Lysander and Molly weren't expected to happen. Not with Lysander being in love with Dominique. In Molly's eyes, it was no problem. In fact, it was almost a plus. For once in her life, she would take the lead. She'd always been little molls. Bossy, clever clogs, boring old molly. Whereas dominique hadn't even tried to be perfect, so she had been instantly adored. Not anymore. She was going to iron every imperfection out of Lysander, until he was perfect, like her, not like wild Dominique. Only Molly was never perfect. Always a step out of time, and where Dominique and Lysander made it look like a beautiful dance, she was just a graceful mess. But it had been as if nobody cared. She lived in the dominating shadow of Dominique, and later Lysander. That wasn't to be the case any longer. She was setting herself free with this wrong wrong wrong relationship. And from the roots of her sleek auburn hair, to her peach painted toe nails, she knew it was wrong, it could very well break her. Well, for once she was going to risk it. Put herself in the spotlight. Lucy had done it, broken away from Lily. In a different way, almost. Then again, Lucy had never been perfect. She wasn't clever, or as pretty as Lily. But Lorcan had made her beautiful. Maybe it ran in the family. She hoped so anyway. She was done with being unimportant, unremarkable, plain. Time to shine, she supposed. And the lights she wanted could burn her, break her. But that will never matter. Time to crack her glossy veneer. She had been driven to insanity by her own perfect idiocy. The world had played her, written her, she was going to take control, even if that meant losing it.