To Claim and Possess
Chapter Twelve


Beast Boy growled low in his throat, claws protruding from the tips of his fingers as fur rippled along the length of his arms. He sunk down slightly, readying for an attack at a moment's notice, and snarled and hissed at Adonis. Adonis took a few steps closer to the two of them, his demeanor calm and collected. It was as if he knew he was going to win the fight, and he was simply toying with both of them, like a cat toyed with its food, drawing out their inevitable fate until he was completely pleased their demise.

"I'm not going to let you anywhere near her."

Adonis raised an eyebrow, his lips twisting to one side as he stopped his approach. "Oh? I suppose you could try and stop me from taking what is rightfully mine…" He shrugged and looked back at the door behind him. "But the lives of all those people below deck might disagree. After all, I haven't had a good fight since our little quarrel at the coffee shop the other day. I have been itching for just a little bloodshed… and there are unsuspecting victims to let me quench my thirst."

"Stop." Raven's eyes flicked between both of them, her arms outstretched as she tried to move forward. This was the worst possible situation she could have found either of them in, and she was not sure if she wanted to chance a real fight with so many civilians in their line of fire. "Enough of this. I won't have you endangering the lives of helpless people because you have a tiff with me and Beast Boy. Tell me what you want, and we'll make appropriate negotiations."

Adonis rolled his eyes, his skin bristling with the weight of her defiance. "Please, demon. There can be no negotiations. You know precisely what I want from you, and if I don't get what I deserve, the rest of this boat will perish. You either choose to die with them, or you choose to come with me. That is my only negotiation."

"Fine." Raven lowered her arms, giving a slight tilt of her head in the direction of Beast Boy. He took the subtle movement for what it was: a signal. She was going to do something stupid and drastic, and he had to be ready to either follow her or to help her. Unfortunately that was the only way to protect the rest of the people on the boat, although she wasn't exactly looking forward to what she was about to do. She gave another nod in agreement. "If that's the only way to save the rest of the people here, then I will go with you."

Adonis seemed rightfully suspicious. "Just like that?" He sniffed the air, his body relaxing just slightly as he began to move around them, his steps slow and careful. "You played this card once, demon, and I was ambushed by your Titans. I will not fall for that trick again. I want both of your communicators." He held out his hand toward her. "Give them to me."

Well, there went that idea. Damnit. Now, she needed to think of another plan of attack, and quickly. She reached into the small purse hanging from the back of her lounge chair and pulled out the piece of bright yellow technology. Cursing under her breath, she dropped it into his hand. "Here. My communicator."

He pulled his arm back and chucked it into the ocean, as far away as he could from the boat. Growling, he whipped his head towards Beast Boy and continued to hold out his hand. "Yours too. I wouldn't want our reunion interrupted because you decided to play hero again."

"Fine." Grumbling curses as his eyes narrowed, Beast Boy reached into his pocket and pulled out his communicator. "Here. Whatever you do, don't hurt Raven."

"Oh? You care so much about her?" He snorted and threw the communicator in the same direction as the other one, all of them watching a small splash appear in the water as it sank into the ocean. Adonis continued to stare at Beast Boy, his expression a mixture of mock surprise and snarling. "You have not once given the impression that Raven is something you actually cared about. She's just a tool for you to rut with, a common whore for you to fuck."

Beast Boy growled, his ears tilting back in anger. "I think you're thinking more about yourself than me. You've done nothing but torment her and attack her at every refusal of you. And yet even though she has continually fought you off, you keep coming back for her, only to be defeated again." His voice was louder now, gravely and deep as he inched closer to Adonis. It was as if the beast was pushing through, trying to take control of his body and end this stupid, silly fight. "Admit it, Adonis. You've lost. Raven wants nothing to do with you. Give up, or we will both send you back to your maker."

"I think not." Adonis moved forward, his body uncoiling like a great cat finally attacking his prey after a long, arduous hunt. Beast Boy's claws reached out and slid through the flesh on his thigh, but Adonis's body still connected with his own, rolling them over the white deck and staining it with small smatterings of their own crimson blood. They snarled and hissed, claws and hands moving through each other as if they were nothing.

