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Setting: St. Petersburg, Russia. 1916

"DIMITRI! Go fetch the apples for the feast! Stop lolling about!" yelled the head chef.

I sighed, and rushed for the apples, which were near the curtains separating us from the ball. I reached for the apples, but heard a familiar voice. I grabbed an apple and snuck through the curtain.

There she was. Anastasia, Princess of Imperial Russia, talking to her grandmother, the Dowager Empress. She was holding a small music box and they were singing, a beautiful, familiar song I had heard them sing several times before. Her lovely voice filled the air, and for a moment, I was enchanted.

But she would never look at me twice. Why would she? I'm just a serving boy, and she was a princess! Being the youngest of the servants at ten years old, I was lonely, with no one to play with. She was a few months younger than me, and I longed to talk to her.

"Dimitri! You belong in the kitchen!" I was snatched up by one of the other servants, and disposed of in the kitchen. I grabbed the basket of apples and brought them to the head chef.
"I ASKED FOR THESE TEN MINUTES AGO! And what's that on your face? APPLES? THOSE ARE FOR THE FEAST YOU ROTTEN BOY!" he screamed, kicking me in the shin.

I yelped and grabbed my leg, running out of the kitchen and hiding behind the curtains. I poked my head out, my eyes searching for her. She was dancing with her grandmother.

All of a sudden, the castle grew dark. A strange man walked in, and talked to the Czar. He said something about a curse on the Romanov's. I jumped out from the curtains trying to protect Anastasia. He destroyed the chandelier with strange magic, and left.

After that day, the townsfolk had grown restless, on the verge of revolution. So when something destroyed the licks on the gate a few days later, they stormed in, sending the Romanov's running. I rushed to Anastasia's room, worried when I hadn't seen her with the Czar.

Relieved when I found her there, I hurriedly pushed her and the Dowager Empress into the servant's quarters.

"My music box!" she said
"Go!" I would return the box to her if we got out alive.

I closed the entryway just in time. Some men came in, and I wouldn't tell them where they went. The last thing I remember was being hit with the butt of one of their guns.

When I woke up the next morning, I had a headache and was a little woozy. I looked around, blinking for a while, letting my eyes focus on the object in front of me. A small box lay there, and I quickly recognized it as Anastasia's music box. I put it in my pocket and left the room.

There were a few straggling servants around the castle, and I rounded them up into the ballroom, where the chandelier had lay a few days before.

One of the servants I knew to be Anastasia's personal servant, Alexandra, was in tears over the princess.
"I got her out." I said to the woman.
She looked up at me, her eyes for a moment so full of hope that I felt it from my head to my toes: I would see her again.
"How?" she said, almost in a whisper.
"Through the servant's quarters."
"I thought my eyes were playing tricks me! I saw her and the Dowager Empress leaving!" New tears formed in her eyes, these of joy. She pulled me into a tight embrace, and a few hopeful tears fell from my own eyes.

She was safe.

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