Author's Note:

I have quite a bit to wrap up here so I decided to add my notes as a separate chapter. But first and foremost I want to thank all of you who'd followed this story and left such kind words in the process.

So, a few things.

Benihime -
As you may have noticed, Benihime looks like Princess Jasmine (I know, a Disney princess, of all things!). I didn't start from there, I swear! I first imagined what Kisuke's inner world would be like, and immediately I thought of his training grounds and decided to use that. From there, I thought of an Arabian princess (you know, desert and all), and by the time I finished picturing her in my head, I was like, "Wait a minute this feels familiar..." And then BAM I remembered that Princess Jasmine from Aladdin looked exactly like that. Doh. I considered changing her image simply because I didn't want to link Bleach with Disney, but by then I'd already formed an attachment to that version of her in my head, and I just couldn't think of her in any other form.

Ginjo and the Fullbringers -
The focus of this story is Ichigo and Kisuke, so I didn't want to (nor do I have the energy to) write exactly how this is resolved in the end. As I mentioned to Cuzosu, it'd be like writing an entire Bleach arc! :p But I've always thought that the Gotei 13 should deal with him themselves instead of standing by and watch while Ichigo goes through all that shit (really, Kubo?), so that's why I left it that way, implying that Yoruichi and Ukitake will lead the mission to deal with Ginjo. If I were to really redesign this arc, then yes, Ichigo will regain his powers and take out Ginjo's ass. =)

Hollow Ichigo/Shirosaki -
I like to think that he's part of Ichigo and will always be, no matter how strong Ichigo becomes in the future. That's why I brought him back. How he is once again brought under control in the end is up to your imagination, but I can see Ichigo wiping the wall with his blood for what he did to Kisuke.

The idea of something weird happening when a shinigami is cut by his own zanpakutou -
This is unfortunately inspired by chapter 502 of the manga. I won't say anything more in case you haven't read it yet. But, yeah. Absolutely depressing.

Thank you again, and I hope I didn't leave any of you disappointed. I'd love to hear your thoughts (the story, the ending, what I wrote up there, my writing, etc).

See you next time! ;)