The sound of gnashing teeth and ripping fabric sent Raven into panic mode. She had to warn the rest of the passengers before this got out of hand. She had to see the captain of the boat and let him know that he needed to get the other passengers to safety as quickly as possible. Whispering her mantra, she tried to phase through the top deck and into the wheelhouse, but before she could move anywhere, Adonis's hand wrapped around her shoulder and pulled her back. His claws bit into the soft flesh on her shoulder, and she cried out, struggling against him.

"You will not leave my side, demon whore." His voice was thick, and the sound of his warning sent shivers down Raven's body. At that moment, she knew the only thing she could do was try to protect herself and the one she loved.

Without really realizing what she was doing, her subconscious reacted. Her powers lashed out and wrapped around Adonis throwing him from the deck of the boat and into the ocean, but he refused to let go of the one prize he wanted, and Raven found herself careening into the ocean with him. She barely heard Beast Boy's shocked shouts before her body connected with the surface of the water, the impact driving the breath from her body as icy cold water rushed over her limbs and into her mouth and throat.

She coughed and struggled for just a single breath, but the darkness continued to surround her as the motor of the passing yacht churned the deep blue water, disorienting Raven to the point where she no longer knew where she was or what she was doing. She struggled against the violent wake of the boat, trying to find which way was up and how to get there. Her lungs were nearly empty of air, and water was rushing through her nostrils and down into her stomach. If she didn't break the surface soon, it was inevitable that she would drown.

But darkness was so easy.

And it was close.

Raven was pulled from her fleeting thoughts as a clawed hand wrapped around her wrist and yanked harshly. She broke the surface of the water, gasping for breath as she stared into the cold, hard eyes of Adonis. He yanked her dazed body along as he swam through the waves to a small, rocky beach hidden in the pine trees several hundred yards away. Raven tried to struggle against him, but her brain wouldn't quite connect with the rest of her body, and she could only allow herself to be dragged along.

Minutes passed in silence, the hum of the yacht's motor disappearing as the boat sailed away, unaware that they had just lost two passengers. They finally reached the beach, and Adonis threw her waterlogged body onto the rocks, snarling and hissing as he removed his soaking wet clothes. "You are a damned fool to think I would not take you with me when you tried to get rid of me." He ripped off the shreds of his jacket and tossed it aside. "I would not let you go if the world crumbled around me. Do not think that I would simply let you go because of your stupid, foolish attack."

Raven coughed water from her lungs, her body vibrating with the movement as rage poured through her, settling deep in her gut. "I never imagined you might have the foresight to think of such things." She crawled to her feet, stumbling a little under the weight of her own body. "Imagine my shock when I realized that you may have had some iota of intelligence in that pea-brained body of yours."

Adonis moved up to her, his hand clamping around her jaw and forcing her face to look up at him. "I would be careful how you use that tongue of yours, demon slut. The next time you choose to mouth off to me, I may not be so kind as to let it slide without discipline."

"Try me." Raven spit into his face and he reeled back from the primitive attack, wiping at his face. He tried to move forward and attack again, but a green lion came leaping from the water's edge, crashing into his body and sending them both ass over teakettle and forcing them deeper into the tree line. Curses and shouts transformed into snarls as Raven saw the last of their humanity vanish under the full weight of their beasts, and she chased after them through the forest.

She heard the sound of claws connecting with flesh and the snap of jaws coming dangerously close to vital organs. They rolled over each other and raced through the forest, leaving Raven chasing after them, her heart in her throat as she continued to fight the disorienting feeling from her near-drowning experience.

Noises echoed around her, confusing and tricking her mind as to their whereabouts, but she kept up her chase, desperate to keep Beast Boy safe. He needed to be okay, he just needed to be okay. Tears pricked at her eyes as her heart struggled to keep up with both her body and her emotions, the pain running down her sternum to pool with the volatile rage that bubbled in her stomach, creating something unstable. They had finally managed to work things out, had somehow struggled through the disaster that might have been their relationship, and now there was the possibility that she might lose him to a psychopathic killer.

A howl followed by a whimper snapped her attention to the space in front of her, behind a thick patch of underbrush. Raven pushed through, staring at Beast Boy, pushed against a tree with blood dripping from a wounded arm. Adonis was creeping closer, moving in for the killing blow. His arm raised up, claws outstretched to finally end the fight.

"No!" Her powers lashed out, and before she could control the surge of emotions and rage rushing through her, her magic wrapped around Adonis, flinging him away from Beast Boy and into the trunk of a nearby tree. He howled in pain and whimpered against the force of impact, lying prone as he tried to make sense of what Raven had done to him.

