Lookie at who it is. It is I, Sakura, and I'm here to...get bombarded by my readers?

No. That's not right.

*flips through script pages* Here we go.

As I tried to tell you before, I'm here on writer's business. I have been informed by my muses that I should let you all in on a little secret. So, here it goes:

I have begun writing the sequel to 'Vegeta's Sick Day', and hope to have it up sometime before school's over (which ends in May). With that fic out of the way, I'll have time to work on some of my older stories, and maybe get to revise and edit some of them.

The sequel to 'VSD' is called 'Sick Too'. It's supposed to be a humor-type fic, like its predecessor. It's called 'Sick Too' because it's kind of like saying "sick also", since Bulma's ill this time, and like saying "sick two" because it is the second fic of...sickness.

Yeah, so that's kind of all I wanted to say. Or, what the muses wanted me to say. So, I guess this is it. I won't hear from any of you until you review. Good day to you.


Something's been bugging me as of 10 minutes ago.

There's a lovely little song I've been hearing and it is just the cutest for a V/B fic! And well, writing it might get me sidetracked from 'Sick Too'.

Sadly, what I'm trying to say is that I've got to write this V/B thing, or I'm going to explode! I hope this won't upset any of you. If it does then...

I'm sorry.

Until next time.