Sesshomaru had seemed off to the hanyou for days. With it being the winter season and Christmas coming closer and closer, the demon had only seemed to act like he had something to hide. Maybe he was just paranoid, maybe he was just fucking stupid, but Inuyasha was worried. With his brother jumping and smiling more often than usual.

Every time he would walk into the room, the demon's hands would shove themselves into his pant pockets and he would smile at him and ask him how he was.

As if that itself was fucking normal.

It bothered the hanyou so much that he spent more time laying around and over thinking the situation. He was probably just getting into the Christmas spirit and had presents for him and he didn't want him to find out. Or maybe he was just really, really excited that whenever Inuyasha came into the room he just had to jump and smile. No...that was ridiculous. He was hiding something, and it bothered him. It bothered him to the point of anger sometimes and he would have to stand in the shower for an hour to cool down and rethink everything.

It was dumb to get mad over nothing, but he couldn't help it. It was just his nature to be suspicious and angry all the time. Shit, now he really needed to cool off.

Lifting himself off the couch, the dog shifting to his movement from the other end of the room as Sesshomaru sat in one of the chairs, glancing over at the hanyou. Inuyasha stretched and turned away towards the bedroom, letting out a yawn to disguise his anger before he disappeared into the room and shut the door. Sesshomaru sighed and looked over at the dog, who simply whined and cocked his head before settling down again.

In the bathroom, the hanyou had stripped down and started the water, taking a moment to brush through his hair so that there would be less tangles when he came out. Jumping in, he shut the shower door and faced the water, allowing the warmth to cascade over him. He was being stupid, but it wasn't his fault. The demon never smiled, and he never was startled. He was cold, but loving. He was god, but so mundane in how he cared for him. Inuyasha felt like he was overreacting, which was probably true, he did it all the time. But he was starting to wonder why his brother was acting like he had some big secret to keep from him. It was annoying. It was always annoying to be so emotional over everything. And exhausting.

He barely heard the bathroom door open as he showered and got lost in his thoughts of the demon he loved. It was all so strange, first to be in love with him, and now to be suspicious of his actions. It wasn't like he was sneaking off anywhere.

Feeling hands touch his sides, he whirled around, almost slipping in the shower as he faced the naked man behind him. Sesshomaru smirked, noting his wandering eyes before he pulled him over to his chest and kissed him hard. Before he really understood what was happening, Inuyasha was up against the shower wall, water spraying them both as he held onto the track the door was on. The demon pounded into him, his legs wrapped tightly around him as they fucked. He was so confused, but he couldn't focus on how this happened, or why he was so upset, he just knew he loved Sesshomaru, and he loved him, and they were fucking in the shower, and it felt good. It felt more than good. It felt beyond good, and amazing, and they fell to the floor of the tub and they yelped but their motions didn't stop at all.

The demon didn't miss a beat as they tumbled in the small space, pushing the hanyou onto the floor of the tub as he fucked him harder and harder. White hair clung to his face and body and Inuyasha saw nothing but perfection above him for the next half hour.

Rolling over in the sheets, Inuyasha fell asleep quickly, wet hair slipping away from the towel he had wrapped around it. The demon sat next to him, long fingers running over his arm, playing with the sleeve of his t-shirt before he leaned over him and kissed his cheek. His hand reached over and took the hanyou's as his arm slipped under him, laying behind him. Pulling him closer, Sesshomaru slipped a band around his brother's finger and kissed his cheek again.

Waking up to the early morning sun, Inuyasha felt the demon wrapped around him. Yawning, he reached up with his left hand and scratched at his ear, feeling more tired than the night before. His finger felt weird though, and he lifted it, blinking to focus gold eyes on the shiny object wrapped around his ring finger.

Looking closer, his eyes widened as he spotted the diamond and he kicked up the sheets, nailing Sesshomaru hard in the face with his elbow as he sat up. The demon snarled, holding his nose with one hand as he looked over at the surprised hanyou, "Inuyasha!"

"Did you put this on me!?" He shouted, shoving his hand in his face.

The demon pushed the hand back a moment as he rubbed his face, "I did! I expected a better reaction though, you know...not getting my fucking face bashed-" He was cut off by the hanyou throwing himself at him, pressing his lips to his and then his nose and his cheek and his whole face soon became a canvas for Inuyasha's lips.

"Shall I take this as a yes?"

"I fucking hate you...of course it is, you bastard!"

Sesshomaru smiled and pulled the hanyou on him as he fell back onto the bed, laughing with his brother as he rambled on and on about how suspicious he had been and how angry he was with him. He guessed that maybe his plan worked after all.

He always did enjoy angering the hanyou. Even if it was just to get sex...

Or his hand for eternity.