Raven rushed to Beast Boy's side, taking what little time she had to try and patch his wounds. His arm was broken in three places and one of his back legs had a severed tendon. It would need more time than the few precious minutes she was given. She managed to set the bone and heal the tendon before her time ran out. Adonis came up behind her, his hand fisting in her hair as he plucked her from Beast Boy's body.

"You are become more of a nuisance than you are worth, demon." He bared his teeth against her, swaying slightly as he struggled to keep weight off of his left side. a ray of hope and realization shot through her. She must have broken a few ribs with her last attack, which meant that he was weakened, and if she could just knock him out for long enough, she would be able to get Beast Boy and her to safety.

She fought against his hold, hissing and snarling into his face. "I didn't know I was worth anything to you. After all, I'm just a demon wore." With that, she threw her legs out in front of her, her left foot connecting with his broken ribs. There was a sickening crunch and Adonis howled in pain as he dropped her onto the ground, inching away as he went to nurse his wounds away from her and her attacks.

Raven took the opening and rushed forward, magic ripping from her fingertips and wrapping around him. He cried out again, feeling her tendrils of magic squeeze him tightly around his ribs again, eliciting another crunch of bone against bone.

"You attacked me. You do not get to run away!" She threw him into another tree, her rage becoming so thick that it was nearly impossible to see through the red in her eyes. She struggled to hold onto her sanity, but it was slipping away, and there was something comforting about finally letting go of the pain she had boiling up inside her. After all he had put her through, he deserved everything that happened to him.

"I endured weeks of you torturing me, mentally."

SLAM. He whimpered, but Raven did not stop.


SNAP. Another shout of pain.


CRUNCH. More bones breaking under the force of her powers.

"And you come after the one person who gave me reprieve from you. Solace from you." She raised his weak, limp body above her staring into Adonis's pleading face without remorse. "And yet somehow you think you are entitled to me and my body? My choices?" She slammed him to the ground below her, his howl of pain nearly shattering her eardrums. "I will give you the same amount of pity you gave me, you disgusting, ugly, useless wretch of a beast."

She raised her hands above her head, intending on throwing him down, but felt something wrap around her midsection, pulling her back down to the soft moss growing underneath the trees. She struggled against the arms that pulled her back against a warm (but wet) body, struggled to hold onto the rage and anger that fueled her attacks. But the person behind her was so comforting and so soft, that she could do nothing but fall back against him, her body shivering in shock. The glorious scent of warm earth and pine filled her senses, and she curled up into the arms around her, sobbing into his neck.

She had nearly killed Adonis.

Adonis had nearly killed her.

What had they both done?

"Shhh, Raven." His hand ran through her wet hair, pulling out what few bobby pins were left and letting the wet tendrils of hair ripple down her neck. He kissed the top of her head, whispering to her in low, hushed tones. "Raven, calm down. You're fine. I promise. I've got you. I'm here." His sentences were short and to the point, not trying to explain away what had happened to her, only to let her know that he was here.

Adonis slunk away from them into the darkness of the trees, dragging a broken leg behind him as he stumbled through the unfamiliar land. Raven struggled against Beast Boy's arms, trying to go after him, but Beast Boy kept her secured to the spot in front of him, his arms like vices wrapped around her.

"He's not worth it. Stop."

"But, he's getting away!"

"No. He's not." Beast Boy pointed to the sky above them as a helicopter sliced through the air, the noise drowning out his words. It hoved above them for a moment before moving slowly in the direction of Adonis, following his trail.

Beast Boy looked pleased with himself and allowed a small smile to line his lips. "I had the ingenious foresight to contact the police and park ranger before jumping off the boat to save you. Call me smart or something." His joke sounded weak to Raven, and she could see his forced smile was cracking under the pressure. He was exhausted as she was, and any second they would both collapse.

"Should we follow them?"

He shook his head. "Let the police deal with it. We did what we could, and I think they can handle him."

Raven gave a slow, affirmative nod, and let her head fall to his shoulder again.

A second passed before they both tumbled down to the moss, gasping for breath and fighting shocked sobs that bubbled up from the pits of their stomachs. Beast Boy pulled her close as they simply laid there for another hour, listening to the shouts of the police and park rangers, and the deafening noise of the helicopter flushing Adonis from his hiding place and into custody.

