Dear Rosie,

I figured out what we want, well, what I want and I assume you do. People say they want someone to love them like Severus Snape or my Granddad loved my Grandma (Lily Evans and James Potter, you imbecile, not our Grandma and Granddad). Or your parents love each other. Rose, we want someone to love us like Bellatrix Le Strange loved Voldemort, or Narcissa Malfoy loved Lucius Malfoy. Creepy, eh? Okay, perhaps that's a little exaggeration, but we want a love that we think we can control (but really, we'll spiral out of control until we smash at the bottom). Because we both know we're scared of actually falling in love.

We're not sluts, we aren't even that shallow. We just get labelled like that because we're so manipulative, and the way to manipulate most boy's is, erm, flirting. And yeah, maybe we'll give our virginity to a guy we won't marry, if we marry at all. But we want to feel in control. We're going to get ourselves into some proper shit one day.

We have millions of personalities, but I like to think we're ourselves with each other. We bitch, cry, go all deep and meaningful on each other, admit our weaknesses. I have a best friend or several, but I have you. Because blood is thicker than cherryade. Probably. We're the girls that people run crying to, but no-one trusts for a second, unless we make them trust us. Our shoulders have been cried on so many times, we should brand ourselves tissues. But these same people can turn, even strangers do, and call us Psychos, Bitches, Slags, you name it. We have problems Rosie-pie, but we do our damn job and ignore them. Or write mean songs about them.

Sometimes you feel worthless, I know I do. Sometimes we feel like shit, because for once we want to talk but nobody wants to listen. We don't go emo in public, or in front of anyone but each other really. We tell them, as my dear mother so eloquently put it 'Yah, FUCK OFF!'. When we''re strong enough. I'm a Slytherin for a reason, well, more than one. I'm weak, manipulative, cunning and ambitious. I want to be needed. You want that too. And we'll change ourselves for boys, but Rosie-bear, I hope you know that you can be yourself with me.

I love you,

Lily Luna Potter


P.S. EW! Not like that you freak!