Lucy watches Lorcan as he flits about from dream to dream. She can see he's fine, but that's it. She remembers a time when he was more than this. He used to be a funny, happy person. He used to be a part of her that made her better, but now he's a poor excuse for an acquaintance. He had been the boy she believed she was in love with, but now she believes he isn't in the same world as her enough. She wants to love him like she used to, when she needed him to breathe, but right now she loves him like his inconstant mother should. And for little Lucy that's hard, too hard. She's nearly four years younger than him, and she's too young to be doing this, really. She is fifteen and he is eighteen and leaving soon. He needs to be brought to life, and she isn't entirely sure she can. Lily, her confident and gorgeous cousin with overly flippy hair, is sure that she herself can, and that grates on Lucy even more. Lily doesn't understand Lorcan like Lucy does. Lily has never been compared to someone amazing or perfect, like both Lorcan and Lucy are. Lily has even less chance than Lucy. So one day, Lucy just does it. Carpe Diem, and all that shit. On a peculiar impulse she kisses him. Her mouth on his, their bodies close and warm. Their eyes half shut and glittering. They sweat and their hands slipped over each other. His hands up her top in each others jeans. His breath mingling with hers in a swirl of peppermint and cinnamon. Panting and moaning they don't hear the click as the door opens and Lily sees them. Their skin glistened and they were beautiful, fascinating for once in their lives.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.