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This story's Tobi is not Obito. I am bringing this up for new readers. Why is Tobi not Obito you ask? To make the long story short, this story was made before Tobi was revealed to be Obito. I have written a 'remake' of this story with Tobi as Obito. It may start out the same, but it totally becomes different later. The remake is titled Second Chances.


Foul language, violence scenes, suggestive adult themes


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Chapter 1

Are you sure about this? a dark voice came across the sixth Hokage's mind who studied carefully at a few documents. Each document contained profiles of recent graduated Genin. The blonde man placed a hand under his chin, thinking mostly as his blue eyes were glued to three certain Genin.

The profile on top of the others had a name of Chan Rock. The picture showed a great looking kid. His eyebrows perfectly shaped, not so thin and not so thick. I wonder how Rock Lee got a son like this…I guess the boy gets his looks from his mother, The man chuckled. He shifted to the next profile with the name, Mizuki Uchiha. Her black eyes were exactly of the standard of what Uchiha is. Her face was round and cute, but her frown expression showed seriousness. And the last picture, a boy with blonde hair and grey eyes grinned with enthusiasm made Naruto smiled right away.

NARUTO! the voice thundered for the man's attention. The Hokage simply blinked, almost unfazed

What? He asked in his mind, still focused towards the profiles.

I really don't think putting that man in charge of these three is a great idea the voice warned. Naruto rolled his eyes and leaned on his chair.

Why not? He mused, plopping his chin under his right hand. His eyes glanced around the room. The sun lit up the room through the windows behind him. The desk in front of him seemed to be the only furniture in the room.

He will not cooperate…

Naruto raised an eyebrow curiously. How do you know? No answer was given to him. Naruto chuckled. Come on Kurama, I bet he will be excited about this. He grinned as he felt a familiar presence among them. He got up right away.

"Just in time, Tobi," the blonde man called out amused before a shroud of smoke appeared with a human within it. As the smoke cleared up, the image of the ninja took form. He was roughly the same height as the Hokage. He wore a white mask, with the kanji of ninja carved where the forehead is located. His long hair was as wild as it could be and he wore simple black clothes to show his care of fashion. The man welcomed the Hokage with silence at first and a stare through his black shrouded holes that his eyes could see.

"What is it, Hokage?" The man's voice was dark yet calm.

Naruto didn't mind the man's dryness. He motioned him to the desk which the mask man obediently did so. Tobi took in account that Naruto hasn't learned to be organized as the desk was a mess. Documents were scattered with bunch of random scraps on top of one another. Also he took notice to what seemed to be bunch of bowls piled up in a corner that once contained Ramen by the smell of it.

"I decided that you should lead your very first squad," Naruto beamed and Tobi said nothing. He simply stared at Naruto with his dark holes. "I'm appointing you to these three," Naruto grabbed the very files he was admiring a few minutes ago and showed it to the man. Tobi kept his silence, thinking of ways how to reject Naruto's proposal. He did feel curiosity come to him as he took the chance to see who Naruto had picked for him. He took notice mostly of the Uchiha girl, giving Naruto a glance as he frowned behind his mask. Naruto tried to study the mask man but was unable to understand the man's hidden expression. Tobi looked back to the files and his eyes widened to see the last profile.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Tobi straightened up with annoyance.

Naruto blinked. "What is?"

"Placing your own son in this supposedly squad of mine?" Huge suspicion came over Tobi. The mask man couldn't comprehend for the Hokage's choice. This had to be one of those foolish pranks Naruto still would pull up under his sleeve when bored.

Told you he wouldn't cooperate, the dark voice reminded Naruto. The Hokage simply ignored it for now.

"Well see it as how you like. Because no matter what you say, you will lead them," Naruto sat down with a smirk on his face. Tobi's hands clenched into fists as he narrowed his eyes down at the Hokage.

"Uchiha Sasuke will not accept this."

"Actually he did," Naruto mused as he could tell Tobi was fuming with anger. "And Sakura thinks it will benefit Mizuki to be a great Uchiha."

Tobi took the time to calm his anger; he hated how Naruto had the ability to bring so much emotion in him. He looked away, arrogantly.

"Why not Kakashi?" Tobi offered. Naruto shook his head calmly. His blue eyes gave a serious motion.

"You are leading them no matter what. Don't make me use rasengan on you like old times," Naruto joked.

"None of your rasengans ever touched me," Tobi countered a bit proudly for that fact. This made Naruto groan and move his chair around, so he would face the windows.

"Just trust me…" Naruto took a kinder tone as he gazed at the buildings his people had brought back up ever since Nagato's attack. "It will help you too…not just the kids…"

Tobi stared at the back of the chair. He tried to understand the motive for this action. It didn't make sense…well to Tobi anyway. He let out a sigh in defeat after a while. "As you wish…" he said before he used his sharingan to teleport away.

Why are you doing this? Kurama asked in Naruto's mind. Naruto closed his eyes as he thought of his answer that he had made a while ago.

