Title: The Power of Green

Author: Jasmine Shigeru

Pairing: none

Author's Note: Set between "Green Flame" and "A Green Farewell"

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers nor do I wish I do. This is just for my entertainment and whomever wishes to read it. I am not making any profit from this and do not care to for that matter.

Rating: K+

The Power of Green


(Jason's POV)

I sat alone at Angel Grove Park. The sun was setting into the horizon. People were leaving as it slowly became dark, leaving me alone. I wanted to be alone.

Looking around I made sure that no one was staring at me as I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out my friend's, Tommy Oliver, Power Coin. Well, it was his Power Coin, now it is mine.

I stare down at the coin and roll it around in my hand.

The Dragon coin should not be mine. It should still be my friends. I should have been able to get the Green Candle and stopped Rita from stealing Tommy's power. But I had failed.

Instead of Tommy having his power, I only held a fraction of it. In order to prevent Rita from taken the Green Ranger power, Tommy had to give his Power Coin to me.

The coin was a burden I wasn't ready to hold. Not only was I filled with guilt over my friend leaving the team, but I also felt guilty over replacing his power with my own.

The coin burned in my hand. It did not like its new owner. It wanted Tommy. It raged with the remembrance of evil. A power so strong that I'm surprised that Tommy had become good again after I destroyed the Sword of Power. But there was good in the coin as well.

Tommy's good heart must have imprinted itself into the coin. The coin was a odds because of this. The evil slowly dying but still giving a good fight, trying to corrupt me as it rested in my palm. The dueling sides must have been what Tommy felt while he was evil. He was so good normally that he must have tried to fight the evil of the coin. It probably was the reason Rita gave him the sword in the first place. She must have been afraid that the Tommy's good nature would win out over her evil spell.

I sighed and closed my eyes as a enclosed the coin within my fist. It throbbed like it had a life of its own, wanting me to feel it, to become with it, but it wasn't mine to own. In my mind, the coin was still Tommy's.

I stood from the picnic table and opened my hand again. Staring down at the coin I became determined to preserve my friend's power. Maybe one day he will be able to carry it himself and become the Green Power Ranger again.