that was okay with him. In a way. Well okay it wasn't okay with him but it would be damn funny.

"So let me guess, this room over here is mine? Thank you for keeping it such a mess for me…" Sesshomaru said loudly, walking into his brother's room and throwing his suitcase and bags onto the messy bed.

"What! No! That's my room! Get out of there! You get the guest room, god damnit!" Inuyasha flew into the bedroom in record time, jumping and latching onto the demon's back, making him stumble forward.

"Get off me hanyou!"

"Fat chance! Get out!"

"The only fat thing here is you! How much bacon do you eat? Has it all gone to your ass? Then again you've always been a fat child…"


The demon smirked and grabbed Inuyasha's wrist, bending forward and throwing the boy off of him and onto the ground. Sesshomaru stared down at the hanyou and was suddenly looking at the bed skirt as the idiot managed to kick his legs out from under him. This looked like it was going to be a good beginning to a great year with the brat.

That was if Inuyasha didn't strangle him in his sleep first.