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Chapter 5

"WHAT" was the first word to escape Cobalion's mouth, making Virizion stare straight to the ground, with tears falling like waterfalls.

An unexplainable amount of years ago

Virizion, only as a fawn, was sprinting as fast as she could through a narrow pathway in the forest. She was looking for her parents who were kidnapped about 5 hours ago.

"MOMMY! DADDY!" she called, her voice was full of panic and worry.

She then heard some voices from the other side of the bushes and shrubs. The voices of people talking, or planning something.

She crawled through the bushes to see what was happening, and what she saw broke her heart.

The humans here holding guns, large guns. And they were loading them with some of the most powerful gunpowder and silver bullets. And there she saw them, just off in the distance, tied up with rope and twine, was her parents.

She kept as still as possible and kept on watching.

After a group of people stop planning two of them walked up to her parents. They got on one knee and aimed their guns at them. Then the unexplainable happened.

A few gunshots happened, making her parents cold, and dead.

Tears flooded her eyes as she witnessed her now dead parents fall to the ground. She backed away, crawling out of the bushes. She looked at the bushes for a moment, right before she took off, running for her life.

She ran for hours, which slowly turned to days, which slowly turned to weeks. She ran off non stop, not resting for anything.

And after a solid month, by the time she reached a lake she stopped running. She fell over in complete weakness. She was Ill, starving, tired, sad, dyeing.

She let tears flow out of her eyes, she had nothing else to do but to lay there and wait for her fate to be sealed.

Consciousness was slipping away from her, very slowly.

And after a while, she blacked out.

Virizion slowly was regaining consciousness. She slowly opened her eyes. Her vision at first was blurry, but after a while, her vision cleared out, reveling a figure looking at her.

She flinched in surprise once she noticed him. But that's all she could do because she couldn't stand up in her very weak state she was in.

"Thank Arceus you're alright." He said, nudging a few berries towards her.

Virizion's eyes locked with his at the moment.

Virizion weakly smiled. "Thanks." Her voice sounded weak.

She stared at the berries for a moment before attempting to nibble each of the berries. She began to regain her strength with every bite.

After an hour she was back on her feet.

She walked over to the Pokémon who helped her out; he seamed to be waiting for her.

"Well look who's back on their feet." He said with a small smile on his face.

Virizion blushed. "Well if it weren't for you I would have been dead. Thanks for that." She smiled. "Umm, what's your name by the way?"

The Pokémon looked at her. "My name is Cobalion" he said with confidence and pride.

"My name is Virizion." Virizion replied. "Why are you out here by your self Cobalion?"

"Well, i didn't come here alone." Cobalion responded he turned to another Pokémon who was curled up and asleep. "You see my friend, Terrakion, and I were looking for someone to help us survive, since our parents are dead and no other Pokémon would help us."

Virizion's eyes widened. "Your parents died too?"

Cobalion looked down at the ground. "Yeah, they were brutally murdered by these guys in weird outfits. And it was a short time after I was born." He sighed depressingly before he looked back up at her. "Anyways you should get going. Before something terrible happens."

Virizion stood there for a moment. 'I can't head back.' she thought. 'I might be killed by those monsters that killed my parents, and I also don't know where I am. Maybe I should join this guy and his friend. He seems nice, and kind of cute.'

"Wait." Virizion called out, getting Cobalion's attention. "Do you mind if I go with you? I have nothing else to do, and I also don't know where I am."

"I don't mind at all really." He replied. "I'm just glad to have somebody else who's suffering the same pain as me. But we'll find a way to get back at them for killing our parents. Right?"

Virizion smiled as she nodded. "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea."

Virizion kept crying, she really put herself in a position she didn't want to be in. and it was not a life or death situation, it was a relationship situation. And it was because her confession that she told Cobalion. And so far the reaction was a big fat: WHAT!?

Virizion turned towards the cave's entrance and started to walk towards it. "I-I-I'm s-s-so s-s-s-sorry." She stuttered as she slowly walked to the cave, her head pointed downwards.

"Virizion. Wait." Cobalion said, with a firm voice. Virizion stopped and turned around. Cobalion walked up to her.

Then the next thing he did shocked her.

They were literally face to face. But that didn't slow down Cobalion, not even a tiny bit.

With his light blush growing darker, he moved his head closer to hers, suddenly connecting lips together.

A wave of surprise pulsed through Virizion's body as his lips met hers.

Honestly, she thought he was going to turn her down. But now she's thanking Arceus that never happened.

Virizion's blush grew darker as she closed her eyes slowly, and returned the kiss.

More tears flowed out of her eyes. But they weren't of pain and sadness, they were of joy and completeness.

After thousands of years of trying did she melt the "metal Coating" that surrounded his heart releasing all of his emotions that nobody realized he had? Maybe…

After a short amount of time, they separated. Cobalion, for the first time in a long time, smiled at her as he told her something in a calming voice. "Virizion, when I first saw you, you know when you were unconscious, I saw something in you that I couldn't see in others, A heart and soul that beamed with confidence and bravery. And grace that nobody else contained. I just couldn't tell anyone or else nobody would take me seriously. That's why I always saved my emotions for last. But because of you, I learned emotion is an amazing and beautiful thing. But not as amazing as beautiful as you."

The moonlight reflected in Virizion's eyes as she listened to every word he said. But the last words he said, really made her eyes sparkle.

"Virizion, I really care about you. I-I-I love you."

Virizion smiled after he said that. But then it quickly faded as she felt a freezing cold breeze blow by her body, making her shiver. Cobalion immediately took notice then walked next to virizion, trying to make her warmer.

"I'd think it would be a good idea if we go inside." He whispered.

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