Chapter Three

Tom woke up to Judy's soft lips placing soft kisses upon his chest. He smiled as he stared down at the beautiful woman waking him.

"Hey," he said groggily.

Judy stopped kissing him and placed her arm onto his chest. She laid her head on her arm and stared back up at Hanson.

"Hey," she said smiling back up at him.

"I don't want to go home," Tom said rolling over to his side and taking her in his arms.

Judy smiled and tucked her head into his neck.

"You know you have to. You need to get ready for work," she said.

Tom groaned. It was Monday. Early Monday. The sun was barely up.

Judy giggled lightly and pushed him away.

"You need to go," she said.

Tom rolled over back onto his back. He threw his arm over his eyes.

"Come on," Judy said pushing him out of her bed.

"Fine," Tom pouted. "But next time we're staying at my place."

"I'll make sure to bring my own car and a bag," she said getting up.

She walked over to her dresser to pull out some clean underwear. Tom sat on the edge of her bed and watched her walk around in nothing but a sheet. He watched her choose her clothes for the day.

Judy turned and smiled at him.

"Hey, Hanson," she said trying to get his attention off of her body. It didn't work. "Be dressed and ready to go by the time I get out of the shower."

Tom nodded barely hearing her. All he could think of was ways to get her back into bed.

Judy laughed at Tom's wanton look. She was half tempted to push him down onto the bed and have her way with him, but she knew they really didn't have time for that.

She threw her sheet at Tom.

"Get dressed," she ordered and left before Tom could get another good look at her bare body.

After Judy had dressed and showered, she drove Tom home to do the same.

Tom was a little upset to be parted from his new girlfriend. The long passionate kiss in her car did not help either.

When he entered his apartment, Tom let out a heavy sigh. He really wasn't ready to go back to work. He really wanted to continue to explore Judy's body, but he had to do his job.

Once showered, Tom dressed and took his time with his usual morning routine. He didn't want to be early on a Monday. So, he read the morning paper and drank his coffee until it was his normal time to leave for work.

At the Chapel, Tom saw Judy's car was already in the parking lot. He smiled. She was a good worker and enjoyed her job. He wasn't surprised she would be in early.

"Yo, Tommy," he heard Doug call.

"Hey," Tom answered.

"I gotta tell you about my weekend," Doug said as he threw his arm over Tom's shoulder.

"No, you don't."

"C'mon," Doug said as he watched his partner climb the stares to the Chapel's entrance. "It was amazing. Gracie was fantastic. She was so wild. We went at it from Friday to Saturday."

They entered the building.

"I called you Sunday to tell you about it, but you didn't pick up," Doug said.

"I wasn't home," Tom said walking to his desk.

He looked over to smile at Judy. She smiled back then stared down at the paperwork on her desk.

"Where were you?" Doug asked as he leaned against Hanson's desk.

Tom didn't answer he just sat at his desk and looked at his own paperwork.

"Not home," Tom answered not wanting to give details. Best friend or not, it was none of Doug's business of who he spent his time with or where. Especially since the person was Judy, the co-worker and friend.

Doug frowned down at Tom.

"Tell me one thing and I'll leave you alone," he said.

"What?" Tom sighed.

"Was she hot?"

Tom looked up at his friend. He could her Judy laughing at her desk.

"Yeah, Hanson was she?" she asked in between her laughter.

Tom smiled at the memory of their weekend together.

"I spent the entire weekend with her," he said. "And I had no complaints."

"The whole weekend?" Doug asked shocked that his boy scout of a partner would do something so daring. "As in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday."

"Since the moment you left me at the bar until early this morning I was with her," Hanson boosted.

"Man and I thought my weekend was wild," Penhall said.

"So, Hanson," Judy called over. "You planning on seeing her again?"

"Every chance I get," Tom answered.

He looked over at Hoffs who gave him a look that said 'good answer'.