First Special thanks to the following people

Teris Xenite for letting me bounce ideas off of you Kyre for keeping me honest in my continuity Sseattle for answering my 'foggy' questions about Seattle Everyone over at Dark Angel Reflections for amusing, inspiring and keeping me informed.

I also wanted to tell you a little about how this posting came about.

The main reason you guys ever saw this is because of one person, my best friend Kathy who died mid 2001 ago in a tragic accident.

She was one of those once in a lifetime friends, a person that you can sit in a comfortable silence with, finish each others sentences and share anything with. She was a friend for over a third of my life and for girls our age that's rare, I can only remember having two arguments about anything in all that time, and that really is a miracle for teenage girls.

We had made so many plans for the future, even joking about sharing the same nursing home, and although we never got to carry through I made her a promise at dawn a few days after her funeral that I would not stop living and that I would still try to do most of the things we planned.

She was a brilliant photographer and artist, she loved music, movies, lollies. So many times we would spend an afternoon at the mall, browsing CD's, watching movies and wandering through the candy isle at the supermarket other times we would watch videos all weekend and eat only junk.

I miss her every single day and even now over a year later pick up the phone to call her.

She had been reading my writing/fanfiction for several years before her death and she was always telling me I should share it somehow.

So now finally I have.

The final thing I would like to share is a thought I once read somewhere.

The greatest achievement in life is not fame and fortune, if you leave one single person, who remembers you fondly and thinks even once that knowing you has changed their life, then you are far greater than the person remembered by every person on the street.

Well Kathy certainly reached that pinnacle.

So if anyone is still reading this, thank you, again,

And keep an eye out for my next story,

HIS EYES ONLY - Max is trapped in Manticore, an alternate beginning to season 2.

There will also be a sequel to Cherries and Cream, Set in and around Art Attack I think, as well as a special feature on Normal,


Peace, Out