My dream…it isn't his…I realized that he needs one of his own… Naruto went back to gaze at his village that he dearly loved. Last thing I want to be is like Madara…Forcing my dream on him…

"Well first things first," an older Iruka announced to his class who were too busy chatting to one another. All the students were excited in getting into their squads. Mizuki Uchiha sat in a corner calmly, as she was the only one that would listen to the instructor. Her raven hair was pulled into a ponytail. Her head protector strapped on her forehead. She sighed from the lack of the student's obedience. One kid from all was rowdy. His blonde hair was short, and wore his headband on his forehead also. He wore a jump suit with red and yellow zigzag pattern. He jumped from his seat and landed on Iruka's desk. He faced his classmates.

"I shall become the greatest Kage!" he punched the air with a grin. Iruka sighed, unable to comprehend how he got another 'Naruto' in his class. Then again the kid was Naruto's son.

"Well first you must go through hard work," A boy said calmly with a serious tone. He sat right in the first row, in the middle. His hair ended up to his shoulders. The boy was a looker and girls behind him gazed at him like fans would with heart shaped eyes.

"I'll show you that I work hard." the blonde hair kid took out a kunai from his pocket.

Chan smirked as he jumped on his desk swiftly with a kunai in hand. "Challenge accepted."

Iruka groaned as he stepped in between them. "Knock it off," he glanced at the blonde kid annoyed. "Miso, to your seat now or you I will not appoint you in a squad."

Miso frowned but jumped back to his spot, anxious as the rest. Iruka relaxed and looked at his notepad. "Alright…let's start with Squad One."

The blonde boy muted the instructor, placing his head on his desk and looked to Mizuki who had her eyes in front. The boy blushed, hoping she was placed with him…

"Squad 8, Daiki Yamanaka," Iruka said and the blonde kid looked up at the name and turned to the boy who sat next to him. The boy always smelled like flowers and had a high ponytail with a flower around it. "Hiraku Akimichi," Daiki said nothing, closing his eyes. Miso placed a hand in his mouth, trying to hold his laugh that the flower boy was getting stuck with the fat kid who sat behind them. Hiraku was shy about it, sinking down to his seat. "And Shizuka Nara," Hiraku was surprised and grinned at the girl next to him who smiled at him back warmly.

"Told you," she said. She was a pretty girl, with long dark brown hair with blonde highlights. "Ino-Shika-Cho Trio will always come back," she said proudly.

"Squad 9, Mizuki Uchiha," Iruka read out loud, making Miso gulp as butterflies moved around his stomach. This was the time, to get into her squad. He placed his hands together, and shut his eyes as he prayed to have his dreams come true. "Chan Rock," Iruka continued. Chan smiled, knowing full well Mizuki was a great member to have. "And Miso Uzumaki," Iruka flinched while Miso let out a scream of delight. He jumped on his seat, punching the air with all his might. Everyone in the class sweat dropped. Mizuki face palmed from the boy's outburst. Chang groaned, not liking the third member of his party. The thought of having Chang in his team didn't come across Miso's mind. All he cared about was Mizuki was with him.

While this happened, Naruto was laughing after witnessing such scene in his crystal ball. Bunch of Jounin gathered in the same room in front of Naruto couldn't help but agree the boy and Naruto were related.

"You haven't informed us as to who is instructing squad 9's," a female shinobi asked which stopped Naruto's amusement. He wanted it to be a surprise but everyone in the room gawked at the man. They wished to know who he had appointed his son and the Uchiha offspring to be with.

"Well…" Naruto laughed, trying to find a way to reveal the truth.

"It is me," the deep strong voice said from behind the shadows. Tobi stepped out, revealing to wear the standard jounin uniform, but kept his mask in place. Everyone was shocked and looked at Naruto at such news.

"You can't be serious?" a guy yelled annoyed, stepping closer to Naruto.

"I believe he is serious," Tobi said calmly. "I too thought such choice was..."
"Wrong?" someone else interrupted Tobi. The man glared at the masked guy. "Cause trust me, I do think it is the worst choice one can make."

Naruto sighed, already imagining Kurama telling him how he was right.

"I bet he's controlling the Hokage with his sharingan!" Another shinobi yelled. At this comment, Naruto frowned and looked up to the man responsible for such accusation.

"Tobi's sharingan does not have that ability," Naruto defended in his serious tone. Tobi stayed in his place, near the shadows without giving a hint of fighting back. The rest of the shinobi said nothing for now, but they did give some glares occasionally to Tobi.

Naruto went back to his ball to watch his son who sat happily on his spot.

Iruka shook his head, and went back to finishing his announcement.

"And that is all," Iruka closed his pad. "Starting tomorrow, you will all meet up with your instructors." He smiled at all of them. It was always hard to see his students leave. But that was the price of being a teacher. "It was great being your teacher, and I hope you all become great shinobi." He always felt emotional about this but he was interrupted by Miso jumping on his seat.

"Next stop, Chunnin exams!" the boy yelled and was accompanied with other's getting excited for the next level. Iruka's eyebrow twitch from such cockiness.

"You guys just became Genin!" he yelled impatiently.