Raven curled up in his arms, still trying to clear the water from her lungs and the terror from her mind. The flashes of what had just transpired so quickly raced through her mind. The claws and the shouts, the words against herself and Beast Boy. It happened without any real thought of slow adjustment, just a climax and then… Raven winced. What had she done to Adonis? What had she let herself do to Adonis? She had been so close to killing him, and so close to letting him die by her own hand, that it never crossed her mind how near death he had been.

"But you didn't." Beast Boy's voice was calm and steady, as if he were reading her mind. "You didn't kill him, Raven. You stopped yourself."

"You stopped me." She looked up into his eyes, hearing his heart thump under her ear. "You stopped me from killing him. I was…"

"You were on the brink of it all." He kissed the top of her head again and pulled her closer. He kept his voice low and soft, as if trying to keep her from being frightened by what he was telling her. "He has tortured you, Raven. You were right about that, and it was inevitable that you were going to snap under the pressure of what he did to you. You handled it as well as anyone would, and I can't fault you for what happened. You were just trying to protect yourself."

"I know." She let her eyes slid close, feeling herself become lulled into relaxation from his heartbeat. "I know. I just wanted it to end. I wanted this to stop."

"It has." He ran his hand down her back. "Just rest. We'll finish up here, and I'll take you home. Okay?"

She nodded, fighting to keep the memories from herself as she listened to the noise happening in the forest. There was the sound of a smaller rifle going off (a tranquilizer gun to knock him out) as they captured and contained Adonis, throwing his broken body into the back of the police SUV.

The police wandered over the the couple, and Raven sat up enough to give a statement, relaying as much information as she could, her hand never leaving Beast Boy's. He did the same, but his words were muddled together in awkward sentences as he tried to tell heroic tales that ended up sounding more like gruesome horror stories.

Finally, the police officers seemed to think that they'd had enough and took a step back. "Why don't you both come with us to the police station, and then we can get the rest of Beast Boy patched up? He looks as if he's kinda been through a rough patch."

Raven shook her head. "I think the rest of the team might be here soon to pick us up." Lies. "And I would rather fix him up myself." That was the truth.

The office nodded, not even looking the slightest bit suspicious. "Normally I wouldn't be able to let you go because of protocol, but I understand it must be a hassle." He turned around to head back to the SUV, but stopped when he was a few steps away. "Thanks again for all the hard work you've done. We've been looking for this bastard since that coffee shop disaster last week."

Raven offered a thin smile, deciding not to tell him that the coffeeshop disaster was also her fault. "I'm glad we could help."

"Mm." He gave a wave and headed back to the car, leaving the two of them there. They both waited a few more minutes until the car had driven away to lay against each other and gasp, letting their guards down. Everything washed over both of them. Adonis might still have his proverbial claws in Raven's mind, but at least his physical body was gone. There was some reprieve there.

Raven ran her hands over his broken leg, healing the rest of the fractures with what little powers she had left, and checking the rest of his body for any more damage. He was surprisingly okay, and almost everything was in-tact. A shock for sure.

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah." He shrugged and gave a half-hearted nod. "I'm still a little sore, but thank you. I wouldn't want to drag a bum leg all through the wilderness."

"Mm…" A minute ticked by, and Raven looked over his shoulder at the sun setting in the distance, watching the golds and reds stain the sky. "The sun is going down."

"Yeah… it is." Beast Boy managed to crawl to his feet, still shaky on his leg, and pulled Raven into a standing position. He gave her another weak smile and started urging her to the rocky beach they had come in on. "Come on, let's at least watch the sun set… at least I can give you that much on your birthday."

Oh, right. It was still her birthday.

They both stumbled back down to the stony beach and plopped down at the edge of the water, staring off into the colors. It felt like hours ticked by in silence, thoughts and words welling up between them, but the scene was too serene and perfect to be bogged down by too many words. A single star poked through the deep plum of the sky above them, and Raven finally began to talk.

"Do you think he'll escape?" Her voice was soft.

"I'll make sure he won't." Beast Boy growled, still looking ahead at the last dregs of sunlight disappearing into the horizon. "Even if I have to ask Robin to cash in a few favors. I'll make sure you're protected, Raven. I promise."

Another minute ticked by, and Raven finally whispered: "End it."

Beast Boy looked confused. "End what?"

"His control over me." She swallowed her fear and turned to stare into his eyes. "Mate with me."


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