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A few days later, I was summoned by the Dowager Empress, and went to the palace. An attendant led me to her study, where I found her standing with an open case holding the reward. I bowed.

"You sent for me, Your Grace?"

"Ten million rubles, as promised, with my gratitude." She said, motioning to the case.

"I accept your gratitude, your highness, but I don't want the money."

"What do you want, then?" she said with a suspicious smile.


"Nothing you can give me, unfortunately." I bowed and went to leave.

"Young man." I stopped. "Where did you get that music box?" I didn't answer.

"You were the boy, weren't you? The servant boy who got us out. You saved her life, and mine. Then you restored her to me, yet you want no reward?" I evaded her attempts at making eye contact.

"Not anymore."

"Why the change of mind?"

"It was more a change of heart." I said, looking into her eyes. "I must go." I bowed again and made my leave.

Walking down the stairs, I was met by Anastasia herself, in the most luxurious dress I had ever seen, with a crown on her head. She looked gorgeous.

"Hello, Dimitri." She said as if she were talking to vermin.

"Hello." I replied, guardedly.

"Did you collect your reward?"

"My business is complete."

"Eh, young man! You will bow and address the Princess as 'Your Highness.""

"No, that's not nec-" I put my hand up and bowed.

"Please, Your Highness. I'm glad you found what you were looking for." I said, sincerely.

"Yes, I'm glad you did too."

"Well then, goodbye… Your Highness." I said with a bow. I looked up at her for the last time, soaking in her beauty, and left, almost running.

I went to where Vlad and I had been staying to find him fastening a medal to his chest. He was in full dress for the coronation. I cleared my throat.

"Well, if you're ever in St. Petersburg, look me up." I crossed to shake his hand. "So long, Vlad." He pulled me into a tight embrace. I kept my eyes down as he pulled away, afraid that meeting his eyes would betray my emotions.

"Ah, my boy. You're making a mistake."

"Trust me, this is the one thing I'm doing right."

I saw Pooka sitting on the table, also in regal dress. He whimpered up at me. I reached down to pet him, and he licked my hand.

"So long, mutt." I said affectionately. "I can't stay, I don't belong here." I said, as much to him as myself.

He whimpered again, and looked up at me with sad puppy eyes.

Standing in line for a train ticket, I had made my decision, I was leaving.

It was better for her this way. I was next, so I searched through my pocket for money, pulling out instead the flower Anastasia had gotten me. I stood there for a moment, thinking of her and what had happened to me last time I rode a train.

"You're next." The ticket lady called. I stared at her, wrought with indecision.

I needed her.

The train station was close to the palace, so I ran there. On my way, I saw a green light flash over the bridge, and ran to it. I got there just as Rasputin made the bridge under Anastasia collapse.

"Say your prayers, Anastasia! No one can save you now!" I was suddenly filled to the brim with intense hatred for this man.

"Wanna bet?" I yelled as I charged him, ripping off my tie and punching him as hard as I could. The bridge continued to fall, and Anastasia was at the bottom. I jumped down and grabbed her hand.

"Dimitri, if we live through this, remind me to thank you." I held up my hand.

"You can thank me later."

"How enchanting. 'Together again' for the last time!" Rasputin yelled down as a rush of green-lighted creatures pushed me up into the air, landing me on a stone Pegasus that sprung to life just as the creatures touched it. As soon as I was mounted on top of it, it reared, throwing me off and started attacking me. I tried to dodge it, eventually trying to fight it off with a metal pipe.

"Dimitri!" Anastasia cried, dangling on the edge.

"Watch out!" I yelled. "Hold on!" The Pegasus flew away. I couldn't see her dangling on the edge anymore, and Rasputin was laughing. I ran over and saw the remains of a splash.

"NOO! Anya!" I cried, leaping over the bridge only to be caught by the Pegasus.

"Long live the Romanov's!" Rasputin cheered.

"Right!" we hear a struggling voice say. We looked over to see Anya standing nearby. "Couldn't of said it better myself!" she charged at him, tackling him and trying to get the vial. He kicked her off and she went flying. I tried rolling off the Pegasus as soon as we were close enough to the bridge. Mid-roll, the Pegasus burst, shattering, and knocking me unconscious.

I awoke for the second time to Pooka howling. I sat up with an awful ache all over my body. Anastasia was sitting near me, and as soon as she saw me sit up, she turned with open arms, inadvertently slapping me in the face. She tackled me with a tight hug, hurting 90% of my aching muscles.

"Let go! Let go!" I gasped.

"Sorry!" she cried.

"Yeah, I know, I know. All men are babies." I said, crossly. I groaned again, then sat up on my knees.

"I thought you were going to St. Peter-"

"I was."

"You didn't take the-"

"I couldn't."

"Why?" I sighed and closed my eyes.

"Because. I…"

She put her hand to my face and moved in to kiss me. Our lips almost touch when Pooka barked. He has her crown in his mouth.

"Awh…" I sigh as I pick it up, and we stand. "They're waiting for you." She takes the crown and gives me a look.

We walk back to the palace in silence, mulling everything over.

"Wait here." She said as we reached the doors. I sat down and pulled Pooka on to my lap.

"Maybe you're not so bad, pup." I said, petting his nose. He barked and licked my face. I laughed.

"All done!" Anya said, coming out. She hadn't changed, or brought anything.

We left and got on the first boat leaving, which happened to be going to Italy.

"To Italy!" she announced, with a smile.

After we boarded the boat, we went to the dock towards the bow. She dramatically threw off her coat, and we took deep, formal bows and waltzed, just as we last had on a similar boat. We danced, and I pulled her in for the kiss I craved our last dance. The wait was well worth it. As she pulled away, I had the biggest smile on my face, and scooped her into my arms, spinning her.

Sometimes, Princesses do marry kitchen boys.

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